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RPF Preparation 2021 | How To Prepare For RPF Constable Exam 2021


RPF Preparation 2018: Indian Railways conducts the RPF exam for the recruitment of Constables and Sub Inspectors in Railway Protection Force (RPF) and Railway Protection Special Force (RPSF). As this is a Central Government job, which offers security, stability, great RPF Salary and other allowances along with the scope of growth, lakhs of candidates have applied for the exam for 9739 vacancies. So, you can imagine how difficult it is going to be to get selected. In order to ensure the job, you must have a proper and methodical RPF Preparation Plan. In this article, we will provide you with all the detailed information about RPF Preparation. Read on to find out.

RPF Preparation 2018

Before getting into the RPF Preparation, you must have a proper knowledge of RPF exam pattern and selection procedure.

The RPF recruitment procedure involves three stages as tabulated below:

RPF Selection Procedure

Phase-IComputer Based Test (CBT)
Phase-IIPhysical Efficiency Test (PET) and Physical Measurement Test (PMT)
Phase-IIIDocument Verification

Learn RPF Sub Inspector CBT 1 Exam Concepts

PET and PMT are both qualifying in nature. So, final selection will be based on the marks secured by the candidates in the Computer Based Test (CBT). So, candidates must prepare in a way that they can score as high as possible in the Computer Based Test.

The Computer Based Test has basically three sections as follows:

  1. General Awareness
  2. Arithmetic
  3. General Intelligence & Reasoning

RPF Preparation: How To Prepare For RPF 2018

You must prepare for the RPF CBT in the following manner:

  • Be Thorough With The Syllabus: This is the most important part of your RPF Preparation. Without having knowledge of the different topics that come under each of the sections, you cannot plan your RPF Preparation. So, go through the detailed RPF syllabus.
  • Identify Your Strengths & Weaknesses: Since most of the topics are based on basic, high school syllabus, you can identify the topics you are strong and weak at respectively as you go through the syllabus. Mark them accordingly.
  • Clear The Concepts: Brush up the fundamentals. This is very important for the Arithmetic section and some topics of General Intelligence & Reasoning sections.
  • Memorize The Formulas: For the Arithmetic section, you need to remember a lot of formulas. Practice and memorize them by heart every time you have understood the concepts.
  • Learn The Steps To Solve Questions: This is a must for both Arithmetic section and General Intelligence & Reasoning section. Go through the example problems for this purpose. In fact, practice them as well.
  • Develop Reading Habits: For the General Awareness section, you need extensive reading as this section needs one to remember a lot of information on a wide range of topic.
  • Make Notes: As you study, make sure to create notes of important points, formulas, steps, etc. This will help in better revision and will be extremely useful during revision.
  • Solve Practice Questions: Every time you finish a concept, solve a sufficient number of questions. You must improve your application skills and problem solving abilities. Refer to your notes and example problems if necessary.
  • Take Mock Tests: Once you have finished all the topics in the syllabus of RPF CBT 2018, take RPF mock tests on a regular basis. Evaluate yourself after every test and find out your weak topics. Work on them.
  • Improve Your Time Management & Overall Test Taking Strategy: No matter how well-prepared you are, you won’t be able to score well in the exam unless you have a proper strategy to take the exam. This means you should know which questions to attempt first, how much time to spend on every question, etc. As you practice and take mock tests, try to maintain a balance between your speed and accuracy of solving question. Solve questions in a time bound manner.

Let us now look at how to prepare for each of the sections as well as the important topics and the best books for them:

RPF Preparation For General Awareness

This section tests the candidate’s knowledge of current affairs as well as general knowledge.

RPF Preparation For General Awareness

Read newspapers on a daily basis. Focus more on the following pages:


1.       Business

2.       Economy

3.       Polity

4.       Science & Technology

5.       Sports

6.       Culture

7.       International Affairs

8.       Events and issues of National and International Importance from the Last Six Months

You can also subscribe to some current affairs magazines that are published for government job exams.
Read the latest yearbook.
Refer to some General Knowledge books as well as the Class 10 books for the following topics:


1.       Indian History

2.       Indian Geography

3.       Indian Railways

4.       Indian Budget

5.       Indian Constitution

Make notes of important points as you study and revise them on a regular basis.

Best Books For RPF General Awareness

  1. Manorama Year Book
  2. Lucent’s General Knowledge

RPF Preparation For Arithmetic

In the Arithmetic section, some topics need a direct application of formulas and are easy to master. Other topics need critical and analytical thinking and hence needs a lot of preparation.

RPF Preparation For Arithmetic

First do the easy chapters. Understand the underlying theory and memorize all the formulas. Some of the most important topics for RPF 2018 which are easy to finish are as under:


1.       Profit and Loss

2.       Discounts

3.       Ratio and Proportion

4.       Number Systems

5.       Decimals and Fractions

6.       Interest

7.       Average

8.       Percentage

Once you feel confident about the easy chapters, start off with the chapters that are difficult and needs an application of formulas or critical/analytical thinking or both:


1.       Time and Work

2.       Time, Distance and Speed

3.       Mensuration

4.       Arithmetical Operations

5.       Table and Graphs

6.       Pipes and Cisterns

7.       Problems on Mixtures

8.       Problems on Age

Memorize the formulas in a manner that you don’t have to try to remember them while solving problems. The formulas should be at your fingertips.
Practice a sufficient number of questions, especially for topics that you find difficult.

Best Books For RPF Arithmetic

  1. Practice Book on Quicker Maths by M Tyra and K Kundan
  2. Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations by RS Aggarwal

RPF Preparation General Intelligence & Reasoning

Your analytical skills and logical abilities are tested in this section.

RPF Preparation For General Intelligence & Reasoning
Just like the Arithmetic section, start off with the easy sections first. You will be able to solve these questions with common sense. Practicing these topics will just improve your speed and problem-solving abilities.


1.       Classification

2.       Similarities and Differences

3.       Analogies

4.       Relationships

5.       Distance and Directions

Once you feel confident about the easy topics, clear the basic theoretical concepts for the more difficult topics:


1.       Statement and Conclusion

2.       Syllogism

3.       Coding-Decoding

4.       Decision Making and Judgement

5.       Puzzles

6.       Seating Arrangements

Go through the examples to understand how to start solving problems. Then solve as many questions as possible.

For topics which needs visualization and analytical skills, practice by making diagrams:


1.       Problems on Figures

2.       Paper Folding

3.       Visual Memory

4.       Spatial Visualization

5.       Spatial Orientation

Don’t try to learn any shortcuts directly.

Best Books For RPF General Intelligence & Reasoning

  1. A Modern Approach to Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning by RS Aggarwal
  2. Analytical Reasoning by MK Pandey

Now that you have a clear idea about how to go about your  RPF Sub Inspector CBT 1 Preparation, pull up your socks. The exam is likely to be conducted in September-October. So, you don’t have much time. Focus on finishing off the entire syllabus and then start taking RPF mock tests. You can also take Bank PO mock tests which have almost the same syllabus and pattern. RPF mock tests are available for free on Embibe. So, make the best use of them and ace the exam.

We hope this detailed article on RPF Preparation helps you. If you have any query, drop a comment below and we will get back to you.

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