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NCERT Books for Class 7 Science


NCERT Books for Class 7 Science: Students of CBSE Class 7 can find the updated syllabus and content in the NCERT Science Class 7 textbook. These books will assist them in passing the Class 7 school examinations as well as various competitive tests and olympiads. On Embibe, students will get access to the most recent and updated NCERT textbooks, that can be used to prepare for the CBSE Class 7 Science exam.

This article contains the PDF version of the CBSE Class 7 Science books. NCERT Books for Class 7 Science are available in all three languages: English, Hindi, and Urdu. We have also included NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Science for each chapter for students’ convenience. These solutions are based on the most recent NCERT and CBSE guidelines. Read the complete article to know more about NCERT Science Class 7 books.

NCERT Class 7 Science Books: Download

In the following table, we have provided students with the links to download NCERT Books for Class 7 Science in all 3 mediums – Hindi, English, and Urdu. Click on the link to download the book.

Sl No.Book Title Name
1Class 7 CBSE Science Book (English Medium)
2Class 7 CBSE Science Book (Hindi Medium)
3Class 7 NCERT Science Book (Urdu Medium)

NCERT Book for Class 7 Science Chapters in English

Candidates can go through the below table to access chapter-wise pdfs of NCERT Science class 7 textbook:

Chapter NameTopics
Nutrition in PlantIntroduction to Nutrition
Mode of Nutrition in Plant
Other Modes of Nutrition
Replenishment of the Nutrients in the Soil
Nutrition in AnimalsIntroduction to Nutrition in Animals
Different Modes of Food Intake
Digestion in Humans
Digestion in Grass Eating Animals
Feeding and Digestion in Amoeba
Weather, Climate and Adaptations of Animals to ClimateWeather
Climate and Adaptation
Respiration in OrganismsRespiration
Human Respiratory System
Breathing in Other Animals
Respiration in Plants
Transportation in Animals and PlantsCirculatory System
Excretory SystemTransport of Substances in Plants
Reproduction in PlantsModes of Reproduction
Sexual Reproduction
Fruits and Seed Formation
Seed Dispersal
Forests: Our LifelineForest Ecosystem
Fibre to FabricAnimal Fibres- Wool
Animals that Yield Wool
From Fibres to Wool
Animal Fibres- Silk
Life History of Silk Moth
Acids, Bases and SaltsIntroduction to Acids and Bases
Natural Indicators
Neutralisations in Everyday Life
Physical and Chemical ChangesPhysical Changes
Chemical Changes
Rusting of Iron
SoilIntroduction to Soil
Soil Profile
Soil Types
Properties of Soil
Uses of Soil (Soil And Crops)
Water: A Precious ResourceNeed and Consumption of Water
Sources of Water
Forms of Water
Groundwater- Important Source of Water
Depletion of Water Table
Wastewater StoryImportance of Water
Sewerage System
Wastewater Treatment Plant
Better Housekeeping Practices
Sanitation and Disease
HeatHot and Cold
Temperature and Its Measurements
Laboratory Thermometer
Heat Transfer by Conduction
Heat Transfer by Convection
Winds, Storms and CyclonesAir Exerts Pressure
Low Pressure Due to High Speed Wind
Effect of Heat on Air
Effects of Uneven Heating on the Earth
Thunderstorms and Cyclones
Motion and TimeMotionSpeed
Measurement of Time
Measuring Speed
Distance-Time Graph
Electric Current and Its EffectsSymbols of Electronic Components
Heating Effect of Electric Current
Magnetic Effect of Electric Current
Electric Bell
LightLight Travels along a Straight Line
Reflection of Light
Image Formed by Plane Mirror
Images formed by Spherical Mirrors
Images formed by Lenses

NCERT Book for Class 7 Science Chapters in हिन्दी (Hindi)

In the table below, we have provided NCERT Books for Class 7 Science chapter-wise links in Hindi:

एनसीईआरटी कक्षा 7 विज्ञान पुस्तक को यहां से हिंदी माध्यम में डाउनलोड करें:

कक्षा 7 विज्ञान अध्याय
अध्याय 1 – पादपों में पोषण
अध्याय 2 – प्राणियों में पोषण
अध्याय 3 – रेशों से वस्त्रा तक
अध्याय 4 – ऊष्मा
अध्याय 5 – अम्ल, क्षारक और लवण
अध्याय 6 – भौतिक एवं रासायनिक परिवर्तन
अध्याय 7 – मौसम, जलवायु तथा जलवायु के अनुरूप जंतुओं द्वारा अनुवूफलन
अध्याय 8 – पवन, तूफान और चक्रवात
अध्याय 9 – मृदा
अध्याय 10 – जीवों में श्वसन
अध्याय 11 – जंतुओं और पादप में परिवहन
अध्याय 12 – पादप में जनन
अध्याय 13 – गति एवं समय
अध्याय 14 – विद्युत धरा और इसवेफ प्रभाव
अध्याय 15 – प्रकाश
अध्याय 16 – जलः एक बहुमूल्य संसाधन
अध्याय 17 – वनः हमारी जीवन रेखा
अध्याय 18 – अपशिष्ट जल की कहानी

Steps to Attempt 7th CBSE Mock Tests

You now have the best books to finish your entire curriculum. After you have finished the syllabus, you can begin taking mock tests to help you prepare. You can take the mock tests directly from the links provided below.

7th CBSE Mock TestsLinks to Attempt
7th CBSE Mock Test 1Attempt
7th CBSE Mock Test 2Attempt
7th CBSE Mock Test 3Attempt
7th CBSE Mock Test 4Attempt
7th CBSE Mock Test 5Attempt

You must log in to the Embibe app to attempt the mock tests for. Follow the steps below.

  • 1st Step: Visit Embibe’s official website, i.e., embibe.com.
  • 2nd Step: Use the mobile number/email to log in.
  • 3rd Step: Click on the menu bar “Getting a Government Job” 
  • 4th Step: Select the Goal “CBSE” from the Dropdown and click on “Next”.
  • 5th Step: Search and Select “7th CBSE Board” on the search bar and click on “Next”.
  • 6th Step: Select the preferred language and click on “Done”.
  • 7th Step: Click “Test” from the Header Section.
  • 8th Step: Scroll down to the “Subjects” section.
  • 9th Step: Click on any 7th CBSE Board subjects.
  • 10th Step: Scroll down to click on the chapters from the selected subject to begin the test.

Benefits Referring to NCERT Class 7 Science Books

Check the below-mentioned benefits of CBSE Class 7 Science NCERT books:

  • The language used in the NCERT book is easy and understandable.
  • All topics and basic concepts are covered in NCERT 7th Class Science textbooks.
  • Many teachers and lecturers recommend NCERT Class 7 Science book as the primary textbook to learn the basic concepts.
  • All the concepts in 7th Science are explained in detail with relevant examples and diagrams (wherever applicable).
  • Most teachers refer to Class 7 CBSE Science books while preparing question papers for internal and final exams.
  • By solving and practicing the problems and exercises in the NCERT Class 7 Science books, you can easily prepare for your annual exams and competitive exams, like the Olympiads.

FAQs on NCERT Books for Class 7 Science

Some of the frequently asked questions on NCERT Books for Class 7 Science are as follows:

Q: Where can I get the NCERT book for Class 7 Science?

Ans: You can get the NCERT book for Class 7 Science from Embibe for.

Q: Which is the best book for CBSE Class 7 Science?

Ans: NCERT Class 7 Science book is the best book for reference. It is available on Embibe.

Q: From where can I download NCERT Book for Class 7 Science?

Ans: On this page, you will find the links to download the complete NCERT 7th Science book PDF.

Q: Is the NCERT Class 7 Science textbook available in Urdu medium?

Ans: Yes, the NCERT 7th Science textbook PDF is available in Urdu medium.

Q:  How many chapters are there in the CBSE Class 7 Science Book?

Ans: You will have 18 chapters in the Science Book for CBSE Class 7. Students can study all these chapters on Embibe for through 3D interactive videos.

You can read the books suggested by the Embibe app thoroughly. We hope this article on NCERT Books for Class 7 was useful to you. Stay tuned to Embibe for the latest updates on CBSE Class 7.

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