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10th Sikkim Board Important Topics


Class 10 is a significant phase in your academic career, right? Yes, if your goal is to crack the Sikkim Board class 10 board exam with excellent marks, then you must be a pro in all the topics from the chapters. But if you find it difficult to understand the topics, do not skip them. We will help you to gain a better understanding of the important topics. 

Embibe is an AI-enabled platform that provides the best learning experience. The interactive videos mapped to the books and chapters will help you creatively learn the topics. You will find even the complex topics easier to understand with the help of 3D visualisation and real-life examples. The related and prerequisite topics will assist you in truly completely understanding the chapter. You can practice maximum questions to improve your speed and outperform in the examination.    

Sikkim Board Class 10 Topics

Embibe highlights the most important topics and provides 150+ videos for Sikkim Board class 10 exam preparation. You must focus on the topics which are more important than the less important ones. Now let’s have a glimpse at the topics for Sikkim Board class 10:

10th Sikkim Board Social Science Topics

Below are the topics for Social Science from Sikkim Board class 10:

Sl.NoChaptersImportant Topics
1The Rise of Nationalism in EuropeVision of Social and Democratic Republics
French Revolution and the Idea of Nation
2Nationalism in IndiaFirst World war, Khilafat and Non-cooperation Movement
Towards Civil Disobedience Movement
3The Making of a Global WorldGlobalisation in the Pre-modern World
Shaping up of World Economy in the 19th Century
4The Age of IndustrialisationBefore the Industrial Revolution
Hand Labour and Steam Power
5Print Culture and the Modern WorldBeginning of Print Technology
Print Culture in Europe

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10th Sikkim Board Science Topics

Lets a have a look at the Science topics for Sikkim Board class 10 in the below table: 

Sl.NoChaptersImportant Topics
1Chemical Reactions and EquationsChemical Changes and Equations
Types of Chemical Reactions
2Acids, Bases, and SaltsAcid-Base Indicators
Chemical Properties of Acids and Bases
3Metals and Non-metalsPhysical Properties of Metals and Non-metals
Chemical Properties of Metals
4Carbon and its CompoundsThe Covalent Bond in Carbon
Versatile Nature of Carbon
5Periodic Classification of ElementsEarly Attempts at the Classification of Elements
Mendeleev’s Periodic Table

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10th Sikkim Board Mathematics Topics

In the below table, we have provided Mathematics topics for Sikkim Board class 10

Sl.NoChaptersImportant Topics
1Real NumbersEuclid’s Division Lemma
Fundamental Theorem of Arithematic
2PolynomialsBasics of Polynomials
Geometrical Meaning of Zeroes of Polynomials
3Pair of Linear Equations in Two VariablesIntroduction to Pair Linear Equations in Two Variables
Graphical Method of Solution of a Pair of Linear Equations
4Quadratic EquationsIntroduction to Quadratic Equations
Solution of a Quadratic Equation
5Arithmetic ProgressionsNumber Patterns
Introduction to Arithmetic Progressions

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10th Sikkim Board English Topics

The English topics for Sikkim Board class 10 are given below: 

1EnglishReading skills
Literature Textbook and Supplementary reading text
Subject-verb concord
Reported Speech
Command and Speech

The most frequently asked questions with answers on Sikkim Board class 10 are given below:

Q: Which are the important topics for Social Science for Sikkim board class 10?

Ans: The vision of Social and Democratic Republics, Print culture in Europe are some important Social Science topics for Sikkim Board class 10. Also, find the links given in this article to access the topics. 

Q: Where can I practice questions for the chapters for Sikkim Board class 10?

Ans: You can practice questions for the chapters for Sikkim Board class 10 on Embibe.

Q: Does Embibe provide chapter tests for Sikkim Board class 10?

Ans: Yes, Embibe provides chapter tests for Sikkim Board class 10. 

Q: How to score well in the Sikkim Board class 10 exam?

Ans: You can score well and top the class 10 board exam by taking mock tests and practice questions on Embibe. 

Q: Who conducts the Sikkim Board class 10 exam?

Ans: Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) conducts the Sikkim Board class 10 exam.  

Hope this article was helpful for you and you can find the Sikkim Board Important Topics. For more such helpful articles, stay tuned on Embibe.

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