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  • Written by gnanambigai
  • Last Modified on 3-10-2022
  • Written by gnanambigai
  • Last Modified on 3-10-2022

Uttar Pradesh Board Class 11

About Exam

Exam Brief

The Uttar Pradesh Madhyamik Shiksha Parishad (UPMSP) is a UP government-administered educational authority responsible for conducting secondary and higher secondary exams. Usually, the exams are held in March or April. In essence, the UPMSP aims to instill critical thinking, open-mindedness, and flexibility in student learning. 

As a result, the Board provides students with high-quality education and skills. UPMSP prepares the curriculum and syllabus for Class 11 students and is also in charge of conducting the Class 11 exam. Read on to find out more about the UPMSP Class 11 exam.

Uttar Pradesh Government has decided to hold remedial classes for the subjects Hindi, English, Science, and Mathematics for the students of classes 9 to 12. The classes will be conducted from October 2022 to January 15, 2023. The initiative has been launched to find out the reasons behind the low academic performance among government school students. The UP Education Department has identified 3,47,729 students from classes 11 and 12 for these classes.

  • Students are selected based multiple absences of students, having poor memory skills, slow learning ability, lack of confidence in their skills, absence of a faculty for an extended period or any personal reasons.
  • The students will be assessed for three days to ensure desired results. The first assessment will be held by October 10, 2022, to test each student's foundation in the concepts. The second evaluation will be conducted from November 5 to 12, 2022, and the third from December 27, 2022, to January 15, 2023.
  • The schools will conduct a quiz after each chapter to know the students' understanding of the topics.
  • The parents of these students will be regularly informed about their children's progress.
  • If a school lacks faculty for any required subject, special arrangements will be made through district inspectors of schools or the Basic Shiksha Adhikari from the nearest aided, unaided or pre-secondary school.
  • The principals of these government schools are asked to reduce five minutes from each class to accumulate an extra 40 minutes for the daily remedial classes.
  • These classes are created for academically weak students; but other students can also participate in the classes.

Exam Summary

UP Class 11 exam is conducted offline (pen-and-paper) in all UP board affiliated schools. There are three main streams in the UP Board 11th exam:

(i) Science
(ii) Arts
(iii) Commerce

The Class 11 examination is conducted for 100 marks for each subject, including 30 marks for practicals and 70 marks for theory. All students must get the required minimum passing score of 33. Here is an overview of the exam:

Exam name Uttar Pradesh Board 11th examination
Level of Exam State-level
Regulatory Body Uttar Pradesh Madhyamik Shiksha Parishad (UPMSP)
Exam conducting authority Schools Affiliated to Uttar Pradesh Madhyamik Shiksha Parishad (UPMSP)
Availability of exam timetable January 2022
UP Board 11th exams February/March 2022 (tentative)
Frequency of exams Once a year
Exam Duration 3 hours and 15 minutes
Official website upmsp.edu.in


Official Website Link


Exam Pattern

Exam Pattern

Exam pattern details - Scoring pattern (+/- Marking)

Because of the disruption of study caused due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the UPMSP has changed the exam pattern for Classes 11 and 12. The overall syllabus is reduced by up to 30% to ease the burden of study on students. The new exam pattern for the science stream are as follows:

Subjects Exam Pattern Types of Questions
Biology Theory Paper- 70 Marks
Practical Paper- 30 Marks
MCQ, Short & Long Answer Type Questions
Physics Theory Paper- 70 Marks
Practical Paper- 30 Marks
MCQ, Short & Long Answer Type Questions
Chemistry Theory Paper- 70 Marks
Practical Paper- 30 Marks
MCQ, Short & Long Answer Type Questions
Mathematics Theory Paper- 100 Marks MCQ, Short and Long Answer Type Questions
Hindi Theory Paper- 100 Marks Part-I (50 Marks) Questions from Poetry, Prose, and Passage
Part-II (50 Marks) Sanskrit Grammar and Translation
MCQ, Short and Long Answer Type Questions
English Theory Paper- 100 Marks Section-A (50 Marks) Prose, Poetry, Play, Short Stories, Figure of Speech
Section-B (50 Marks) Translation, Vocabulary, General English
MCQ, Short and Long Answer Type Questions

Exam pattern details - Total time

Since class 11 exams are internal, the time table for the exams is decided by the schools and not by the board. The students should reach out to their schools for details on their time tables and datesheets.

Exam Syllabus

Exam Syllabus

Exam Syllabus

UPMSP board has reduced the syllabus for Class 11 for the 2021-22 session. Students are advised to check the latest syllabus for UP Board to ensure that they do not miss any topics that will be covered in the exam. Check the latest reduced syllabus for all subjects in the table below:

Hindi Download
English Download
History Download
Geography Download
Civics Download
Maths Download
Economics Download
Sociology Download
Computer Download
Physics Download
Chemistry Download
Biology Download
Accountancy Download
Business Studies Download

Study Plan to Maximise Score

Study Plan to Maximise Score

Preparation Tips

Here are some of the best tips for the UP Board 11th Class examination:

1. Study thoroughly and with efficiency

  • You need to have a comprehensive study plan and serious preparation to pass the exam with flying colours. You should study all the subjects equally and sincerely. If you are a science student, devote your attention and effort to all of the important subjects, which include physics, chemistry, biology, and mathematics. If you come across a topic or question that appears difficult, don't lose faith and continue your study.
  • The key to mastering mathematical concepts and equations is consistent and honest practice. Make it a habit to solve mathematical problems on a regular basis and learn strategies and shortcuts to make the process go faster. Remember that repetition and revision are the keys to success.
  • Because the UP Board Syllabus is the same as NCERT, referring to NCERT texts would be highly useful for the 11th exam. Learn all of the essentials from these NCERT Books, then make notes on what you've learned.

2. Honest and consistent preparation: Board exams assess the knowledge and understanding of all concepts from various subjects. It requires consistent and sincere effort from students. As a result, it is recommended that all candidates be truthful with themselves. Passing the UP Class 11 examinations is not tough; you can simply clear it if you study for the exam on a daily basis. Be optimistic in your approach and study with confidence. Thorough preparation is important, especially if you want to score 90 or higher in the exam. Don't skip a single day of study. Make it a habit to study every day.

Exam Taking Strategy

Exam prep isn't the only way to get the desired outcomes. It is equally crucial to maintain your composure and confidence while tackling the questions paper in the exam hall. The following are some key points to remember while taking the exam:

  • Spending too much time on a single question is counterproductive. All of the questions should be given equal attention. All your efforts will be wasted if you spend a lot of time on one question and the answer you give turns out to be incorrect.
  • The best approach is to begin with questions that are easier and for which you are sure of the answers. Then, later on, go on to the more difficult ones. This will not only save you time but will also boost your confidence when answering the questions.
  • Don't write answers in a hurry. First and foremost, frame your answers in your head and write them down cautiously. You will avoid the penalty of giving incorrect answers this way.
  • Don't rely on guesswork when answering MCQ questions. First, try to answer the question, and if you are successful, provide the proper answer. Because there is no penalty for marking incorrect answers, if you are unsure about a question but are confident enough, you can guess.
  • If you have the time, go over all of the questions again and make sure your answers are correct.

Detailed Study plan

If you have the correct books and study tools, you will be able to pass the board exams with flying colours. To acquire high scores on this exam, you will need to work hard and consistently. You will not be able to reach your objective if you merely study the UP Board 11th study material, which is not the only thing you need to prepare for the exam. You'll also need a well-thought-out and planned study strategy. Create a complete routine and stick to it on a regular basis.

Maintain a sensible and strict timetable. You should not rely on cramming. After you've mastered all the concepts, you can go on to more thorough planning. You can give your best shot at UP 11th board exam preparation by sticking to a well-defined study plan with honest and consistent efforts.

Recommended Chapters

In the table below, you can find the best books for the preparation of the Mathematics subject along with the author's name for the exam.

Book Name Author
Mathematics Textbook for Class XI Part 1 NCERT
Mathematics Part I Textbook for Class XI NCERT

Chapters in Mathematics:

(i) Sets
(ii) Relations and Functions
(iii) Trigonometric Functions
(iv) Mathematical Induction
(v) Complex Numbers and Quadratic Equations
(vi) Linear Inequalities
(vii) Permutation and Combination
(viii) Binomial Theorem
(ix) Sequences and Series
(x) Straight Lines
(xi) Conic Sections
(xii) Introduction to Three Dimensional Geometry
(xiii) Limits and Derivatives
(xiv) Mathematical Reasoning
(xv) Statistics
(xvi) Probability
(xvii) Properties of Triangles


In the table below, you can find the best books for the preparation of the Biology subject along with the author's name for the exam. 

Book Name Author
Biology Textbook for Class XI NCERT
NCERT Exemplar Biology - Class 11 NCERT

Chapters in Biology:

(i) The Living World 
(ii) Biological Classification
(iii) Plant Kingdom
(iv) Animal Kingdom
(v) Morphology of Flowering Plants
(vi) Anatomy of Flowering Plants
(vii) Structural Organisation in Animals
(viii) Cell: The Unit of Life
(ix) Biomolecules
(x) Cell Cycle and Cell Division
(xi) Transport in Plants
(xii) Mineral Nutrition
(xiii) Photosynthesis in High Plants
(xiv) Respiration in Plants
(xv) Plant Growth and Development
(xvi) Digestion and Absorption
(xvii) Breathing and Exchange of Gases
(xviii) Body Fluids and Circulation
(xix) Excretory Products and Their Elimination
(xx) Locomotion and Movement
(xxi) Neural Control and Coordination
(xxii) Chemical Coordination and Integration


In the table below, you can find the best books for the preparation of the Chemistry subject along with the author's name for the exam. 

Book Name Author
Chemistry Part 1 Textbook for Class 12 NCERT
Chemistry Part 2 Textbook for Class 12 NCERT
NCERT Exemplar Chemistry - Class 12 NCERT
Pradeep's New Course Chemistry Vol. II Dr. S.N. Dhawan, Dr. S.C.Kheterpal, P.N.Kapil

Chapters in Chemistry:

(i) Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry
(ii) Structure of Atom
(iii) Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties
(iv) Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure
(v) States of Matter
(vi) Thermodynamics
(vii) Equilibrium
(viii) Redox Reactions
(ix) Hydrogen
(x) The s-Block Elements
(xi) The p-Block Elements
(xii) Organic Chemistry: Some Basic Principles and Technologies
(xiii) Hydrocarbons
(xiv) Environmental Chemistry


In the table below, you can find the best books for the preparation of the Physics subject along with the author's name for the exam. 

Book Name Author
Physics Part 1 Textbook for Class XII NCERT
Super Refresher Physics 11 Ashok Sharma

Chapters in Physics:

(i) Physical World
(ii) Units and Measurements
(iii) Motion in a Straight Line
(iv) Motion in a Plane
(v) Laws of Motion
(vi) Work, Energy and Power
(vii) Systems of Particles and Rotational Motion
(viii) Gravitation
(ix) Mechanical Properties of Solids
(x) Mechanical Properties of Fluids
(xi) Thermal Properties of Matter
(xii) Thermodynamics
(xiii) Kinetic Theory
(xiv) Oscillation
(xv) Waves

Important Dates

About Exam

Application Form Filling - Start & End Date

To Be Announced

Admit Card Date

February/March 2023

Application Process

About Exam

Application Process

All the students who want to appear for the 12th board exams must register when they are in Class 11. The registration form is accessible in both online and offline modes. You are a regular candidate, contact your school authorities to get the registration form. All the details will be provided on how to register and fill the registration form.

If you are an independent (individual) student, contact the UPMSP board for the process of registration and application form fill up. Check the table below to get the tentative registration dates:

Uttar Pradesh Board 11th Application Form 2022-23

Online UP 11th Registration starting date

August 2022

Online UP 11th Registration closing date

September 2022

Online Document Uploading Date

Last week of September

Document verification date

Last week of September

UP Board student's Name list



Steps to Fill the UP Board 11th Registration Form

Follow the steps below to fill your registration form:

Step 1: Visit the official website of UP Board: upmsp.edu.in to fill the UP Board 11th registration.

Step 2: Click on the link that says "Fill registration form". You can find that option in the middle of the official page.

Step 3: When you click on that link, you will get all the instructions in PDF format. You will get all the steps on how to register and fill in the application form.

Step 4: Go through all the guidelines carefully so that there are no mistakes while filling the registration form.

Step 5: After you have read all the instructions, click on the "New Registration" option.

Step 6: Fill in the registration form carefully with all the details.

Step 7: After that, click on the Submit button.

Step 8: Before you submit the form, double-check the uploaded photograph and signature and confirm they are correct.

Step 9: Next, you will have to pay the application fee. Submit the required fee with Debit/Credit Card/Net Banking.

Step 10: Take a printout of the registration form for future reference.

Documents Needed to Fill in the UP Board Class 11 Registration Form

When filling the registration form, you must upload some papers. Scan all the documents and submit them as requested.

  • A valid ID proof
  • Passport size photograph
  • Caste certificate
  • Last year qualification record
  • Birth certificate
  • UP Board registration form

Class 11 Registration Form Correction

If you have submitted some wrong data in the registration form for UP Board Class 11, immediately contact your school authorities. They will contact the board and get your details corrected. If you are an independent (distance-course) candidate, you can contact the UPMSP board directly and request them to correct the details. The contact details for the board are provided below:

UPMSP Head Office Address

Head Office – 9, Sarojni Naidu Marg, Prayagraj Uttar Pradesh, PIN- 211001

Director of Education (Madhyamik) and Chairman

18, Park Road, Camp Office Lucknow

Phone No.- 0522-2239006 (Office)

E-mail ID- [email protected]


Phone No.- 0532-2622767 (Office)

E-mail ID- [email protected]

Additional Secretary (Administration)

Phone / Fax No.- 0532-2623182 (Office)

Senior Finance Account Officer

Phone / Fax No.- 0532-2623761 (Office)

Deputy Secretary (Administration)

Phone No.- 0532-2623139 (Office)



Freaquently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions related to the UP Board Class 11 examination:

Q1. What is the eligibility criteria for UP Board students to appear for the Class 11 examinations?
A. Students who have taken admission into Class 11 after clearing the Class 10 exam are eligible to appear for the Class 11 exam. Moreover, they must have the required attendance in the class.

Q2. What is the minimum passing mark for the UP Board 11th Class exam?
A. All students need to score at least 35% or 35 out of 100 marks to pass the UP Board 11th exam.

Q3. Where do I get the UP Board Model Paper 2021 Class 11 PDF Download link?
A. You can download the UP Board Class 11 model papers in PDF format on Embibe. We have provided the direct link to download the papers with one click.

Q4. What are some of the best preparation tips for UP Board Class 11?
A. All the preparation starts with the syllabus and the exam pattern. All UP Board Class 11 students can download the latest reduced syllabus from Embibe and learn all about the exam, including the types of questions offered, the marking scheme, and the number of questions asked. We provide comprehensive study materials and preparation plans that you can use to ace the exam.

Q5. Is the UP board Class 11 exam conducted online or offline?
A. UP Board 11th class exam is conducted offline (pen and paper mode) in schools. Students get home centres as they take the examination in their own schools.

Q6. How many centres are there in Uttar Pradesh for the UP Board Class 11 exam?
A. All the UP Board affiliated schools take the Class 11 examination internally on behalf of UPMSP. 

Q7. Are there mock tests and practice questions available for the UP board Class 12 exam?
A. Yes, you can take free practice questions and mock tests on Embibe. Our study materials are prepared by subject matter experts who have an in-depth knowledge of their subjects. Refer to the table below:

Class 11 Practice Questions Class 11 Mock Tests
JEE Main Mock Tests JEE Main Practice Questions
JEE Advanced Mock Tests JEE Advanced Practice Questions
NEET Mock Tests NEET Practice Questions

List of Educational Institutions

About Exam

List of Schools/Colleges

We have provided the complete list of schools in Uttar Pradesh for Class 11 with school name, school code, block name, and school management. Please check the list below:

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