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  • Written By Rumela_M
  • Last Modified 29-06-2022
  • Written By Rumela_M
  • Last Modified 29-06-2022

Reducing Global Warming

In the last decade, you would have heard about your parents teachers friends influencers social media that the ice in Antarctica is melting, the temperature globally is rising. Different stores and shopping malls ask you to bring your own reusable shopping bags. You might have heard of cops levying penalty on stores that are caught selling plastic and even if stores provide plastic bags to customers if they have forgotten getting their bags, those are of high quality. 

But why are we doing this? Why is using plastic bags attracting punishments even though it is not a theft or a likewise offence? This is because the overall temperature of our planet has heated up. Reports say that in the last 50 years, the temperature of the earth had increased by 3%. We are seeing extremes of temperature and abnormal temperature changes around the world.  Dismissing use of plastics is one example. This phenomenon in which the earth has been heated over a prolonged time, is called “Global warming” is dangerous because it can rupture our ecosystems, cause changes in the weather system and cause various other changes. 

How Is Global Warming Caused?

When there are too many greenhouse gases in our atmosphere, the gases trap the heat and warm our planet. We need to burn fossil fuels such as oil, gas or coal. Burning of these fuels result in the release of carbon dioxide, which creates a blanket over the atmosphere and constitutes for 82% of the gases in atmosphere that trap the heat. In USA, cars account for 82% of greenhouse gas emissions. Looking at how global warming has affected the earth increasingly and rapidly over the last few years, it is our responsibility to save our planet. Let us find out the different ways of minimising global warming in the next section in the article.

What Can You Do To Reduce Global Warming?

You can take the following steps to reduce global warming: 

  • Recycle more = By recycling even half the waste at home, we can save around 2000 pounds of carbon dioxide a year.
  • Minimal use of transportation = Minimize driving and use public transportation, or resort to carpooling to travel a long distance. For travelling short distances, walk or use a vehicle that is fuel-efficient or use minimum fuels, such as cycles. Ensuring that the tyres of your vehicle are adequately inflated can save around 250 lbs of carbon dioxide and more than 800 USD a year.
  • Plant trees = Trees take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Hence planting trees is a scientific way to regulate the temperature.
  • Use renewable energy = Usage of solar heaters, solar cookers will meet your needs while minimizing the use of electricity and fossil fuels. If you avoid warm water to take bath or wash clothes, that will save energy. On the same note, bulbs, and LED lights consume less power. Usage of similar elements will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and will help to bring back the temperature of the atmosphere to balance. 
  • Turn off devices when not in use = Many of us have a habit of leaving the tap water open after using the bathroom or keeping lights, fans or ACs switched on, when leaving the room. To conserve energy, we should turn off the devices when we are no longer using them. 
  • Spreading awareness about the conservation of power will also make enable people to actively participate in saving the environment.
  • Buy local goods = Buying food from the local farmer’s market ensures that the food you are consuming is fresh. It supports the local farmers. You get the vegetables and fruits at a much reduced cost than you would at the supermarket. Besides benefiting you and the vegetable vendor, it benefits the environment too by preventing the emission of the pounds of Carbon dioxide in the process of shipping and transportation of goods made over large distances. A vegetable vendor is an example. In the same way, buying local goods can benefit the local weavers, artisans, etc, as well

It is the small steps that count and make the bigger changes.

We hope that this information on the reduction of global warming has helped you. If you have any queries, you can visit our website and write to us with your queries. We will assist you in the best way possible. Stay tuned to Embibe for the latest news and updates on the reduction of global warming. 

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