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Uttarakhand Board Class 6 Topics 2023


Has it ever happened that you are studying for your exams, the clock is ticking soon, and you find that many pages are still untouched? Does the thought of not having enough time to study all your topics make you bite your nails? Many other students face this problem because of the vast syllabus and endless topics in their subjects. So if you want to overcome this hurdle, you must study smartly and identify the important topics on which you can focus more. 

For a Class 6 Uttarakhand Board student, it can be confusing to figure out which topics are more important than others. And this is where Embibe sweeps in to help you study seamlessly. For every chapter, you get topics explained in detail through interactive 3D videos. You can watch over 300+ videos to get a clear understanding of concepts. You can also practice 500+ questions on the topics you have learned and refer to the readymade short notes to get a gist of the important points you must remember. Scroll down to get the Uttarakhand Board Class 6 topics.

UK Board Class 6 Subject-wise Topics  

When you prepare for your exam, you must divide your time wisely to ensure that you can cover all the important aspects of a subject. Knowing which topics are important helps you understand how much time to allocate to them. You can also refer to the study materials and some preparation tips to ace the final exam. This article section gives you the subject-wise important topics for the Uttarakhand Board Class 6.

Uttarakhand Board Class 6 Mathematics Topics

Every topic in Maths has a wide range of possible questions, and solving each one of them is time-consuming. We have included important topics you can learn and practice to make studies easier for you. Check the table below for Uttarakhand Board Class 6 Maths important topics.

Chapter No. Chapter NameTopics
1Knowing Our NumbersComparing Large Numbers
Large Numbers in Practice
Estimation of Large Numbers
2Whole NumbersIntroduction to Whole Numbers
The Number Line
Properties of Whole Numbers
3Playing with NumbersFactors and Multiples
Prime and Composite Numbers
Prime Factorisation
4Basic Geometrical IdeasPoint
Line and Its Properties
5Understanding Elementary ShapesMeasuring Line Segments
Perpendicular Lines
6IntegersNegative Numbers
Introduction to Integers
Addition of Integers
7FractionsProper and Improper Fractions
Equivalent Fractions
Like Fractions
8DecimalsBasics of Decimals
Comparing Decimals 
Using Decimals
9Data HandlingIntroduction to Data Handling
Bar Graph
11AlgebraIntroduction to Algebra
Expression with Variables
Introduction to Equation
12Ratio and ProportionRatio
Unitary Method
13SymmetryIntroduction to Symmetry
Figures with Multiple Lines of Symmetry
Reflection and Symmetry
14Practical GeometryThe Circle
Line Segment

Uttarakhand Board Class 6 Science Topics

Science is about understanding the environment we live in, its surroundings, and the interaction between living and non-living organisms. To give you more clarity on the subject, we have included the topics in the table below. Check out the important topics of Uttarakhand Board Class 6 Science in the table below.

Chapter No. Chapter NameTopics
1Food – Where does it come from?Food Variety
Food Materials and Sources
Animal Parts and Animal Products as Food
2Components of FoodFood and Its Components
Biochemical Tests
Importance of Nutrients
3Fibre to FabricVariety in Fabrics
FibrePlant fibres
4Sorting Materials into GroupsObjects Around Us
Properties of Materials
5Separation of SubstancesIntroduction to Separation of Substances
Methods of Separation
Water as a Solvent
6Changes Around UsReversible and Irreversible Changes
Ways to Bring About Changes
7Getting to Know PlantsRoots
8Body MovementsHuman Body and Its Components
Gait of Animals
9The Living Organisms – Characteristics and HabitatsOrganisms and Surroundings
Habitat and Adaptation
Characteristics of Organisms
10Motion and Measurement of DistancesModes of Transport
Measurements of Length
Units of Measurements
11Light, Shadows and ReflectionShadows
Pinhole Camera
Mirrors and Reflections
12Electricity and CircuitsElectric Cell
Electric Circuit
Electric Switch
13Fun With MagnetsDiscovery of Magnets
Magnetic and Non-Magnetic Materials
Poles of Magnet
14WaterSources of Water
Water Cycle
Conservation of Water
15Air Around UsPresence of Air Around Us
Composition of Air
Oxygen, Soil and Water
16Garbage In, Garbage OutDealing with garbage
Recycling of Paper

UK Board Class 6 Social Science Topics

The Class 6 Social Science covers topics like kingdoms, kings and the early republic, latitudes and longitudes, and so on. You can find the important topics for Uttarakhand Board Class 6 Social Science in the table below.

Chapter No.Chapter NameTopics
1What, Where, How and When?Knowing the Earliest People
Names of the Land
Finding Out About the Past
2From Hunting-Gathering to Growing FoodNames and Dates
Changing Environment
Beginning of Farming and Herding
3In the Earliest CitiesSpecial Features of Harappan Civilisation
Life in  Harappan Civilisation
4What Books and Burials Tell UsOldest Books in the World
Ways to Study Vedas
5Kingdoms, Kings and an Early RepublicVarnasJanapadas
6New Questions and IdeasRise of Jainism and Buddhism
Story of Buddha
The Sangha
7Ashoka, the Emperor Who Gave UpMauryan Empire
Ruling the Mauryan Empire
Ashoka a Unique Ruler
8Vital Villages, Thriving TownsLife in Village During Ancient India
Finding Out About Ancient Indian Cities
Life in Cities During Ancient India
9Traders, Kings and PilgrimsIndia’s Relations With the West
The Indo Greeks
10New Empires and KingdomsSamudragupta’s Prashasti
Gupta Empire
Gupta Period: The Golden Age of Ancient India
11Buildings, Paintings, and BooksMetallurgy During Ancient India
Buildings of Bricks and Stones in Ancient India
Paintings During Ancient India
12The Earth in the Solar SystemIntroduction to Celestial Bodies
The Solar System
The Earth and the Moon
13Globe: Latitudes and LongitudesGlobeImportant Parallels of Latitude
Heat Zones of the Earth
14Motions of the EarthRotation of Earth
Revolution of Earth
15MapsIntroduction to Maps
Types of Maps
Components of Maps
16Major Domains of the EarthLithosphere
17Major Landforms of the EarthMountains
18India: Climate, Vegetation and WildlifeClimate of India
Natural Vegetation and Wildlife of India
Conservation of Forests and Wildlife
19Our Country: IndiaSize and Location of India
India’s Neighbours
Political Divisions of India
20Understanding DiversityDifferences and Diversity
Unity in Diversity
21Diversity in DiscriminationDifferences and Prejudices
Inequality and Discrimination
22What is Government?Introduction to Government
Types of Government
Organs of Government
23Key Elements of a Democratic GovernmentStory of Hector Pieterson
Ways of People’s Participation
Conflict Resolution
24Panchayati RajNeed and Importance of Local Government
Gram Sabha and Gram Panchayat
Levels of Panchayat
25Rural AdministrationBodies of Rural Administration
A New Law for Women
26Urban AdministrationBodies of Urban Administration
Case Study: A Community Protest
27Rural LivelihoodsEconomic Activities in Rural Livelihood
Agricultural Labourers and Farmers in India
Case Study: Kalpattu Village
28Urban LivelihoodsEconomic Activities in Urban Livelihood
Street Vendors in Urban Areas
Markets in Urban Areas

FAQs on UK Board Class 6 Topics

Below are some frequently asked questions about the Uttarakhand Board Class 6 topics:

Q. Where can I get the topics for the UK Board Class 6?

Ans: You can get the topics for the Uttarakhand Board Class 6 from Embibe.

Q. Can I refer only to the important topics for my UK Board Class 6 exam?

Ans: While preparing for the Uttarakhand Board Class 6 exam, you must read all the topics, but you can focus more on the important topics as they have more chances of coming up in the exam.

Q. Are the topics for Uttarakhand Board Class 6 Social Science tough?

Ans: The Uttarakhand Board Class 6 Social Science topics are numerous but not tough. With the right explanation and practice you can easily master the topics.

Q. How is studying the Uttarakhand Board Class 6 topics on Embibe beneficial for me?

Ans: Studying the Uttarakhand Board Class 6 topics on Embibe gives you a clear understanding of the concepts and their applications through engaging 3D videos, practice questions, solved and real-life examples. When your concepts are clear you ultimately perform better in your exams.

Q. How can I access the UK Board Class 6 important topics on Embibe?

Ans: To access the Uttarakhand Board Class 6 important topics on Embibe, you must log in to the Embibe app or website using your mobile number or email address.

We hope you found this article helpful. Stay tuned to Embibe for the latest updates about the Uttarakhand Board Class 6 exam.

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