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St. Stephen’s College to Give 85% Weightage Only to CUET Score


BENGALURU, MAY 24: The St. Stephen’s College of Delhi University has cleared the air about the admission process through a press release. The college authorities have stated that 85% weightage will be given to the CUET 2022 score of the candidates belonging to all categories. Further, an interview round will be held for the qualifying candidates, which will determine the final selection. The interview will hold a weightage of 15% as per the policy followed by the college and as per the constitutional rights granted to the college by the Honorable Supreme Court of India.

Delhi University and CUET

Delhi University earlier stated that admission to undergraduate degree programmes offered by the university and all affiliated colleges would be decided on the basis of the merit list of the Common University Entrance Test 2022. It was emphasized that all the colleges, irrespective of their status, shall follow the same rule for admission. However, St. Stephen’s, being one of the six colleges falling under minority status, decided that the interview round would also be considered for admissions.

The college authorities clarified that the admission process would be applicable to all the candidates, irrespective of their category. While Delhi University considers this a direct violation of the rule set down for admissions, the college is adamant about following the age-old tradition. The college further stated that the candidates interested in admission to UG programmes should register separately on the Admissions Portal on St. Stephen’s official website. 

Press Release by St. Stephen’s

The decision by the college authorities has created a rift between Delhi University and the college. The DU authorities are considering legal opinion as the St. Stephen’s authorities reiterated that the constitutional rights as a minority institution could allow them to frame their admission policy. It was speculated that the interview process would cause chaos as 50% of seats in the college are reserved for minority students, and the interview rule applied only to the unreserved category candidates. This confusion was put to rest by the following press release.

Source: https://www.ststephens.edu/

As the Delhi University wrote to the college stating that it will have to follow the Executive Council resolution of conducting admissions to general candidates based on CUET scores, the college Principal Mr John Varghese refrained from making any public statement in this regard. The Delhi University authorities are seeking legal opinion to resolve the deadlock.

A Ray of Hope?

The Common University Entrance Test 2022 will likely be held in July this year, and the exam registration was already over on May 22, 2022. It is expected that before the commencement of the exam, the tussle between Delhi University and St. Stephen’s college will be resolved. The candidates interested in admission to St. Stephen’s college will be expecting both the authorities to reach a middle ground as soon as possible.

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