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10th Punjab Board Chapter PDF Download 2023 – Syllabus, Solutions


10th Punjab Board Chapter: Approximately 3.25 lakh students appear for the Punjab Board 10th exam every year, and nearly 97% of students qualify. However, if you want to be among the toppers, you need to be ahead in the game. This is where Embibe comes into the picture. We provide a complete learning experience that not only teaches you the class concepts from scratch but also helps you gain exam confidence. With a comprehensive study plan, you will not need to study for prolonged hours. 

It is vital to learn all the 10th Punjab Board chapters thoroughly. Embibe’s 30+3D videos with solutions and 1000+ sample questions make learning engaging. It becomes easier to understand the concepts and solve questions based on them. Embibe has 4 modules for each chapter: Learn, Practice, Test, and Achieve. You can watch all videos on a topic in one go without having to search for them individually when doubts arise. This makes studying smooth and more effective. 

Study PSEB Class 10 Subject-wise Chapters 

Studying the chapters from Embibe’s 3D videos allows you to retain the concepts for a longer period. Embibe’s Big Books include questions from the best study material for the board. Thus, you can face the most difficult questions in the exam easily. After learning all the chapters from Embibe, you can take chapter-wise/topic-wise or subject-wise mock tests, to check how well you have understood the concepts. 

The “Create Your Own Test” feature allows you to create tests as per your learning needs. You can set and take unlimited tests with unlimited flexibility, in terms of difficulty level, time duration, marking scheme, syllabus coverage, etc.

10th Punjab Board Mathematics Chapters

Knowing all the chapters in 10th Punjab Board Maths is important. You are advised to refer to our chapter-wise videos for all chapters below. Maths is a subject that requires a lot of practice to ace the exam. Thus, you can solve the topic/chapter-wise questions after learning each chapter from our platform. Go through the chapter list below for Maths:

Sr. No.Chapter Number
1Real Numbers
3Pair of Linear Equations in Two Variables
4Quadratic Equations
5Arithmetic Progressions
7Coordinate Geometry
8Introduction to Trigonometry
9Some Application of Trigonometry
12Areas Related to Circles
13Surface Areas and Volumes

Punjab Board Class 10 Science Chapters

Learning the Punjab Board 10th Science on Embibe comes with many benefits. You get a summary of each chapter, important points to remember, key topics to ace the chapter, etc. Below we have provided Punjab Board Class 10 Science syllabus for your direct access:

Sr. No.Chapter Name
1Chemical Reactions and Equations
2Acids, Bases, and Salts
3Metals and Non-metals
4Carbon and Its Compounds
5Periodic Classification of Elements
6Life Processes
7Control and Coordination
8How do Organisms Reproduce?
9Heredity and Evolution
10Light – Reflection and Refraction
11The Human Eye and the Colourful World
13Magnetic Effects of Electric Current
14Our Environment

Benefits of Learning 10th Punjab Board Chapters on Embibe

Studying the Punjab Board Class 10 chapters on Embibe will have multi-pronged benefits on your preparation. Some of the benefits of Embibe’s learning facilities are listed below:

  • You can watch the chapter-wise videos for all topics. The videos are arranged as per the latest syllabus and follow the exact sequence. 
  • Embibe’s chapter-wise 3D videos make it easy to finish all topics without having to go through chunks of textual content.
  • Everything is in one place. Embibe has 4 modules for each chapter: Learn, Practice, Test, and Achieve. This way students do not have to refer to multiple platforms to watch videos for a chapter. 
  • You can check the quality of your attempts in terms of speed and accuracy for every question you practice.
  • Embibe Big Books are available for every subject. It’s like one single book with curated videos for the entire syllabus.

FAQs on 10th Punjab Board Chapters

Here are some of the common questions about the Punjab Board Class 10 chapters that candidates may have on their minds:

Where can I learn the Punjab Board Class 10 chapters?

You can learn and practice the Punjab Board Class 10 chapters from the links given above, on the Embibe platform.

Which chapter is the toughest in Punjab Board Class 10 Science?

In Class 10 Science, many students find the chapter Magnetic Effects of Electric Current difficult. You can learn the chapter with the help of video lessons on Embibe. 

How many chapters are there in 10th Punjab Board Maths? 

There are 15 chapters in the 10th Punjab Board Maths syllabus. 

Are the Embibe mock tests good for Punjab Board Class 10 exam?

Yes. Embibe mock tests prove an all-around preparation for your exam. You face all types of questions that prepare you to attempt the paper without any stress. You also receive performance feedback on each of your tests, which shows you the true picture of your preparation.

Where can I get the best study material for the Punjab Board Class 10 final exam? 

You can solve 1000+ practice questions, take mock tests, and watch 30+ 3D videos that cover all 10th Punjab Board chapters, on the Embibe app.

We hope this detailed article on the Punjab Board Class 10 chapters helps you prepare for the Punjab Board Class 10 exam in the best way possible. Should you have any queries regarding taking the mock test or anything related to the exam, please contact us through our website or download the app.

Stay tuned to Embibe for the latest Punjab Board Class 10 exam updates!

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