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  • Written By Anu_V
  • Last Modified 07-06-2022
  • Written By Anu_V
  • Last Modified 07-06-2022

Top 15 Benefits of Online Learning for School Students

The internet and technology have made the world so small that just a click makes everything possible. Even our education system is not untouched by this development. The education system is experiencing unexplored realms. Over the years, technological advancements have placed online learning before school students and made the world realize that it’s a boon with an end number of advantages. The e-education system has expanded so fast that school students of all ages are benefitted from its advantages.

Referring to the current scenario of COVID-19, no one would have foreseen that online learning could play an important role in imparting knowledge digitally to the school students when it’s uncertain regarding schools reopening. While online learning has come to rescue students in completing their syllabus irrespective of the nationwide lockdown owing to the pandemic.

Further, the school-from-home concept has also enabled parents in having a close watch on the interpersonal and communication skills, their wards are being taught while counting the benefits of online learning. Parents have also enthused e-learning resources while enabling their children with such a technological advanced concept.

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Counting advantage of digital learning, the students will not only be taught at a low cost but also they may have flexibility in choosing their schedules, availability of study materials, learning new technological tools and in-demand experts whenever needed.

According to a report by Babson Survey Research Group in 2013, over 6.7 million students had enrolled in online classes in 2011. In the year 2002, about 72 per cent of the schools offered online coaching which steadily increased to 87 per cent in 2012.

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Online Learning Benefits

The education system is changing rapidly with all schools preferring online learning platforms to improve the student learning experience. With the help of communication technology and increased internet connectivity, it has given rise to hope for students to improve individual learning experiences.

Studies show that students do better with their learning when their parents are involved in their education. In an online learning environment, parents act as instructors for their e-learning experience. They ensure that their assignments and coursework are completed in a timely manner. Practically they provide support and encouragement to their children.

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Parents not only encourage in an online school environment but also support online learning.  They are with you at any age of your learning process. As a school student, you need more attention and support from them. You should see parents as your secondary educators. Whenever you have any technical problems on the website or related to any concept and theories, parents help you in rectifying those problems for effective learning.

Parents are responsible for guiding their children regardless of their age and academic progress. They can help their children with homework, assignments, and practise tests with the help of online learning platforms. Sometimes along with teachers in the classroom, even parents can assist them in improving their learning with guidance and support. We understand that in the classroom you get real interaction with the teachers and friends but online learning has its advantages too.

So, let us have a look at some of the benefits of online learning for school students.

Top 15 Benefits of Online Learning
Online Learning

#1 Benefit of Online Learning – Convenience

This is the most important benefit of online learning for school students. Learning and teaching can be done at home with the help of digital devices like tablets or laptops. With the help of online learning, time can be saved and can also focus on other productive activities. It also allows students to choose new topics they want to learn and skip the familiar ones.

Sometimes your parents need not drive you to any online classes after school. You can study and improve your skills at home at your convenience. In this case, parents will be carefree and also you are getting the required personalized guidance. You can slow down whenever you need more time for new concepts or take extra time for practice. You can listen to your lecture anytime and complete the task. It helps in planning study for the rest of the day. 

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#2 Benefit of Online Learning – Flexibility

We know that during school hours,  the timings are fixed and you have to study based on the schedule set for the day. As a student, you have many duties to balance. Here, online learning can play an important role in saving your time for other productive activities.  Since everything is available online, accessing study material and learning new things becomes very convenient. And also given preference to choose what time of day you want to learn.

As you know students need not be present only in the classroom for learning. They can make use of online learning with respect to place and time. You need not worry about your education if not able to go to class. Parents can help you in online learning so that there are better learning outcomes. Sometimes students who are slow in learning will take time to grasp the concept. This kind of learning will help such students where they can learn at their own pace.

Parents can help their children with completing their tasks. Online learning helps students to become more focused and attentive in meeting their targets. You can take the help of your teachers to embrace real situations through video, chats, communication and interaction for better learning outcomes. 

With online learning programs, parents can teach their kids anytime and anywhere. It helps students and parents with unlimited access to their school curriculum. Sometimes you need not wait for your teachers to take a lesson. Even parents can do that at home for better understanding in the classroom.  

#3 Benefit of Online Learning – Cost-Effective 

Online learning programs are very affordable. Students can save your parents money on travelling as you can conveniently do at home. It only requires an internet connection and devices like laptops, computers or tablets. Parents are also relieved from paying extra money for their travel and other expenses in offline coaching.

Online learning platforms are less economical compared to offline coaching classes. Students can engage more in learning than travelling. After school, you can take an online learning programme to improve your knowledge, skills and also in academics with respect to tests, assignments, projects, exams etc. Also, textbooks are available online at no cost.

#4 Benefit of Online Learning – Fun and easy

Nowadays school students are more interested in learning with fun activities. They are able to learn more effectively with online classes which have more interesting features, videos, images, documentaries etc. Due to advanced technology, everyone is aware of the digital world and its applications. Whenever you want to study or refer to any study material, online learning can be more effective.

#5 Benefit of Online Learning – Availability of Resources 

Online learning platforms have abundant study materials. You can watch multiple documentaries, videos, chapters and units for all the classes. You just need to type the content you are looking for in the search engine. You can extract information on any topic for learning.  Parents can help their children in case of any queries or doubts related to their curriculum at home. And also can approach your teachers for any doubts about the same.

These learning platforms h learn for their tests, practicals, assignments, projects and exams. We cannot compare traditional and online learning as both are good in their own way. Instead, you should focus on getting benefits from available learning sources.

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#6 Benefit of Online Learning – Personalized Guidance

We all know that students in schools are always familiar with the use of technology and browsing study materials for learning purposes. Along with that personal guidance is also very important for better learning outcomes. Parents can help them in identifying their weaknesses and strengths related to their learning. 

Sometimes you might not get enough attention required in the classroom. But with the help of online learning, this concern seems to be taken care of. Parents are the primary source of personal guidance to their children at home. It is important that parents provide personal attention to their performance during the learning process. Also, student-teacher interaction can help you develop problem-solving skills. 

#7 Benefit of Online Learning – Availability of Instructor

We know that students require a lot of support and guidance during their learning process. Parents can act as instructors at home by providing guidance to their children in learning. They can help them in connecting to teachers whenever they need any clarification and discussion. Teachers are always there to help if they are struggling with concepts or theories in their studies. 

There are multiple ways to communicate with your teacher through email, live chat and telephone. You can have an opportunity to get feedback or have  Q&A sessions with your teachers.

#8 Benefit of Online Learning – Group Communication 

Online learning is an important platform for discussion and interaction as well. You can have group discussions with your teachers and fellow classmates which enables you to clear any queries related to the subject. It offers a platform for you to connect with your teachers and friends via emails, chat rooms etc.  Also, communicate and interact with different regions or countries.

#9 Benefit of Online Learning – Accessibility 

To enhance your learning experience, accessibility is the most important factor in education. There are a lot of students who shy away from asking questions in the classroom. In such cases, online learning helps you to improve your questioning skills. Since everything is online, accessing study materials and submitting tasks is very convenient.

Sometimes it happens when you are not able to take down notes for a particular chapter for learning. With the help of online resources, you can access unlimited study materials. Parents can help them in downloading the study materials and planning their studies. All the lectures and required reading materials are accessible so that you can easily access them from the comfort of your home. You can review the course materials repeatedly. 

#10 Benefit of Online Learning – Quick Delivery of Lessons 

There should be immediate accessibility of reading materials for students. There are abundant resources available on online learning platforms. After school, you can have enough time to think and choose the subjects of your choice. It helps you to choose a variety of topics to improve your academic performance. In online classes, all the necessary study materials are available in the database. Students can access these resources anytime with just a click.

#11 Benefit of Online Learning – Less Impact on Environment 

Online learning platforms help students to skip going to school in need of an emergency. They can learn sitting at home with the complete guidance of parents and teachers. In such cases, there is less use of infrastructure, and travel and less impact on the environment. You can save gas and also vehicle maintenance.

#12 Benefit of Online Learning – Feedback and Assessment 

With the help of an online learning platform, students are able to get feedback on their performance. They can identify their mistakes and receive feedback based on their performance. It has feedback and assessment tools that can help you identify your weakness and strengths. Parents and teachers can track their progress.

With this platform teachers are able to create tests, quizzes, assignments and projects using preexisting question banks. It also helps to have an automated system for marking their tests and assignments which makes teachers’ jobs easy. Online learning provides the most advanced real-time assessment tools for student progress. You can take online quizzes and exams which have an immediate scoring system to let you know how well you performed on the test.

#13 Benefit of Online Learning – Improves retention quality 

Online learning enhances retention power among students. It explains concepts and theories in the form of videos, images, descriptions, documentaries, charts etc. so that you can remember them easily. It makes it easier for students with respect to equations, problem-solving, etc. Its ultimate goal is to retain information for a longer period of time. 

When students have the right to choose their own content learning becomes easy and effective. You can take as much as the time required to study and gain ideas from it. With the experience, you can choose any tools that are comfortable and convenient for you in the learning process. 

#14 Benefit of Online Learning – Technical Skills

Online learning is providing a platform for students to learn new tools that can enhance their learning experience. With reporting tools and analytics, you can automate the marking system, and digital tests to track the progress of your performance. With the help of such learning platforms, there are no geographical barriers. You can find resources from any part of the world.

Learning online skills are very important not just in schools but also in accessing information, communication, interaction, collaboration, etc. It can help you to develop new skills in computers and programs. For example, creating and sharing documents, and using videos and audio materials for assignments or projects.

#15 Benefit of Online Learning – Improves Self Discipline

Online learning enhances your learning abilities not only in academics but also in an overall improvement of individual personality. It enhances self-motivation, responsibility and time management skills along with learning. Parents give the utmost support during the learning process. With this, you will be forced to learn self-discipline by managing your time and tasks. It not only helps you in self-discipline but often translates to other areas of your life such as fitness, ethics, lifestyle and relationships with parents, friends, school and society.

Online learning

Online Learning – Need of Hour 

As students upgrade to higher classes in school, they need more freedom and attention for a better learning experience. They have a lot of pressure in scoring high ranks in exams. We all know that students always feel that they have to do better in exams, projects and assignments for scoring high marks. 

School students can become independent learners before they join some colleges. We should not hold them to taking online courses if at they want to improve their learning experience for better results and future prospects. There are times when students are stressed to complete their assignments or homework but are not able to access enough study material for their preparation. In such scenarios, online learning can be helpful and creates an impact on student learning.

The face of online learning programs has been changing over the years. Many parents are enrolling in online courses to help their children in their studies. They are preferring such platforms due to various reasons including flexibility, a safe learning environment, personalized guidance, convenience, and accessibility.

We all know the world is going through a pandemic due to COVID-19 and all the students across the country have gone remote. We must make use of the opportunity for the students to carry out online learning programs so that they do not skip their studies.  Parents need to take initiative to continue their education through online learning. With this, boredom will reduce and at the same time, their studies will not be affected. The above-mentioned benefits are very important for students for effective learning. Parents at home can focus on a few important areas such as –

  1. You can create a space for learning at home. Create a space that is silent, comfortable and peaceful and is used only for learning. Keep all the necessary items belonging to studies such as stationery, book, pen, laptop/computer with an internet connection, etc. 
  2. Planning a schedule for study is very important. Make sure you plan their routine so that there is an effective learning experience in the day. Also, give them sufficient breaks for relaxation and entertainment. 
  3. You can also initiate calling their friends and classmates for interaction and discussion about the studies so that they feel in a school environment. You can approach and connect teachers for effective communication related to concepts and theories.

It is time to make use of this opportunity to impart knowledge and skills with more advanced technology.

FAQs on Benefits of Online Learning

Here are some of the frequently asked questions (FAQs) on the Benefits of Online Learning:

Q.1: Is Online Learning Convenient for students?
Ans: Online learning is very convenient as learning and teaching can be done at home with the help of digital devices such as tablets or laptops. Moreover, online learning saves time and allows you to concentrate on other productive activities.

Q.2: How does Online learning help in enhancing communication skills?
Ans: Online learning helps to improve communication skills. Online learning is a significant platform that allows students to interact with teachers, fellow classmates, and friends. This in turn boosts their confidence and helps them to work on their communication skills.

Q.3: How does online learning improves retention quality?
Ans: Online learning enhances retention power among students. It explains concepts and theories in the form of videos, images, descriptions, documentaries, charts etc. so that you can remember them easily. Online learning helps you to retain information for a longer time.

Q.4: Is Online Learning affordable for students?
Ans: Online learning programs are very affordable. Students can save your parents money on travelling as you can conveniently do at home. It only requires an internet connection and devices like laptops, computers or tablets. Parents are also relieved from paying extra money for their travel and other expenses in offline coaching.

Q.5: Can students get proper feedback in Online classes?
Ans: With the help of an online learning platform, students are able to get feedback on their performance. They can identify their mistakes and receive feedback based on their performance. It has feedback and assessment tools that can help you identify your weakness and strengths.

We hope that this complete article on the ‘Benefits of Online Learning’ would have been useful for you. In case, you have some other ideas or need other suggestions, comment in the box below. We will like to cover it in our next article.

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