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15 Must-Have Online Teaching Skills for Modern Educators


The education sector is changing for the better with the help of advanced technology. Millions of schools across the globe are accepting the new technological innovation in the form of online teaching in the education sectors. Teachers are providing quality education to the students by acquiring certain online teaching skills along with subject knowledge. It’s important to develop online teaching skills for effective teaching. The students depend on teachers for quality education. 

Despite all the modern technology used for online teaching, it is teachers who impart their expertise and knowledge to every student. Teachers contribute to the most in a student learning experience. In today’s world, every profession including teaching has been driven by technological changes.

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15 Must-Have Online Teaching Skills

15 Online Teaching Skills for Modern Educators

Modern educators are expected to impart knowledge based on student needs and interests. Most of the educators might not understand and know about online teaching. However, developing skills is important as it will help them in upgrading their knowledge and providing effective teaching to the students. Here are 15 online teaching skills for modern educators.

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#1 Online Teaching Skill – Time Management 

Modern educators have big responsibilities in completing the syllabus within the time limits set for the academic session. In such cases, ensure a proper time table is developed for effective teaching and learning experiences. It is important to make use of every minute wisely so that there is no confusion or stress among the students. Create a time table and make sure that all the elements such as topics, live classes or sessions, assignments, projects, assessments, feedback to be included within the allotted time. It is very important to include short breaks in between every session so that there is relaxation of mind for teachers as well as students. Here are a few things to keep in mind for developing time management skills.

  1. Prepare a digital time table for the class
  2. Make sure students are on time for live classes
  3. Set a time for live sessions, assignments, short breaks, activities, projects, feedback, etc 
  4. Create a single folder for time table and share it with students 
  5. Provide flexibility for the students in submitting the assignments or projects
  6. Send reminders for the student prior to the submission deadline
  7. Create and send calendar reminders for teachers, students and parents for any communication. 
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#2 Online Teaching Skill – Collaboration 

Collaboration enables to create strong relationships with the students for better learning opportunities. Create videos for lectures or sessions along with other teachers for students. All the teachers of different subjects can work together and upload content in the online platform where students can learn at their own pace. It is not necessary that all teachers should know everything about technology, approaching other teachers to collaborate and teach students will be a wise option. There are platforms to collaborate with students, colleagues and parents for effective communication with respect to their student progress. Here are a few things to keep in mind to develop collaboration –

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  1. Discuss with your colleagues about the lessons 
  2. Communicate and collaborate to develop sessions for students 
  3. Collaborate with experts from other disciplines to conduct virtual classes
  4. Create a platform for collaboration and discussion on assignments, assessments, content, activities with students and teachers 

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#3 Online Teaching Skill – Creativity

This is the most important skill that every teacher should develop in an online teaching platform. In recent years, the expectations of students from teachers have become much higher when it comes to creativity. Most of the students are new to online learning and in such cases, they start losing interest in classes. So it is important to develop some innovative methods of teaching to enhance their learning experience and engage them for long periods of time. Here are a few things to develop creativity in teaching –

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  1. Explore and read articles on how to engage students in online learning
  2. Prepare a list of activities that can be implemented in an online platform 
  3. Use creative props or materials for explaining a concept during live classes
  4. Take students for virtual tours 
  5. Use more visual aids in teaching with images, pictures, graphics, animations, videos, etc
  6. Conduct innovative games for learning activities

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#4 Online Teaching Skill – Adaptability 

Online teaching is a turning point in every teacher’s life. The education sector is moving towards online education. So, it is important to adapt online platforms for effective teaching. We understand that teaching in a traditional classroom is completely opposite to online learning platforms. But the intention of spreading education and imparting knowledge to the students for their bright future is the same. So why not adapt yourself to new learning platforms and ensure effective teaching for students.

Adaptability can also help in learning new tools and styles for a better learning experience for your students. Adapt your teaching in a  way that students want students to learn. Everything has to be planned based on their needs like lesson plans, time table, assignments, exams, activities, etc. Be flexible in adapting whatever comes your way irrespective of administrative work, classroom management, curriculum, assessment and student behaviour. Here are a few things to develop adaptability in online teaching –

  1. Change the teaching methods with respect to online tools 
  2. Understand student behaviour and needs 
  3. Learn all the online tools for teaching and classroom management 
  4. Create quizzes and questionnaires for assessment and feedback
  5. Develop effective communication with the students
  6. Provide personalized guidance to the students 

#5 Online Teaching Skill – Patience 

Patience is the most important skill for teachers. Most of the students are new to online learning platforms, it might take time to understand and adjust to the new learning environment. In such cases, patience needs to be developed to deal with such situations. There might be possibilities where you need to explain a topic multiple times with complete patience to make your students understand. Develop confidence and patience with students and your colleagues. A teacher can only influence and inspire students to have patience. Here are a few things to develop patience in online teaching –

  1. Communicate frequently with students 
  2. Provide them guidelines or information for explaining certain online tools 
  3. Develop new teaching methods for live sessions 
  4. Solve student problems related to lessons, assignments, projects, exams, etc.
  5. Understand their needs and interest in learning 
  6. Be calm and confident 

#6 Online Teaching Skill – Technology 

Over the years, there is a huge advancement in the field of technology. Educational technology has played an important role in imparting knowledge and skills to students across the globe. Teachers have to keep updating their knowledge about technology for effective teaching and learning experiences. Learn and understand the importance of every technological tool useful for teaching and learning. Make sure online learning tools are right for your students. Choose the platforms that are easy and simple to understand. Here are a few things to develop technological skills –

  1. Explore and learn about education technology
  2. Understand the online learning platforms and its applications, methods, benefits etc
  3. Learn different online tools for teaching and learning
  4. Approach technical support for any issues related to teaching or learning tools
  5. Download educational applications, websites, tools for effective teaching 
  6. Browse information for lessons in the authentic educational websites, articles, blogs, journals, ebooks etc.
  7. Learn basic tools for organizing information related to students attendance, assessments, assignments, feedback, course content, activities, etc
  8. Create a communication platform for students, teachers and parents

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#7 Online Teaching Skill – Communication 

This is the most important skill for teachers in online teaching platforms. Teachers are the driving force for effective learning among students. There has to be effective communication between teachers, colleagues and parents. As everyone is adapting to a new platform, developing communication skills is appropriate for providing better learning outcomes. There are many tools that are used for communication and discussion. Communication should be clear and concise so that there is no scope for misunderstanding among the students. 

There are many tools available for communication where teachers can convey messages in the form of video calls, text messages, skype, social media applications, email, etc. Teachers can use their best skills for effective teaching and communication. Communicate with students on an everyday basis so that they feel comfortable to ask questions or approach for any issues. And that is only possible with effective communication. Here are a few things to develop effective communication in online teaching –

  1. Create an online communication platform for students, teachers and parents 
  2. Develop a routine for communication with students 
  3. Send information regarding classes, assignments or exams via email, text, video calls, etc.
  4. Create a discussion forum for the students to share and exchange ideas for their better learning experience
  5. Communicate regularly with parents regarding their progress

# 8 Online Teaching Skill – Subject Expert 

Modern educators have abundant knowledge about the subject they are teaching. So that they can impart the same to their students. Teachers should be able to create, teach and share lessons anytime and anywhere. Sometimes teachers might not have enough time to prepare for the class but with knowledge and experience teaching students will not be challenging. Here are a few things to develop expertise in your subject –

  1. Read and learn more information related to the subject 
  2. Download ebooks, articles and journals that provide authentic information 
  3. Watch videos for better understanding of concepts

#9 Online Teaching Skill – Exploring Online Resources

Most of the educators are not aware of how to search for content in online learning platforms for teaching. There are many educational websites, articles, journals, blogs, ebooks from which information can be extracted. Choose the right platform where authentic information will be available. There are resources available in the form of texts, audio, videos, images, graphics, animations, documentaries, etc. Here are a few things to develop skills in exploring online resources

  1. Search for a particular topic on the internet
  2. Check for authentic educational websites for ebooks, article or reports
  3. Download educational videos, images and documentaries for teaching 
  4. Explore teaching resources in the form text, videos and images 
  5. Check for the information that is authentic and correct 
  6. Download ebooks or articles for teaching and learning purposes

#10 Online Teaching Skill – Be Organized

Why do you think being organized can help teachers in successful online teaching? It is not only important to be organized in a traditional classroom but maintaining it in online teaching is also very important. Create and organize one single platform or folders for the information related to students, lessons, content, curriculum, assignments, assessment, etc. Organize the classes for the students in any situation in an effective manner. Here are a few things to be organized for online teaching –

  1. Create a structure for online teaching 
  2. Strategize the course content for the student 
  3. Prepare a time table and follow rigorously
  4. Organize the information in the single platform where students can also access 
  5. Create a platform for the students to prepare notes, learn and do homework
  6. Provide proper notes to the students
  7. Conduct learning activities
  8. Assess students at regular intervals
  9. Provide and receive feedback from students
  10. Create a friendly environment for the students 

# 11 Online Teaching Skill – Engage Students

The most effective way to engage students is through learning activities. Develop skills to engage students by upgrading teaching methods with creative and innovative activities. Most of the students can only concentrate for short periods of time due to disengagement. So it is important to understand their interests and conduct activities online. Create activities that allow students to participate with vigour and enthusiasm. Search for online apps and tools that can help in planning and implementing activities for your students. Engage students with learning activities, interactive assignments, learning games, virtual tours and online projects. Here are a few things to engage students in online teaching –

  1. Search online activities and games for students
  2. Use materials or props for teaching during live sessions 
  3. Provide assignments such as role-play, art, model making, debates, quiz, etc based on a curriculum
  4. Take them for virtual tours 
  5. Show more videos and images in the class
  6. Conduct learning games in between the session for relaxation and concentration

#12 Online Teaching Skill – Computer Knowledge

Every individual knows about computers and its applications. Unlike traditional classrooms, teachers have to use computers for online teaching.  So it is important to learn computers for effective teaching. There are many applications and icons available for learning and teaching purposes which can make your work easy and simple. Understanding applications for better academic results for the students is very important. Here are a few things to develop computer knowledge in online teaching –

  1. Use images than words 
  2. Attach hyperlinks in the text information in MS words, google docs or email for the students to read detailed information
  3. Identify different file types such as PDF, JPG, DOC supported by your device. Save and share the materials with the students
  4. Convert the file type, for example, DOC to PDF. 
  5. Create files or document and share them using google drive or dropbox to the students 
  6. Set camera and microphone for the live classes 
  7. Create folders for students where they can create and submit homework and assignments
  8. Learn to record videos for students 

#13 Online Teaching Skill – Leadership 

Every student looks up to their teacher as a leader who takes up the charge of providing quality education. Develop leadership skills in the online learning platform for the students. Students require guidance and support throughout their learning period. Work on winning the trust of students and help them in enhancing their learning experience. Here are a few things to develop leadership skills in online teaching.

  1. Be authoritative and confident 
  2. Learn to listen to their problems and their viewpoints
  3. Provide effective communication
  4. Be positive and honest 
  5. Commit yourself to their better learning outcomes 

#14 Online Teaching Skill – Constant Learning 

Teachers upgrade their teaching skills every day when it comes to their students in providing the best learning opportunities. Find opportunities to learn new things for your students so that they can perform well in their exams. Most of the teachers are new to online teaching. In such situations, there are more responsibilities in learning tools and techniques of online teaching. To upgrade knowledge, learn new ways of teaching from workshops, seminars, online tutorials, courses, etc. With the changing education sectors in curriculum and technology, explore and learn every single method or tool for effective teaching. Here are a few things to develop constant learning for online teaching.

  1. Explore and learn new methods of teaching
  2. Read more information related to the subject 
  3. Download information for effective teaching in the form of texts, videos or images 
  4. Read current trends in learning and teaching 

#15 Online Teaching Skill – Commitment 

Teachers are expected to be there and engage students in online learning platforms. Modern educators should interact and engage students to understand their needs and interests in learning. Students also wish for teachers to be available for them whenever they need it. It is important to understand the need for commitment and engagement in your profession. Here are a few things to develop commitment to online teaching.

  1. Be available anytime 
  2. Communicate regularly with students
  3. Keep a check on students with their needs and issues 
  4. Conduct classes, assignments and assessments in regular intervals

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We hope that this article on ‘ 15 Must-Have Online Teaching Tools for Modern Educators’ has been useful for you. In case, you have some other ideas or need other suggestions, comment in the box below. We will like to cover it in our next article.

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