Telangana Board Class 10

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  • Written by aparna
  • Last Modified on 2-06-2023
  • Written by aparna
  • Last Modified on 2-06-2023

Telangana Board Class 10 Exam 2024

About Exam

Every year, the Telangana Directorate of Government Education organises the TS SSC exam for Class 10 students. Telangana Secondary School Certificate Exams (TS SSC) are held in Telugu, English, and Urdu. Students who pass the Telangana SSC test graduate to class 11. An estimated 12.15 lakh students take the Telangana SSC exams each year. 

Telangana is one of the states in India which is known for offering quality education to students and enriching them with values and knowledge. The state’s education system aims to improve students’ various skills at all levels. There are several state-board affiliated schools in Telangana and the schooling system is 10+2.

Telangana Board Class 10 Exam Summary 2024

The SSC (Class 10) public examinations are administered in the state by the BSE Telangana. Additionally, the board provides textbooks, exam dates, and more in addition to prescribing the syllabus. 

Telangana’s Board of Secondary Education (BSET) oversees secondary education in Telangana’s affiliated schools. The Telangana State Board of Secondary Education (TSBSE) is in charge of administering Telangana examinations from Class 1 to Class 10. The government schools in Telangana follow the pattern provided by the TSBSE.

Before we get into the details of Telangana Board Class 10, let us look at some of the important details of the same:

Board BSE Telangana
TSBSE Full Form Telangana State Board of Secondary Education
Established in June 2014
Type State Governmental Board of School Education
Headquarters at Hyderabad, Telangana, India
Location Chapel Road, Nampally, Hyderabad, Telangana, Pin code: 500 001
Official Language Telugu, English & Urdu
Director Shri. B. Sudhakar

Telangana Board Official Website Link

Telangana Board Class 10 Application Process 2024

Exam Pattern

The following is the method for submitting the TS SSC Registration Form:

  • Step 1: Go to, the official website of the TS SSC board.
  • Step 2: On the homepage, click “TS SSC Registration Form” link under the Quick Links section.
  • Step 3: A new window will open; fill in the required information and press the Submit button.
  • Step 4: Review TS SSC registration form on the screen, then click Download to save it for later use.

Note: Students are recommended to complete and submit the registration form with the assistance of their individual school’s faculty.

Details Required for TS SSC Registration Form

The following are the details that candidates must fill out on the registration form:

  • Candidate Name
  • Hall Ticket Number
  • Father’s Name
  • Mother’s Name
  • Gender
  • Date of Birth
  • Mobile Number
  • Aadhar Card Number
  • Birth District
  • Birth State
  • Annual Income of Parents
  • Caste Category
  • Special Reservation Category
  • Email ID
  • Bank Details
  • Payment Reference ID
  • Address
  • Photo of the Candidate
  • Signature

TS SSC Registration Form Guidelines

While filling out the TS SSC registration form 2022, the students and teachers of the school should follow the following guidelines:

  • Go to the TS SSC Board’s official website and choose the Online Application Form from the Quick Links area on the homepage.
  • The School in-charge school shall compulsorily provide the candidate’s data online, as well as OMR and ICR sheets.
  • The registration form must include the details of the regular candidate with vocational topics.
  • The headmaster must use separate sheets to enter the data of applicants for regular and vocational subjects in the OMR/ICR forms.
  • Click the Confirm button if all of the candidate’s information is correct.
  • The edit option will vanish when you click the confirm button.
  • Take two copies of all applicants from all streams, collect signatures from the concerned candidates, and affix the headmaster’s signature properly.
  • Please keep one copy for your office and submit the rest to the DGE office with the following information:
  • OMR/ICR sheets
  • Manual nominal rolls
  • Fee challan
  • Opening permission/ETRs for private/aided
  • Age condonation orders
  • PH certificates
  • A second language exemption certificate for out of state candidates
  • Fee exempted candidate’s list

Check details on TS SSC Admit Card 2022-23.

TS SSC Board Exam Registration Fee Details 2024

The TS SSC board announces the registration fee details and last date of submission every year along with the exam dates. Candidates are supposed to pay the fees within the TS SSC fee last date to avoid the late fee and/or cancellation of candidature. 

There are several other costs involved apart from registration fee such as permission fees, immigration fees, etc. The tentative specifics of the registration fee (as per previous years’ data) are given in the table below.

Application Form Fees in INR (tentative)
Application Form Fee INR 70/- ( For both Boys & Girls)
Registration Fee INR 200/- ( For both Boys & Girls)
Late Fee for Registration INR 275/- ( For both Boys & Girls)
Permission Fee INR 500/- ( For both Boys & Girls)
Late Permission Fee INR 250/- ( For both Boys & Girls)
Immigration Fee INR 150/- ( For both Boys & Girls)
Immigration Late Fee INR 250/- ( For both Boys & Girls)

Telangana Board Class 10 Exam Dates 2024

Below we have provided a tentative timetable for Telangana Board Class 10 exams:

Date Subject
March 2024 First Language paper (Group – A)
First Language paper 1 (Composite Course)
First Language paper 2 (Composite Course)
March 2024 Second Language
March 2024 Third Language (English)
March 2024 Mathematics
March 2024 General Science Paper (Physical Science)
General Science Paper (Biological Science)
March 2024 Social Studies
March 2024 OSSC Main Language Paper 1 (Sanskrit and Arabic)
March 2024 OSSC Main Language Paper 2 (Sanskrit and Arabic)
March 2024 SSC Vocational Courses (Theory)

Telangana Board Class 10 Syllabus 2024

Exam Syllabus

Exam Syllabus

Due to the Covid-19 epidemic, the Board has reduced the syllabus for the Class 10 exam by 30%. The Telangana SSC Board, also known as the Directorate of Government Examinations Telangana, has released the Class 10 Syllabus in PDF format.

Candidates must prepare for the board exams by following the syllabus, which covers all the topics subject-wise. There are three language papers and six non-language papers in the TS SSC syllabus, including Maths, Science, and Social Science.

TS SSC Mathematics Syllabus

Mathematics is an important subject and requires students to pay extra attention. To do so, students need to have good knowledge of the syllabus. Below we have provided the Telangana Board Class 10 Maths Syllabus for your reference:

Number System Real Numbers
Sets Sets and their Representations
Basic Operations on Sets
Algebra Polynomials
Quadratic Equations
Pair of Linear Equations in Two Variables
Mensuration Surface Areas and Volumes
Data Handling- Statistics
Mathematical Modelling
Trigonometry Trigonometry
Applications of Trigonometry
Coordinate Geometry Coordinate Geometry Lines (In two dimensions)
Geometry Similar Triangles
Secants to a Circle

TS SSC Science Syllabus

To score well in the TS SSC exams, students need to start their exam preparation by going through the syllabus. This will help to analyze the chapters and plan their studies accordingly. Below we have provided the TS SSC Science syllabus for your reference:

Unit Sub – Topics
Reflection of Light at a Curved Surface Normal to the Curved Surface
Spherical Mirrors, Convex and Concave Mirrors
The Formula for Spherical Mirrors – Sign Convention
Application of Reflection – Solar Cooker, Etc.
Chemical Equations and Reactions Some Daily Life Examples of Chemical Reactions.
Chemical Equations – Writing Chemical Equations, Skeletal Chemical Equations, Balancing Chemical Equations
Writing Symbols of Physical States, Heat Changes, Gas Evolved and the Precipitate Formed
Interpreting a Balanced Chemical Equation
Acids, Bases and Salts Chemical Properties of Acids & Bases
What Do Acids Have in Common? What Do Bases Have in Common?
Do Acids Produce Ions Only in an Aqueous Solution?
The Reaction of Acid, Base With Water
Strength of Acid or Base – PH Scale
Importance of PH in Everyday Life
Chemicals From Common Salt
Refraction of Light at Curved Surface Refraction of Light at a Curved Surface
Rules for Ray Diagram
Images Formed by the Lenses
Formula Derived for Thin Lenses
The Focal Length of the Lens Depends on the Surrounding Medium
Lens Maker Formula
Human Eye and Colourful World Least Distance of Distinct Vision, Angle of Vision
Structure of Human Eye – Focal Length of the Human Eye Lens, Accommodation
Common Accommodation Defects of Vision – Myopia, Hypermetropia, Presbyopia
Scattering of Light
Electric Current Electric Current
Potential Difference
How a Battery or a Cell Works
Ohm’s Law and Its Limitations, Resistance, Specific Resistance, Factors Influencing Resistance, Electric Shock
Electric Circuits
Electric Power
Safety Fuses
Structure of Atom Spectrum
Electromagnetic Spectrum
NL Rule, Energies of Electronic Energy Levels (N+L) Rule; Aufbau Principle, Pauli’s Principle, Hund’s Rule of Maximum Multiplicity, Stable Configurations
Bohr’s Model of a Hydrogen Atom and Its Limitations
Quantum Mechanical Model of an Atom
Electronic Configuration of Elements in Their Atoms
Chemical Bonding Chemical Bond Definition (Brief Explanation)
Electronic Theory of Valence by Lewis and Kossel
Ionic and Covalent Bonds: Examples With Lewis Dot Formulae
The Arrangement of Ions in Ionic Compounds
Factors Affecting the Formation of Cation and Anion
Shapes, Bond Lengths and Bond Energies in Molecules
Valence Shell Electron Pair Repulsion Theory
Valence Bond Theory
Properties of Ionic and Covalent Compounds
Electromagnetism Oersted Experiment
Magnetic Field – Field Lines
Magnetic Field Due to Currents
Magnetic Force on Moving Charge and Current-carrying Wire
Electric Motor
Electromagnetic Induction – Faraday’s Law (Including Magnetic Flux) – Lenz Law
Generators and Alternating – Direct Currents
Principles of Metallurgy The Occurrence of Metals in Nature
Extraction of Metals From the Ores – Activity Series and Related Metallurgy, Flow Chart of Steps Involved in the Extraction of Metals From Ore.
Corrosion – Prevention of Corrosion
Important Processes Used in Metallurgy
Carbon and Its Compounds Introduction of Carbon Compounds
Promotion of an Electron – Bonding in Carbon Including Hybridization
Bonding of Carbon With Other Elements
Homologous Series
Nomenclature of Carbon Compounds
Chemical Properties of Carbon Compounds
Important Carbon Compounds
Esterification Reactions
Soaps – Saponification, Micelles
Classification of Elements – The Periodic Table Need for the Arrangement of Elements in an Organized Manner
Doberieners Triads – Limitations
Newland’s Law of Octaves
Mendeleev’s Periodic Table (Periodic Law, Achievements & Limitations)
Modern Periodic Table
Nutrition Life Process- Introduction
Nutrition in Organisms
Digestion in Human Beings
Healthy Points About the Oesophagus
Respiration The Discovery of Gases Involved in Respiration
Respiratory System in Human Being
Cellular Respiration
Respiration – Combustion
Evolution of Gaseous Exchange
Plant Respiration
Transportation The Internal Structure of Heart
Cardiac Cycle
Lymphatic System
Evolution of the Transport System
Blood Pressure
Blood Clotting
Transportation in Plants
Excretion Excretory System
Structure of Nephron
Formation of Urine
Dialysis – Artificial Kidney
Accessory Excretory Organs in Human Being (Lungs, Skin, Liver Large Intestine)
Excretion in Other Organisms
Excretion in Plants
Excretion in Human Beings
Excretion, Secretion
Reproduction Growth of Bacteria in Milk
Asexual Reproduction
Sexual Reproduction
Sexual Reproduction in Plants
Cell Division – Cell Cycle
Reproductive Health – HIV/ AIDS
Coordination in Life Processes Hunger
The Relation Between Taste and Smell
Mouth – A Mastication Machine
Passage of Food Through the Oesophagus
Stomach Is Mixer
Heredity New Characters – Variation
Experiments Conducted by Mendal (f1 Generation, f2 Generation), Mendel’s Laws
Parents to Offsprings
Origin of Species
Evolution – Evidence
Human Evolution
Our Environment Ecosystem – Food Chain
Human Activities – Their Effect on the Ecosystem
Biological Pest Control Measures
Natural Resources Case Study – Agricultural Land (Past and Present)
Water Management
Water Resources in the Telugu States
Fossil Fuels
Conservation, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Recover
Control & Coordination Stimulus and Response
Integrated System – Nerves Coordination
Nerve Cell Structure
Pathways From Stimulus to Response
Reflex Arc
Central Nervous System
Peripheral Nervous System
Coordination Without Nerves
Autonomous Nervous System
Coordination in Plants – Phytohormones

TS SSC English Syllabus

Students are advised to start their exam preparation by going through the English syllabus. This will provide them with a better understanding of the chapters and help them to have a good exam preparation. Below we have provided Telangana Board Class 10 English syllabus for your reference:

Personality Development Attitude Is Altitude Biography
Every Success Story Is Also Narrative a Story of Great Failures Essay
I Will Do It Biography
Human Relations The Journey Narrative
Another Woman Poem
The Never-Never Nest Play
Film and Theatre Rendezvous With Ray Essay
Maya Bazaar Review
A Tribute Essay
Wit and Humor The Dear Departed (Part-I) Play
The Dear Departed (Part-II) Play
The Brave Potter Folk Tale

TS SSC Social Science Syllabus

For the Social Science exam, there will be two papers. The first paper covers History and Civics, while the second paper covers Geography and Economics.

India: Relief
Geological Background
Major Relief Divisions- The Himalayas, the Indo- Gangetic Plain, the Islands, Etc.
Ideas On
Income and Other Goals
How To Compare Different Countries or States
Public Facilities
Human Development Report – India and Its Neighbours for 2015 Data.
Development as Progress Over Time
Production and Employment Sectors of Economy
Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
Changes in the Importance of Sectors: Value of Goods and Services Produced and Employment of People.
Employment – The Working Life in India
How To Create More and Better Conditions of Employment
The Climate in the Indian Context Climate and Weather
Climograph – India
Factors Influencing Climate and Weather
Advancing & Retreating Monsoon
Indian Rivers and Water Resources The Himalayan Rivers: The Indus & the Brahmaputra System
The Peninsular Rivers
Water Use
Inflows and Outflows
Rational and Equitable Use of Water – A Case Study or Hivre Bazar of Maharashtra
The Population A Survey in Our Own Area (Population)
What Does the Census Show?
Age Structure
Sex Ratio
Literacy Rates
Life Expectancy
Population Growth and Processes of Population Change
Settlement and Migration What Is a Settlement?
Urbanisation in India
Indian Settlements in the Hierarchy
Aerotropolis – Jet – Age City
Measure and Classify Migration Patterns
Migration in India (Census 2001, 2011)
Rural-urban Migration
Seasonal and Temporary Migration
International Migration
Rampur: Village Economy The Story of Rampur Village
Land and Other Natural Resources
The Story of Rampur Village
Farming in Rampur
Land and Other Natural Resources
Globalisation Production Across Countries
Interlinking Production Across Countries
Foreign Trade and Integration of Market
What Is Globalization
The Liberalization of Foreign and Foreign Investment Policy
Institutions of Global Governance
World Trade Organization (WTO)
Impact of Globalization in India
Small Producers?
The Struggle for a Fair Globalization
Food Security Food Security for the Country
Increasing Food Grain Production
Availability of Foodgrains
Other Food Items
Access to Food
Public Distribution System(PDS)
Nutrition Status

Telangana Board Class 10 Exam Blueprint 2024

Study Plan to Maximise Score

Preparation Tips

Below we have provided the subject-wise blueprint for TS SSC 2024:

Subject Total Marks Theory Marks Marks for Internal Assessment
First Language
100 80 20
Second Language
100 80 20
Third Language
100 80 20
Biological Science 50 40 10
Physical Science 50 40 10
History and Civics 50 40 10
Geography and Economics 50 40 10
Mathematics (Paper 1) 50 40 10
Mathematics (Paper 2) 50 40 10

Telangana Board Class 10 Study Plan to Maximise Score

Exam counselling

To pass with good marks in Class 10 annual examination, a complete and well-planned study strategy is a must. Students should make a list of important points to remember when studying, and use flowcharts and diagrams to understand the concepts thoroughly. While planning, students must take their weak and strong areas into consideration.

TS SSC Board Exam Preparation Tips

Below we have provided Telangana Board Class 10 preparation tips for your reference: 

  • Each candidate’s comfort zone is determined by them. Hence. it is important to establish a study place and a regular study period and keep to it. A study setting that is peaceful, comfortable, and distraction-is essential for learning effectively.
  • Make it a habit to study every day. Learning something new every day makes it easier to grasp concepts. It also aids in reducing the stress that could happen due to the last-minute cramming of concepts.
  • Increase the amount of time you spend studying during examinations based on your learning style. Everyone has their own way of learning. Visual learners learn by looking, whereas acoustic learners learn by listening. Hence, it is imperative that the candidates find their learning style and learn based on that. 
  • All candidates who want to get high grades should review and revise the concepts learnt at least once a week. Each candidate can improve their understanding of all ideas/concepts by revising often.
  • If you’re stuck with something, don’t be afraid to ask for assistance. Discuss any questions you have with your guides and professors. It is always suggested to ask for help when needed to clear any doubts. 

TS SSC Detailed Study Plan

Mathematics and Science are the two most essential subjects in today’s world. The basic themes of these subjects regulate everything in the environment. Students are given sample problems and multiple sorts of issues under each subtopic in the Mathematics textbook, thereby covering all conceivable forms of questions. It encourages students to solve problems and think critically. 

In addition to benefiting students, textbooks assist teachers to organise their lessons properly. Teachers can use Telangana Board SSC textbooks to present various issues in a systematic and structured manner without consulting additional sources.

The Telangana Board of Secondary Education (BSE) appoints subject area experts to create Science textbooks. These textbooks are updated regularly after updates from the state’s research and development team, allowing students to stay up-to-date. 

It covers a variety of essential topics such as chemical processes, atomic structure, the human eye, nutrition, and heredity, among others. These Telangana Board 10th Class books include activities and intriguing experiments that focus on science’s practical side, which is critical for a subject like Science. 

The board also incorporates the application of theoretical knowledge to practical elements into these textbooks, making studying challenging at the same time enjoyable.

How to Read from a Textbook Efficiently?

  • Sections of a chapter should be written according to the syllabus.
  • Learn things in chunks or sections.
  • It’s helpful to highlight essential ideas and keywords to remember during a last-minute study session.
  • At the end of each chapter, look for a summary of important points.
  • After studying a chapter, answer the practice questions.
  • Make a list of questions with highlighted important topics as responses.
  • Solve similar issues with various data/numbers and scenarios (in case of Mathematics)
  • If the chapter is long, don’t try to finish it all at once. Less is more when it comes to studying.
  • Start again and revise.

Read more about TS SSC Time Table 2022-23.

Telangana Board Class 10 Results 2024

Exam talks

Telangana Board will release Class 10 results in July 2024 tentatively. Telangana Board Class 10 results are announced on the official website. We will update the class 10 results here once it is updated on the official website. The below-given details are mentioned on the Telangana Board Class 10 results:

  • Name of the student
  • Roll Number
  • District Name
  • Name of Subjects
  • Marks Obtained in each subject
  • Subject-wise Grades
  • Qualifying Status

Read more about TS SSC Result 2022-23.

Telangana Board Class 10 Topper’s List

About Exam

TSBIE, Hyderabad will release the Telangana Board Class 12 Toppers list 2024 after declaring the result. Telangana Board has not released the topper’s list since 2020.

Telangana Board Class 10 Supplementary Exams 2024

About Exam

Students who will not be able to pass the Telangana Board Class 10 exam in one go will be given a chance to appear for the supplementary exams. The TS Class 10 supplementary exams will be conducted in September 2024 tentatively. The TS Class 10 exam dates will be updated here once the official website releases the exam dates.

FAQs on Telangana Board Class 10

Eligibility Criteria

Given below are some of the frequently asked questions on Telangana Board Class 10:

Q. Where can I download Telangana SSC Syllabus from?
Ans: Students may get the TS SSC Board Curriculum on the Telangana Board’s official website –

Q. What is the difficulty level of questions asked in Telangana SSC exam?
Ans: The Telangana SSC exam has questions ranging from easy to intermediate levels of difficulty.

Q. What is the passing mark for TS SSC exam?
Ans: To pass the TS SSC exam, students must receive a minimum of 35% in each subject.

Q. Where can I check OSSC and vocational course timetable?
Ans: The TS Board will release the timetable for OSSC and vocational courses and the timetable for the Telangana state SSC examinations in January 2022.

Q. Is there any other mode to get TS SSC timetable 2024 Telangana?
Ans: Students can get the TS SSC 2024 timetable from their institutions as and when it is announced. However, students from private institutions can only get the timetable from the Internet.

List of Educational Institutions for Telangana Board Class 10

Freaquently Asked Questions

We have provided the list of educational institutions in the state of Telangana along with the board and the location. Students can go through the list to decide which school is the best for them. For further details, refer to the table below.

List of Schools Board Location
Zilla Parishad High School, Kukatpally, Telangana Government Kukatpally, Telangana
Government High School Raj Bhavan, Somajiguda, Telangana Government Somajiguda, Telangana
Government High School, Vijaya Nagar Colony, Telangana Government Vijaya Nagar Colony, Telangana
Government High School, Zamistanpur, Telangana Government Zamistanpur, Telangana
Government High School, Toli Chowki, Telangana Government Toli Chowki, Telangana
Government High School, Brahmanwadi, Telangana Government Brahmanwadi, Telangana
Government Girls Primary School, Secunderabad, Telangana Government Secunderabad, Telangana
Government Nehru Memorial High School, Malakpet Colony, Telangana Government Malakpet Colony, Telangana
Government High School, Somajiguda, Telangana Government Somajiguda, Telangana
Nanakramguda Government School, NanakramGuda, Hyderabad, Telangana Government NanakramGuda, Telangana
Government Boys Primary School Bolakpur Government Bholakpur, Telangana
Government School, Vemulawada, Telangana Government Vemulawada, Telangana

Future Exams After Telangana Board Class 10

About Exam

In today’s competitive climate, exams are one way to bring out students’ knowledge, interests, capacity, and potential. Students must pass a school-wide test to move to the following grade. 

There are a number of national and international competitive tests held each year in addition to this school-level exam. These examinations increase students’ confidence and passion for their classes.

  1. National Talent Search Examination or NTSE

It is one of the most well-known national competitive examinations for school students and a scholarship programme. The actual objective of NTSE is to find those who have exceptional intellectual potential and academic ability. Full-year financial support is offered to students who pass this two-tiered scholarship test.

Subjects: Science, Mathematics, Social Science, Mental Ability and General Awareness

Conducting Body: National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) 

  1. National Level Science Talent Search Exam for NLSTSE

This diagnostic exam detects talented children in grades 2 through 12. What distinguishes these tests from others? They present fascinating problems that need critical thought rather than mechanical memorisation, as is the case with traditional techniques. NSTSE provides a detailed skill-by-skill evaluation, emphasising students’ strengths and weaknesses.

Subjects: Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, General Questions

Conducting Body: Unified Council

  1. Indian National Olympiad (INO)

Olympiads are a five-stage process that the Indian government funds financially. The first step of the Indian National Olympiad is the NSE (National Standard Examination), held for each topic and entirely controlled and administered by the Indian Association of Physics Teachers (IAPT). On the other hand, the remaining four stages are under the control of HBCSE.

The five stages are:

  • Stage I: National Standard Examination (NSE)
  • Stage II: Indian National Olympiad
  • Stage III: Orientation cum Selection Camp (OCSC)
  • Stage IV: Pre-departure Training Camp (PDT)
  • Stage V: Participation in International Olympiad

Subjects: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Astronomy and Junior Science

Conducting Body: Jointly conducted by Indian Association of Physics Teachers (IAPT) & Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education (HBCSE)

  1. Science Olympiad Foundation

This non-profit organisation, which was created by well-known academics, scientists, and journalists, organises a competitive test for students in Classes I through XII. The foundation administers several examinations in areas such as computer technology (National Cyber Olympiad), Math (International Maths Olympiad), Science (National Science Olympiad), and English (National English Olympiad) (International English Olympiad).

Subjects: Science, Mathematics, Computer Education, English, Sports and Professional Courses

Conducting Body: Science Olympiad Foundation

  1. GeoGenius

Isn’t it odd that many students struggle to locate India on a global map? As a result, GeoGenius has embarked on a mission to stimulate student interest in geography while increasing public awareness of the topic. Students in classes II through XII are eligible to take these examinations. However, the Geography Olympiad does not qualify you to compete in the International Geography Olympiad, which is organised separately.

  1. Kishore Vigyan Protsahan Yojana or KVPY

For students in grades XI and XII, the Department of Science and Technology administers a nationwide competitive test in Basic Sciences. The selected applicants will be eligible for admission to the five-year integrated MS programme at the Indian Institute for Science Education and Research. The program’s objective is to identify students with a natural aptitude for research.’

Conducted Body (funded by): Department of Science and Technology of the Government of India

  1. Silverzone Olympiads

The Silverzone Foundation is a non-profit organisation committed to increasing academic awareness among Indian and international schoolchildren. It is offered in various disciplines for students in Classes I through XII and ensures that they excel professionally and socially. These assessments also encourage problem-solving and creative thinking.

Subjects: Computer, Mathematics, Science and English Language

Conducted by: Silverzone Foundation.

  1. National Interactive Maths Olympiad or NIMO

This national-level test is for Classes V through XII students, intending to remove pupils’ arithmetic fears. It evaluates their cognitive and numerical ability. NIMO makes math more entertaining by including interactive activities such as interactive Olympiads, workshops, and lectures.

Subjects: Math

Conducting Body: Eduheal Foundation

  1. National Biotechnology Olympiad or NBO

This test is accessible to students in Classes I through XII from all subjects and consists of 50 questions for 50 points. In addition to its annual e-newspapers, schools have hailed it as Biotechnology Activity Books & WorkBooks. Its goal is to encourage young people to learn more about biotechnology issues and increase awareness among them.

Subjects: Math

Conducting Body: Eduheal foundation

  1. Asset (Assessment of Scholastic Skills Through Educational Testing)

It’s a skill-based assessment exam that was developed scientifically to eliminate the concept of rote learning. It measures how well students have mastered the underlying school content and is designed for students in Classes III through X. These exams are based on the CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, and major state boards’ curriculum.

Subjects: English, Mathematics and Science (Social Studies and Hindi – Optional)

Conducting Body: Educational Initiatives Pvt. Ltd.

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