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TA And DA Full Form


The full form of TA and DA in English is Travelling Allowance and Dearness Allowance. The full form of TA and DA in Hindi is यात्रा भत्ता और महंगाई भत्ता.

TA is a fixed sum given to the government or private sector employees at a regular interval for daily commuting from the place of residence to the office by any means. It also includes meals, hotel bills, train fare/ airfare/ bus fare, etc. Whereas DA is an amount paid to some private or government employees as a pension after retirement. The amount to be paid depends on the location of a person. The place decides the expenses and living standards of a person. If an employee is living in a small city, his or her DA would be less as compared to the other one in a big city.

TA and DA Regulation

The formulation and regulation of TA and DA come within the purview of the Department of Expenditure under the Ministry of Finance, Government of India. If any changes have to be made, the whole ministry needs to be involved in this. 

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Calculation Formula for TA and DA

Here we learn how to calculate DA. As it plays an important role in the calculation of TA. The formula for DA is given below,

DA = Current rate of DA Minimum Basic Salary

For instance, if the current rate of DA is 34% and the basic salary is Rs.18,000. The DA would be Rs. 6120 according to the above equation.

TA formula totally depends upon the area to which the person is travelling. For example, there are ‘A’ category cities such as Delhi, Ahmedabad, Lucknow, Bangalore, etc., that demand more DA. Given below is the formula for TA calculation.

TA = A + [(A D)/100] 


A = Rate of TA

D = Percentage of current DA

For example, if a person has a basic pay level of Rs. 49,000 per month in a pay level 6 in a metro, then the amount of DA will be,

TA = 3600+ [(3600 17)/100]

                                                              = 4212 Rs. per month

Types of TA and DA

There are several types of TA and DA given according to department and sector. We are focussing mainly on Central Government employees in this section.

The different types of TA given to central government officers/ officials are discussed below:

  • Permanent TA – This kind of TA is given where extensive travelling is required for an employee within the government servant’s sphere of duty throughout the year. It cannot be given when a person is on leave, transferring, or joining.
  • Conveyance Allowance – It is an average monthly allowance given to the employee for commuting either by their own car or by any other means per month. The calculation of conveyance allowance is based on the distance travelled per month.
  • Mileage Allowance – It is a particular distance travelled by car or any other means at a specific time. 

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The TA and DA are given together to reduce the daily living expenses of an individual. The two types of DA are as discussed below:

  • Industrial DA – This is also termed IDA or Industrial Dearness Allowance. It is given to the workers or employees of Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs) on a daily basis or after retirement.
  • Variable DA – VAD or Variable DA is an amount given to the central government employees after revising every six months, based on three components i.e. consumer price index, base index and variable DA. The variable DA remains fixed unless the government revises the minimum wages. 

Benefits of TA and DA

There are several advantages of TA and DA for all sections of society. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • TA and DA support daily living expenses of a person that reduces economic pressure.
  • TA has an inclusion of tickets, meals, accommodations, etc., that motivate employees for better performance without lack of interest.
  • DA proves helpful in old age after retirement so that employees can easily live out their retirement.
  • TA and DA incentives are an inspiration for people to work in government sectors. 

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FAQs on TA and DA

Ques 1. What is TA and DA full form?

Ans: The full form of TA and DA are Travelling Allowance and Dearness Allowance. The full form of TA and DA in Hindi is यात्रा भत्ता और महंगाई भत्ता.

Ques 2. Who regulates the TA and DA?

Ans: The regulation and amendment in TA and DA are done by the Department of Expenditure under the Ministry of Finance, Government of India.

Ques 3. What are the types of TA and DA?

Ans: There are mainly three types of TA namely, permanent TA, conveyance allowance, mileage allowance, and two types of DA namely, Industrial DA and Variable DA.

Ques 4. What are the benefits of TA and DA?

Ans: TA and DA provide daily support in travelling expenditures, meals, tickets, and accommodations, it provides helping hands in the declining years of a person and their family, it is a supportive norm for performing better whilst in duty. 

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