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SBI Clerk Salary 2022- Check Revised Pay Scale, In-hand Salary & Growth Opportunities


SBI Clerk Salary 2020: With the release of 8000 vacancies for SBI Clerk 2020 exam, aspirants look for SBI Clerk Salary, which is an important criteria for the candidates to choose such a job.
SBI Clerk Salary 2020 is discussed here in the article. The In-hand salary with the perks, allowances & role of the Junior Associate(Clerk) has been provided below. The information is as per the official notification.

Overview Of SBI Clerk Salary 2020

SBI has dedicated the salary of an SBI Clerk employee in a Metro city like Mumbai will be around Rs. 25,000/-. This includes various allowances associated with the corresponding basic pay. However, these allowances will vary accordingly with the city the job has been posted.
The SBI Clerk salary pay scale will be 11765-655/3-13730-815/3-16175-980/4-20095-1145/7-28110- 2120/1- 30230-1310/1-31450.
This means an SBI Clerk (Junior Associate) will get a starting pay of Rs. 11,765/- with an annual increment of Rs 655/-.
After 3 years, the SBI Clerk Salary will be Rs. 13,730/-. Hereafter, there will be an annual increment of Rs. 815/-. The salary will be Rs. 16,175/- after the next 3 years, with an annual increment of Rs. 980/-. After that, the salary will be Rs. 20,095/- for the next 4 years. After the next 7 years, the SBI Clerk Salary will be Rs. 28,810/-. After one more year, it will be Rs. 30,230/-. And again, after 1 year, the SBI Clerk Salary will be Rs. 31,540/-. This will be the maximum SBI Clerk Salary that an employee under this post can get.
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SBI Clerk Salary Components: Allowances

The components (allowances) of SBI Clerk Salary can be broken down into the following:

Dearness Allowance (DA)This component of SBI Clerk Salary is revised quarterly, i.e., 4 times a year, and is based on the Consumer Price Index (CPI). The DA increases when inflation is high and vice versa.
House Rent Allowance (HRA)The HRA depends on the city where the SBI Clerk has been posted. If it is a Metro city, the HRA will be higher. In the case of rural areas, the HRA would be comparatively lower.

The SBI Clerk Salary comprises of different allowances such as furniture allowance, telephone bills reimbursements, and many more. With all these allowances, the starting salary per month in a metro city like Mumbai becomes approximately Rs 25,000.

SBI Clerk Salary: Perks & Other Benefits

Apart from the SBI Clerk Salary, the SBI Junior Associates enjoys other sequential benefits such as:

  • a) Stability,
  • b) Financial security,
  • c) Flexible working hours,
  • d) Good work environment,
  • e) Pension under New Pension Scheme (NPS),
  • f) Medical insurance,
  • g) Provident Fund, and more.

SBI Clerk Job Profile: Role Specification And Responsibilities

The SBI Clerk or SBI Junior Associates work as Single Window Operator (SWO) wherein they look after the day-to-day activities of the bank. They have to deal with the customers and address their concerns. They are also responsible for activities like opening bank accounts, transactions related to RTGS/NEFT, issuing DDs, handling cheque book requests, transferring amounts through different payment modes, etc. They may even have to work as cashiers (sometimes).

SBI Clerk Promotions And Growth Opportunities

SBI Clerk offers immense growth opportunities which are a lot better as compared to other clerical designations in other government banks. In SBI, a Junior Associate can reach as high as General Manager. However, based on the posts, there will be certain eligibility criteria that they must meet. Also, they will have to appear for the necessary exams and/or interviews if they wish to go for that post.
As you can see, the SBI Clerk is a great job to start your banking career. The SBI Clerk Salary is decent enough for an entry-level government job. The other benefits and growth opportunities too make it one of the most demanding jobs in India.

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