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  • Last Modified 08-08-2022

How Anudeep Nekkanti Received Google Placement: Read Now


Anudeep nekkanti writes in Q&A format as given below:

Did I get a referral for the interviews?
Yes. Kashyap Krishnakumar and MV Kaushik helped me.

How many interviews were held in all?
Telephonic Interview initially. Then 6 onsite interviews at Google Hyderabad. Then manager interviews.

Were grades ever a factor in making the decision?
AFAIK No. I did not mention much about my grades in my CV. My CV only says B.Tech 4th year, 8 CGPA till date.

And were questions pertaining to stuff like OS/Database also asked?
No. In all the rounds, all the questions were about Algorithms, Data structures and related. In few rounds I was asked to design parallel computation algorithms, but they were really easy and do not really need knowledge about parallel computation.

How did he get Zurich, where mostly coders from India get India or MTV?
I had to risk my job for Zurich. I was initially offered London, Bangalore and then Hyderabad. I told I do not want to take those position, and was in a situation of being completely rejected by Google. But I was okay with that too so I told no to those 3 positions. 70 days after my onsite interview I was finally given Zurich.

What helped me get this job – Competitive programming. That is all I did right from my second year till date. What ever I could answer in interviews was because of what I learned for competitive programming. 🙂


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