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Punjab Board Class 9 Topics 2023


What are your favourite topics of discussion among friends that excite you, and you can’t stop talking about them? K-Pop, Black Friday Sale, multiverse, and conspiracy theories worldwide! Are you ever that eager to discuss your chapter topics? Do you often lose focus in your books and rather find the things happening outside more fascinating? To help you shift your focus primarily to studies, we have made your 9th Punjab Board topics equally interesting and engaging to learn with our 3D videos.

At Embibe, you can understand the Punjab Board Class 9 topics through interactive 3D videos. There are 30+ 3D videos to help you understand the concepts with the help of real-world examples. We know that you want to learn and top your school exams. And to help you achieve this dream of yours, Embibe is here at your service. The quicker you learn the topics, the more you can focus on utilising our 1000+ practice questions and unlimited mock tests. Scroll down to know more about Punjab Board 9th topics.

Subject-wise 9th Punjab Board Topics 

Do you feel the need to study the same topics over and over again but still don’t feel confident about what you learned? That’s because you have not understood the concepts properly. Also, on average, how long does it take you to understand a topic of your Class 9 Punjab Board syllabus? If it is between 1 to 2 hours, we would like to tell you that you can learn it in 30 minutes. Surprised?

The 9th Punjab Board topics are explained through graphical representation, and a single video on a topic is nearly 20 minutes long. In this section, we have provided subject-wise and chapter-wise Class 9 Punjab Board topics for Maths and Science. Click on the chapter links to access and learn each topic in detail.

Class 9 Punjab Board Maths Topics

When was the last time you enjoyed learning a Maths topic? If your answer is never, believe us, you need Embibe as much as you need to study your school book. Maths can be a very scoring subject. It is rather straightforward: you learn the topic, solve practice questions, implement the concepts correctly, and then get full marks on the questions.

Chapter NameTopics
Number SystemsOperations on Real Numbers
Basic Number Systems
Irrational Numbers
Real-Life Numbers and Their Decimal Expansions
Exponents & Surds
PolynomialsFactorisation of Polynomials
Polynomials in One Variable
Remainder Theorem
Zeroes of a Polynomial
Algebraic Identities
Coordinate GeometryCartesian System
Introduction to Coordinate geometry
Plotting a Point in the Plane if its Coordinates are given
Linear Equations in Two VariablesLinear Equations
Solution of a Linear Equation
Graph of a Linear Equation in Two Variables
Equating of Lines parallel to x-axis and y-axis
Introduction to Euclid’s GeometryEuclid’s Definitions Axioms and Postulates
Equivalent Versions of Euclid’s Fifth Postulate
Lines and AnglesIntersecting Lines and Non-intersecting Lines
Parallel Lines and a Transversal
Pairs of Angles
Lines Parallel to the Same Line
Angle Sum Property of a Triangle
TrianglesCongruence of Triangles
Criteria for Congruence of Triangles
RHS and SSS Criteria for Congruence
Properties of a Triangle
Inequalities in a Triangle
QuadrilateralsThe Mid-point Theorem
Angle Sum Property of a Quadrilateral
Properties of a Parallelogram
Types of Quadrilaterals
Area of Parallelogram and TrianglesTriangles on the Same Base and between the Same Parallels
Parallelograms on the Same Base and between the Same Parallels
Understanding Area of Plane Figures
CirclesCyclic Quadrilaterals
Circles and Its Related Terms
Circle through Three Points
Angle Subtended by a Chord at a Point
Perpendicular From the Centre to a Chord
ConstructionsBasic Constructions
Constructions of Triangles
Heron’s FormulaArea of Triangle Using Base and Height
Area of Quadrilateral Using Heron’s Formula
Area of Triangle Using Heron’s Formula
Surface Areas and VolumesVolume of a Cylinder
Surface Area of a Right Circular Cone
Surface Area of a Right Circular Cylinder
Volume of a Sphere
Surface Area of a Cuboid and a Cube
StatisticsGraphical Representation of Data
Measures of Central Tendency
Collection of Data
Presentation of Data
ProbabilityProbability—An Experimental Approach

Class 9 Punjab Board Science Topics

In 9th Science, you will learn about the phenomena around us. Studying the Class 9 Punjab Board Science topics can be more fun with the help of 3D videos at Embibe. It makes exam preparation smooth and stress-free. You can start preparing the topics for all chapters from the table below:

Chapter NameTopics
Matter in Our SurroundingsPhysical Nature of Matter
States of Matter
Interconversion of Matter
Characteristics of Particle of Matter
Is Matter Around Us Pure?Mixture
Types of Pure Substances
Physical and Chemical Changes
Separation of Components of a Mixture
Atoms and MoleculesAtom
Molecular Mass and Mole Concept
Laws of Chemical Combination
Structure of the AtomDistribution of Electrons in Different Orbits (Shells)
Charged Particles in Matter
The Structure of an Atom
Atomic Number and the Mass Number
The Fundamental Unit of LifeStructural Organisation of a Cell
Introduction to a Cell
TissuesPlant Tissues
Animal Tissues
Introduction to Tissue Systems
Diversity in Living OrganismsClassification and Evolution
Kingdom Plantae
Kingdom Animalia
Basis of Classification of Living Organisms
Hierarchy of Classification Groups
MotionDescribing Motion
Rate of Change of Velocity
Measuring the Rate of Motion
Uniform Circular Motion
Graphical Representation of Motion
Equations of Motion by Graphical Method
Force and Laws Of MotionConservation of Momentum
Third Law of Motion
Inertia and Mass
First Law of Motion
Second Law of Motion
GravitationIntroduction to Gravitation
Thrust and Pressure
Archimedes’ PrincipleRelative Density
Work and EnergyEnergy
Rate of Doing Work
SoundProduction of Sound
Propagation of Sound
Reflection of Sound
Range of Hearing
Applications of Ultrasound
Structure of Human Ear
Why Do We Fall Ill?Health and its Failure
Diseases and its Causes
Infectious Diseases
Natural ResourcesOzone Layer
Introduction to Natural Resources
Biogeochemical Cycles
The Breath of Life: Air
Water: A Wonder Liquid
Improvement in Food ResourcesAnimal Husbandry
Improvement in Crop Yield

FAQs on 9th Punjab Board Topics

Here are some frequently asked questions on Class 9 Punjab Board topics:

Q: How many topics are there in 9th Punjab Board Science chapter, ‘Atoms and Molecules’?

Ans: Class 9 Punjab Board Science chapter ‘Atoms and Molecules’ has 6 topics- Laws of chemical combination, atom, molecule, ions, writing chemical formulae and molecular mass and mole concept.

Q: Which is the most important topic in the Class 9 Punjab Board Maths chapter ‘Coordinate Geometry’?

Ans: The most important topic in 9th Punjab Board Maths chapter ‘Coordinate Geometry’ is understanding the coordinate axis.

Q: Can I learn all the Class 9 Punjab Board Maths topics on the Embibe app?

Ans: Yes, you can learn and practice all the chapter-wise Class 9 Punjab Board Maths topics for on Embibe.

Q: How does Embibe help me in learning Punjab Board Class 9 topics?

Ans: You can learn Punjab Board Class 9 topics with the help of interactive 3D videos. These videos help you understand all the topics easily.

Q: Can I watch 3D videos at Embibe for Class 9 Punjab Board topics?

Ans: Yes, You can watch 3D videos for any topic of your choice for the Punjab Board Class 9 Maths and Science subjects.

We hope this article on 9th Punjab Board Topics will help you prepare for the exam. Stay tuned to Embibe for more information on Class 9 Punjab Board exam.

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