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SSC CPO Tier 2 Question Papers: Download Previous Year Papers


The SSC CPO Tier 2 exam requires you to attempt each question in less than a minute. As per the exam pattern, the SSC CPO Tier 2 question paper consists of 200 questions and has a time limit of two hours. Do you think it’s easy? Of course not. Well, here is an approach for increasing your problem-solving speed. You must solve previous years’ questions and take mock tests.

By solving the previous years’ question papers, you can understand the question paper pattern and types of questions that may be asked in the upcoming exam. This will not only help you answer questions correctly in the exam, but it will also help you manage your time. Don’t Wait! Scroll down to download the SSC CPO Tier 2 Question Papers PDF and start your preparation now.

Download SSC CPO Tier 2 Question Papers PDF

Solving SSC CPO previous year question papers will help you to improve your speed and you can also analyse the level of your exam preparation. Don’t believe it? Why not solve a previous year’s question papers and see for yourself? 

Embibe provides SSC CPO with previous years’ question papers PDFs for download in the below table. Furthermore, you can also get study materials, practice questions, and mock tests at zero cost on Embibe.

YearSSC CPO Tier 2 Question Papers PDF Link
2020-2021Download SSC CPO Question Paper
2018Download SSC CPO Question Paper

How To Solve SSC CPO Tier 2 Question Papers?

If you want to attempt the entire set of questions correctly during the exam, you must understand how to solve the SSC CPO question papers the right way. To assist you with this, we have provided the correct way to solve the question papers below:

  • Only solve the CPO Tier 2 question paper after you have completed the entire syllabus.
  • Previous year’s question papers should be treated as real exam questions and solved accordingly.
  • Keep track of the time it takes to answer a question and the entire question paper.
  • Examine the question paper and begin by answering simple questions. Then, gradually progress to addressing time-consuming but solvable questions. Save the difficult questions for last.
  • After finishing, do not score or assess your marks immediately. Give yourself some time to eat, relax, and your mind.
  • Compare your answers to the correct answer and identify the topics that need improvement.

Benefits of Solving SSC CPO Tier 2 Previous Year Question Papers

Solving SSC CPO Tier 2 Previous Year Question Papers can provide you with numerous advantages. Here are some of the benefits:

  • You gain an understanding of the type, nature, and difficulty level of the questions by solving previous year’s papers. As a result, you can practise those types of questions ahead of time.
  • You will improve your problem-solving speed and time management abilities.
  • You will also be prepared for any challenges that may arise during the CPO Tier 2 examination.

How Embibe’s SSC CPO Tier 2 Mock Tests Improve Your Scores?

You must also take mock tests along with solving previous years’ papers. Taking mock tests will get you acquainted with the exam pattern. Furthermore, by using Embibe’s SSC CPO Tier 2 mock tests, you can significantly improve your scores.

Embibe’s Advanced Feedback Analysis (AFA) will provide you with a thorough performance analysis. You can learn about your weak areas, time spent on questions, topics you have not attempted, and much more through AFA. As a result, it will greatly improve your performance. So, go ahead and click on the links below to take Embibe’s SSC CPO Tier 2 mock tests right now!

Take SSC CPO Tier 2 Mock Tests
SSC CPO Tier 2 Mock Test – 1 SSC CPO Tier 2 Mock Test – 3
SSC CPO Tier 2 Mock Test – 2 SSC CPO Tier 2 Mock Test – 4

How To Take Embibe’s SSC CPO Tier 2 Mock Tests?

Follow the below-mentioned steps to take the SSC CPO Tier 2 mock test series:

  • 1st Step: Visit Embibe’s official website, i.e., embibe.com.
  • 2nd Step: Use the mobile number/email to log in.
  • 3rd Step: Click on the menu bar “Getting a Government Job” 
  • 4th Step: Select the Goal “SSC” from the Dropdown and click on “Next”.
  • 5th Step: Search and Select “SSC CPO Tier 2” on the search bar and click on “Next”.
  • 6th Step: Select the preferred language and click on “Done”.
  • 7th Step: Click “Test” from the Header Section.
  • 8th Step: Scroll down to the “Subjects” section.
  • 9th Step: Click on any SSC CPO Tier 2 subjects.
  • 10th Step: Scroll down to click on the chapters from the selected subject to begin the test.

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FAQs on SSC CPO Tier 2 Question Papers

Find some commonly asked questions related to the SSC CPO question papers below:

Q: Where can I find SSC CPO Tier 2 question papers?

Ans: You can download this article’s SSC CPO Tier 2 previous year questions pdf.

Q: What are the benefits of solving SSC CPO question papers?

Ans: By solving previous years’ papers, you receive an awareness of the nature and difficulty level of questions. It also helps you improve your problem-solving and time-management skills.

Q: What will be the language of the CPO Tier 2 exam papers?

Ans: The CPO Tier 2 questions will be available only in English.

Q: How do I solve the SSC CPO Tier 2 previous years’ questions?

Ans: Start examining the  CPO Tier 2 question paper first. Begin with simple questions. Then proceed to time-consuming questions that you can answer. Finally, try to answer difficult questions.

Q: Can I crack CPO Tier 2 by solving question papers?

Ans: Solving question papers from previous years will assist you in boosting your scores. However, before you begin answering question papers, you must have conceptual knowledge, which you can obtain from the best CPO Tier 2 books. You must also attempt mock tests.

We hope this detailed article on SSC CPO Tier 2 Question Paper helps you. Feel to check our app if you have any queries regarding the exam. We will be happy to help you out.

Stay tuned to Embibe for the latest news and updates on the SSC CPO Tier 2 exam 2023.

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