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Tripura Board Class 12 Exam Topics 2023


Your future is created by what you do today. But planning today is what most students fail to do. To ensure that today is planned properly, you must take the initiative to study a few topics every day until the entire syllabus is completed studying. 

With Tripura Board Class 12 topics explained very engagingly, Embibe gives you an excellent learning experience. You will be able to access practice questions, mock tests, and also notes for every chapter. Continue scrolling to learn all the 12th Tripura Board topics in detail.

12th Tripura Board Subject-wise Topics

Do you wish to score maximum marks in all the subjects of Tripura Board Class 12? With a strategic plan for each subject, achieving good grades is possible. Keep reading to access the subject-wise Tripura Board Class 12 topics at Embibe.

Tripura Board Class 12 Physics Topics

As a Class 12 student, critical and analytical thinking skills are important to excel in academics and life. Physics nurtures these skills and opens many opportunities for you in various domains. To make the best use of it, you can study all the Tripura Board Class 12 Physics topics below.

Chapter NumberChapter NameTopics
1.Electric Charges and FieldsElectric Charge
Conductors, Insulators and Semiconductors
Different Methods of Charging
2.Electrostatic Potential and CapacitanceCapacitors and Capacitance
Parallel and Spherical Plate Capacitor
Combination of Capacitors
3.Current ElectricityElectric Current
Electric Currents in Conductors
Ohm’s Law
Drift of Electrons and the Origin of Resistivity
4.Moving Charges and MagnetismMagnetic Force
Motion in a Magnetic Field
Motion in Combined Electric and Magnetic Fields
5.Magnetism and MatterThe Bar Magnet
Magnetism and Gauss’s Law
The Earth’s Magnetism
6.Electromagnetic InductionExperiments of Faraday and Henry
Magnetic Flux
7.Alternating CurrentAC Voltage Applied to a Resistor
Representation of AC Current and Voltage by Rotating Vectors-phasors
8.Electromagnetic WavesDisplacement Current
Maxwell’s Equations
9.Ray Optics and Optical InstrumentsBasic Terms in Ray Optics
Reflection at Plane and Spherical Surfaces
10.Wave OpticsHuygen’s Principle
Doppler Effect in Light
11.Dual Nature of Radiation and MatterElectron Emission
Photoelectric Effect
12.AtomsEarly Atomic Models
Alpha-particle Scattering and Rutherford’s Nuclear Model of Atom
13.NucleiAtomic Mass and Composition of Nucleus
Size of the Nucleus
14.Semiconductor Electronics: Materials, Devices and Simple CircuitsComparison of Vacuum Tubes and Semiconductors.
Energy Band Theory and Electrical Properties of Matter

Tripura Board Class 12 Chemistry Topics

Once the Chemistry topics are studied well and understood, you can easily score good marks in the exam. For an easy understanding of the concepts, you can refer to the chapter-wise topics below.

Chapter No.Chapter NameTopics
1.The Solid StateCharacteristics of Solids
Classification of Solids
2.SolutionsCharacteristics of a Solution
Types of Solutions
3.ElectrochemistryConductors and Non-conductors
Arrhenius Theory of Electrolytic Dissociation
4.Chemical KineticsTypes of Chemical Reactions
Rate of a Reaction
5.Surface ChemistryAdsorptionFreundlich’s Adsorption Isotherm
6.General Principles and Processes of Isolation of Metals (Metallurgy)Occurrence of Metals
Thermodynamic Principles of Metallurgy
7.The p-Block ElementsOccurrence of p-Block ElementsAtomic and Physical Properties of Group 15 Elements
8.The d- and f-Block ElementsPosition of d-Block and f-Block Elements in Periodic Table
Electronic Configuration of d-Block Elements
9.Coordination CompoundsWerner’s Theory of Coordination CompoundsImportant Terms Related to Coordination Compounds
10.Haloalkanes and HaloarenesClassification of Haloalkanes
Nomenclature of Haloalkanes
11.d- Block ElementsIntroduction to d- Block Elements
Electronic Configuration of d-Block Elements
12.The f- Block ElementsIntroduction to f- Block Elements
General Properties of Lanthanoids
13.Co-ordination CompoundsTypes of Salts, Important Terms Related to Coordination Compounds
14.Alcohols, Phenols and EthersNomenclature and Isomerism in Alcohols
Chemical Properties of Alcohols
15.Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic AcidsIntroduction to Aldehydes and Ketones
Preparation of Aldehydes and Ketones
16.AminesGeneral Introduction of Amines
Nomenclature of Amines
Glucose and Its Properties
18.PolymersPolymers and Polymerisation
Classification of Polymers
19.Chemistry in Everyday LifeApplications of Chemistry Chemicals in Medicine

Tripura Board Class 12 Biology Topics

Class 12 Biology topics have a significant impact in enhancing your knowledge. You can easily study all the topics if you study them from a general point of view. You can check all the Class 12 Biology topics below.

Chapter No.Chapter NameTopics
1.Reproduction in OrganismsIntroduction to Reproduction in Organisms
Asexual Reproduction
2.Sexual Reproduction in Flowering PlantsSteps in Sexual Reproduction
The Structure of the Flower
3.Human ReproductionIntroduction to Human Reproduction
Sexual Reproduction
4.Reproductive HealthIntroduction to Reproductive Health
Sexually Transmitted Diseases
5.Principles of Inheritance and VariationHeredity and Variation
Inheritance of One Gene
6.Molecular Basis of InheritanceStructure of Nucleic Acids
DNA Packaging
7.EvolutionOrigin of Life
Evolution of Life Forms
8.Human Health and DiseaseCommon Diseases in Humans
9.Strategies for Enhancement in Food ProductionAnimal Husbandry- Animal Farms and Animal Breeding
Plant Breeding and its Process
10.Microbes in Human WelfareMicrobes in Household Products
Microbes in Industrial Products
11.Biotechnology – Principles and ProcessesPrinciples of BiotechnologyTools of Recombinant DNA Technology
12.Biotechnology and Its ApplicationsBiotechnology in Agriculture
Biotechnology in Healthcare and Medicine
13.Organisms and PopulationsOrganism and its Environment
14.EcosystemEcosystem -Structure and Function
Productivity in Ecosystem
15.Biodiversity and ConservationBiodiversity
Conservation of Biodiversity

Tripura Board Class 12 Mathematics Topics

To practice Mathematics chapters easily, you must understand the step-wise solutions and solve as many problems as possible. All the Class 12 Mathematics topics are provided below.

Chapter No.Chapter NameImportant Topics
1.Relations and FunctionsTypes of Relations, Types of Functions
Composition of Functions
2.Inverse Trigonometric FunctionsBasic Concepts in Inverse Trigonometric Functions
Properties of Inverse Trigonometric Functions
3.MatricesBasic of Matrices
Types of Matrices
Operation on Matrices
Properties of Determinants
Area of Triangle
5.Continuity and DifferentiabilityContinuity, Differentiability
Derivatives of Composite and Implicit Functions
Logarithmic Differentiation
6.Application of DerivativesRate of Change of Quantities
Increasing and Decreasing Function
Maxima & Minima
7.IntegralsIntegration as an Inverse Process of Differentiation
Methods of Integration
8.Application of IntegralsArea Under Simple Curves
Area between Two Curves
9.Differential EquationsBasic of Differential Equation
General and Particular Solution of Differential Equations
10.Vector AlgebraBasic of VectorsAddition of Vectors
Scalar and Vector Product of Two Vectors
11.Three-Dimensional GeometryDirection Cosines and Direction Ratios of Line
Equation of a Line in 3D
Angle Bisectors of Plane
12.Linear ProgrammingMathematical Formulation of a Linear Programming Problem
Different Types of Linear Programming Problems
13.Probability Conditional Probability and Multiplication Theorem
Bayes Theorem
Bernoulli Trials and Binomial Theorem

FAQs on Tripura Board Class 12 Exam Topics 2023

Below we have mentioned some frequently asked questions for the Tripura Board Class 12 Exam Topics:

Q: Where can I find all the 12th Tripura Board topics for Mathematics?

Ans: You can find all the 12th Tripura Board Mathematics topics at Embibe.

Q: Does Embibe help me learn the ‘Molecular Basis of Inheritance’ topic of the 12th Tripura Board Biology?

Ans: Yes. At Embibe, you can learn in detail about the ‘Molecular Basis of Inheritance’ topic of the Tripura Board Class 12 Biology.

Q: Does Embibe provide study materials to learn all the topics of Tripura Board Class 12 Physics?

Ans: Yes. At Embibe, you will find the study material in the form of ebooks, practice sessions and mock tests to learn all the Physics topics of the Class 12 Tripura Board.

Q: What topics are included in the ‘Human Health and Disease’ chapter of Class 12 Biology of Tripura Board?

Ans: The ‘Human Health and Disease’ chapter of Class 12 Biology of Tripura Board consists of Common Diseases in Humans, Immunity, Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS), Cancer and Drug and Alcohol Abuse.

Q: How can I score good marks in the Chemistry subject of the 12th Tripura Board?

Ans: To score good marks in the Chemistry subject of the 12th Tripura Board, you must study all the chapters in detail, learn the answers to all the textbook questions, solve previous years’ papers and sample papers.

We hope this detailed article on the Tripura Board Class 12 Exam Topics 2023 helps you prepare for the exam in the best way possible. Should you have any queries regarding the same or anything related to the exam, please feel to contact us via the live chat box, which is accessible when signed in.

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