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RRB JE CBT 1 Mock Test 2022-23: Access Practice Questions & Test Series


Do you know 2,02,616 qualified for the RRB JE CBT 1 exam in 2019? However, the total number of available positions was only 13,487. With such high competition, you must be wondering how to get the RRB Junior Engineer position. This is exactly where the RRB JE CBT 1 Mock Test Series comes to your rescue. 

By attempting the RRB JE online test series, you can perform to your full potential on the upcoming RRB JE CBT 1 examination. You can also personalise the RRB JE test series offered as per your preferences. Scroll down to take the RRB Junior Engineer CBT 1 Mock Test to see where you stand in your preparation.

Attempt RRB JE CBT 1 Mock Test 2022-23 Only at Embibe

The RRB JE CBT 1 Mock Tests on Embibe are designed using the actual exam format to provide you with a real-exam experience. The RRB JE Test Series has a time limit similar to the CBT 1 exam that will improve your time-management skills in the actual exam. It will boost your preparation and significantly increase your chances of success in the upcoming exam.

One of the greatest advantages is that Embibe offers a RRB JE CBT 1 test series that can be attempted from any location using any device. Use the direct links listed in the table below to access the RRB Junior Engineer test series:

Take RRB JE CBT 1 Mock TestTake RRB JE CBT 1 Mock Test
RRB JE CBT 1 Online Test Series – 1RRB JE CBT 1 Online Test Series – 3
RRB JE CBT 1 Online Test Series – 2RRB JE CBT 1 Online Test Series – 4

How To Take RRB JE CBT 1 Mock Test on Embibe?

Here is a step-by-step instruction in case you need help to figure out where to attempt the Embibe RRB JE CBT 1 mock test series:

  • 1st Step: Visit Embibe’s official website, i.e., embibe.com.
  • 2nd Step: Use the mobile number/email to log in.
  • 3rd Step: Click on the menu bar Getting a Government Job 
  • 4th Step: Select the Goal Railways from the Dropdown and click on Next.
  • 5th Step: Select RRB JE CBT 1 and click on Next.
  • 6th Step: Select the preferred language and click on Done.
  • 7th Step: Click Test from the Header Section.
  • 8th Step: Scroll down to the Take Full Tests section.
  • 9th Step: Click on any of the RRB JE CBT 1 mock tests.

How Embibe’s RRB JE CBT 1 Test Series Help In Improving Your Scores?

In addition to the Results and Test Summary, Embibe’s Advanced Feedback Analysis (AFA), provides an in-detail analysis of your performance after each test. The RRB JE online test series includes personalised scorecard and provides strategies for better exam preparation. 

The scorecard allows you to recognise your weaknesses and thereby improve on them. To receive a thorough evaluation of online tests, follow the steps outlined below:

  • Once you submit your response, you will be notified that the test was successfully submitted. Click on ‘Continue to Test Feedback.’
  • A page will appear with scores, percentages, the number of questions attempted, and other information. Scroll down until you find ‘View Feedback.’
  • Unlock Feedback by practising on Embibe and earning Embiums.

Benefits of Attempting RRB JE CBT 1 Test Series

Now that you know where and how to take the online test, check out the benefits of attempting them on Embibe. Here are some advantages of taking the online test series:

  • It will give you an idea of what to expect during the actual CBT 1 exam.
  • Taking a mock test allows you to assess the effectiveness of your preparation. It will aid you in the retention of concepts and ensure that you do not forget what you have learned.
  • You will also learn shortcut techniques for attempting the difficult question at the end of the test.
  • Solve test series daily to determine your speed. It can assist you in determining which sections require more time and which are less.
  • When you achieve a good score in the test series, you will be assured of your ability to perform well in the actual exam.

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FAQs on RRB JE CBT 1 Mock Test 2022-23

Find some commonly asked questions related to the RRB JE CBT 1 Test Series below:

Q: Where can I find a RRB Junior Engineer CBT 1 Mock Test?

Ans: By signing up on Embibe, you can get a test series for the RRB JE CBT 1.

Q: How can I attempt the RRB JE Mock Test?

Ans: You can attempt a RRB JE CBT 1 Test Series by following the steps mentioned in this article.

Q:  In how many languages does Embibe offer the RRB JE CBT 1 Test Series?

Ans: Embibe offers the RRB JE test series in English and Hindi.

Q: Does the RRB JE Mock Exam on Embibe use the same marking system as the real test?

Ans: Yes. The RRB JE CBT 1 Test Series will use the same grading system as the actual exam.

Q: Will I be able to find the solutions to the incorrectly attempted RRB JE CBT 1 questions?

Ans: Yes. For each of the questions on the test series, you will receive detailed solutions.

We hope this detailed article on RRB JE CBT 1 Mock Test Series 2022-23 helps you. If you have any queries regarding the exam, feel to check our app. We will be happy to help you out.
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