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  • Last Modified 28-06-2022

The One Way to Succeed for Students Appearing for IBPS & SBI Exams:


Every student deserves a chance to score high because a high score translates to admission to best college and the best job. Embibe is a four year old company with a vision of bringing score improvement in every student’s life through the use of in depth analytics.

Bankers think of achieving great things all the time, they want to work hard, to get their dream car, a big house and so much more. The start point for all this is through recognition through education. You end up with a great job if you’ve performed well in the exam and that’s how you get all the things you desire. With this thought process in mind, we try to put in all our time and energy into preparing for our studies.

Despite this, a lot of students appearing for bank exams try hard and still fail; because of low confidence, lack of proper guidance, careless mistakes, over confidence and several such factors that shouldn’t stand between you and your success. Embibe is here to score up your marks. It is not one of those websites whcich promise your future, take money and leave you to dry. At embibe, everyone is working towards upgrading your level of preparation, intelligence and to help you score great marks.

It’s interesting to know that a student’s preparation and performance are dependent on three factors: AQ, BQ and TQ.

AQ – Academic Quotient:

An academic quotient is something that includes factors like your concentration, grasping power, intelligence and so on. This is extremely crucial, you’ll find out why further in the article. This, however, doesn’t mean that student who are weak in grasping or who are not as intelligent are not good enough. Remember, hard work beats talent.

BQ – Behavioral Quotient:

Behavioral quotient considers the way you deal and treat your academics. This is something that is a common topic of discussion among students. “Yaar mood hi nahi ho raha padhai karnenka” or “me ek ghante se zada padh hi nai paata” and so on. This defines, confines and predicts your behavior. Below are the factors that comprise of the behavioral quotient.

TQ – Test Taking Quotient

Test-taking skills are the most common and a majority of you might have heard/thought about it. It is relatively more common than the rest of the two guiding factors. This has to do with everything you do in that 3 hours of your exam. Right from entering the classroom and getting the question paper in the hand to submitting the answer sheet and walking out of the class.

Students spend 90% of their time in learning and 10% in application and absolutely nothing in analysis. This is one aspect that students can change because they have it in their control. Here’s how your distribution of time should be:

Embibe offers a comprehensive resource library for your preparation. You can do the following things in embibe:

  1. Learn concepts through interestingly designed notes and video lectures for IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, SBI PO and SBI Clerk
  2. Practice unlimited questions as per your choice of difficulty and get solutions for the same
  3. Take different type of tests, identify mistakes, get guidance for how to correct them, and analyse your performance further
  4. Ask doubts about anything that is nor clear to you. We resolve the students doubts for free
  5. Banking students can also chat with us for any sort of clarification and immediate help

We are working on making practice and learn section more comprehensive.

IBPS and SBI exams have becoming more and more competitive, and hence we form personalized packs for each students.

Banking students who gave exams on embibe saw their score improving by 23% in just one test because they saw where they were going wrong because of analysis offered to them.

Another student increased his score by 40% across 5 tests that he gave on embibe because he used the analysis and took corrective steps which made him score higher. There are limited positions available in the bank industry and hence you can’t afford to make careless mistakes or spend more time on a question than it is required.

All these are small issues which you can correct with the help of our guidance at embibe.
Check the kind of in depth analysis that embibe offers you:

1. Score Analysis

This explains and displays the questions you got right, wrong and the ones which were unattempted. Through this, you can understand the overall picture bu checking the difference between your marks and the cut off marks. This allows you to create a mindset of improvement.


Here the student seems to have not taken the test seriously. He has attempted only 32 questions out of 100.

2. Analysing your strategy based on your answering pattern

Here, you will get to know how was your approach toward the test. Did you switch between subjects, or did you skip difficult questions or what is it that you’re doing in your test.


Here the student have finished his test in 1.7 minutes, which means we did not intend to give the test in the manner it should be taken. First look accuracy means the time you took to look at your paper and answer from the start till the end. Remember, higher the first look accuracy, better is the choice of your questions.

3. Time spent analysis

Time analysis will give you insights around how much of your time was spent on each subject.


You should use this to understand your strong and weak zones which you can use later on to strategize your preparations.

4. Analysis of your attempts

Now, this is interesting. This section of the analysis will tell you how many attempts by you were perfect and how many of them were wasted. This is pushing you, not only to give the correct answers, but also to ensure that the answer is given in the right amount of time; neither too less, nor too more.


5. Concept wise analysis

Lastly, it will list down things for you segregating the chapters you got right, the one’s you got wrong and the one’s you did not attempt. Along with this, you also get the solutions with video lectures for each question so that you can directly jump to it and understand at which step you went wrong.


These are all resources readily available and accessible to you. The choice is yours, whether you want to rote learn or have fun while studying, whether you want to keep practicing questions without any feedback on how it’s going or to practice in a way which will never allow you to repeat your same mistake; whether you want to work hard or work smart with embibe; the choice is yours.

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