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9th Uttar Pradesh Board Topics 2024


There is no shortcut to success. To have total preparation for Uttar Pradesh Board Class 9 exams, you need to have persistence, hard work and the right resources. Persistence is a habit, hard work is a choice but the availability of the right resources is rare. To help you get the right resources, Embibe has all that you are looking for. 

The first step to any exam preparation is to know and understand the topics, and for that, Embibe has everything you are looking for. On Embibe, you can get all the topics and topic-wise study materials for Uttar Pradesh Board Class 9. You can access these topics for and cover all the bases for your exam. Not just this, with Embibe’s live chat feature, all your doubts related to any topic will be answered within seconds. To know more about the Uttar Pradesh Class 9 topics, continue reading. 

Uttar Pradesh Board Class 9 Subject-wise Topics

Before starting any exam preparation, it is essential to know and understand all the topics. Having a thorough knowledge of the topics will help you analyze the course and plan your study routine accordingly. On Embibe, you can get all the topics and its 3D explainers that will give an interactive learning experience like never before. To know more about UP Board Class 9 topics, keep scrolling. 

UP Board Class 9 Maths Topics

Maths is an inseparable part of every person’s life. It helps to develop important life skills like logical reasoning and creative thinking. Therefore, it’s important for you to have a steady hand over maths. To help you with that, Embibe has listed all the topics of UP Board class 9 so that you don’t have to do the extra labour. Click on the links below and get started.  

S. No. Chapter NameTopics
1Number SystemBasic Number SystemsIrrational NumbersReal Numbers and their Decimal ExpansionsOperations on Real NumbersExponents and Surds
2PolynomialsPolynomials in One VariableZeros of a PolynomialRemainder TheoremFactorisation of PolynomialsAlgebraic Identities
3Linear Equations in Two VariablesLinear EquationsSolution of a Linear EquationGraph of a Linear Equation in Two VariablesEquations of Lines Parallel to x-axis and y-axis
4Coordinate GeometryIntroduction to Coordinate geometryCartesian SystemPlotting a Point in the Plane if its Coordinates are given
5Introduction to Euclid’s GeometryEuclid’s Definitions, Axioms and PostulatesEquivalent Versions of Euclid’s Fifth Postulate
6Lines and AnglesBasic Terms for Angles between LinesPairs of AnglesIntersecting Lines and Non-intersecting LinesParallel Lines and a TransversalLines Parallel to the same Line
7TrianglesCongruence of TrianglesCriteria for Congruence of TrianglesProperties of a TriangleRHS and SSS Criteria for CongruenceInequalities in a Triangle
8QuadrilateralsAngle Sum Property of a QuadrilateralTypes of QuadrilateralsProperties of a ParallelogramThe Mid-point Theorem
9Area of Parallelogram and TrianglesUnderstanding Area of Plane FiguresParallelograms on the Same Base and between the Same ParallelsTriangles on the Same Base and between the Same Parallels
10CirclesCircles and its Related TermsAngle Subtended by a Chord at a PointPerpendicular from the Centre to a ChordCircle through Three PointsEqual Chords and their Distances from the CentreAngle Subtended by an Arc of a CircleCyclic Quadrilaterals
11ConstructionsBasic ConstructionsConstructions of Triangles
12Heron’s FormulaArea of Triangle Using Base and HeightArea of a Triangle – by Heron’s FormulaArea of Quadrilateral Using Heron’s Formula
13Surface Areas and VolumesSurface Area of a Cuboid and a CubeSurface Area of a Right Circular CylinderSurface Area of a Right Circular ConeSurface Area of a SphereVolume of a CuboidVolume of a CylinderVolume of a Right Circular ConeVolume of a Sphere
14StatisticsCollection of DataPresentation of DataGraphical Representation of DataMeasures of Central Tendency
15ProbabilityProbability -an Experimental Approach

UP Board Class 9 Science Topics

Science is a crucial part of a student’s education. It encourages students to think outside of the box and perform well in the exams. To help ease things for you, Embibe has listed all the topics of UP Board Class 9 Science. You can refer to them when you are starting your preparation or during your revisions. Scroll down to access them.

S. No. Chapter NameTopics
1Matter in Our SurroundingsPhysical Nature of MatterCharacteristics of Particles of MatterStates of MatterInterconversion of MatterEvaporation
2Is Matter Around Us Pure?MixtureSolutionSuspensions and ColloidsSeparation of Components of a MixturePhysical and Chemical Changes
3Atoms and MoleculesLaws of Chemical CombinationAtomMoleculeIonsWriting of Chemical FormulaeMolecular Mass and Mole Concept
4Structure of the AtomCharged Particles in MatterThe Structure of an AtomDistribution of Electrons in Different Orbits(Shells)ValencyAtomic Number and Mass Number
5The Fundamental Unit of LifeIntroduction to a CellStructural Organisation of a Cell
6TissuesIntroduction to Tissue SystemsPlant TissuesAnimal Tissues
7Diversity in Living OrganismsBasis of Classification of Living OrganismsClassification and EvolutionThe Hierarchy of Classification GroupsKingdom PlantaeKingdom Animalia
8Why do we Fall Ill?Health and its FailureDiseases and its CausesInfectious Diseases
9Natural ResourcesIntroduction to Natural ResourcesThe Breath of Life: AirWater: A Wonder LiquidMineral Riches in the SoilBiogeochemical CyclesOzone Layer
10Improvement in Food ResourcesImprovement in Crop YieldAnimal Husbandry
11MotionDescribing MotionMeasuring the Rate of MotionRate of Change of VelocityGraphical Representation of MotionEquations of Motion by Graphical MethodUniform Circular Motion
12Force and Laws of MotionBalanced and Unbalanced ForcesFirst Law of MotionInertia and MassSecond Law of MotionThird Law of MotionConservation of Momentum
13GravitationIntroduction to GravitationFallMassWeightThrust and PressureArchimedes PrincipleRelative Density
14Work and EnergyWorkEnergyRate of Doing Work
15SoundProduction of SoundPropagation of SoundReflection of SoundRange of HearingApplications of UltrasoundStructure of Human Ear

FAQs on Uttar Pradesh Board Class 9 Topics

Given below are some of the frequently asked questions of UP Board Class 9 topics-

Q. Where can I get all the topics for UP Board Class 9?

Ans: You can get all the UP Board Class 9 topics on Embibe. 

Q. How are knowing all the topics help me score good marks in the 9th UP Board exams?

Ans: By knowing all the topics, you will have an overall idea about the exam and can prepare for your 9th UP Board exams in a detailed manner.

Q. Where can I find topic-wise video explainers for UP Board Class 9? 

Ans: You can find topic-wise video explainers for UP Board Class 9 on Embibe.

Q. Is it necessary to prepare all the topics in order to get good marks in UP Board Class 9?

Ans: Yes, in order to get good marks in the UP Board Class 9 exams, you must prepare all the topics.

Q. How many topics are there in UP Board Class 9 Maths chapter chapter-13?

Ans: There are 8 topics in UP Board Class 9 Maths chapter 13.

We hope that this article on 9th Uttar Pradesh Board topics was helpful to you. For more such articles, stay tuned on Embibe. 

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