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Uttarakhand Board Class 7 Chapter 2023


Are you aspiring to secure a good rank in the Uttarakhand Board Class 7 exam? But finding it difficult to learn the chapters. Then you are not alone? Often, students skip the complex chapters, affecting their final scores. Want to know the reason? It is a lack of clarity of the concepts. But covering and practising all the chapters will help you accomplish your goal.

Embibe is an AI-integrated platform that consistently strives to transform your learning approach. The feature helps you select the chapters and watch all the topics’ videos. Embibe provides 150+ videos, practice questions and several mock tests to make your preparation the best and top-level. You will also be able to learn the chapters and as well grasp them quickly. You can finish the chapters in less time with the help of interactive videos. The videos help you strengthen your basics to find the complex chapters easier. So Scroll down to get the list of important chapters for Uttarakhand Board class 7.

Uttarakhand Board Class 7 Important Chapters 

Embibe provides a list of chapters to study and practice as well to get excellent marks. So Let’s check the important chapters of social science, Mathematics and science from the 7th Uttarakhand Board. 

Uttarakhand Class 7 Social Science Chapters

To score good marks in Social Science subjects which is theoretical and scoring. You must make a note of the events and years and revise them. Let’s find the important chapter for Social Science from Uttarakhand Board Class 7 in the below table:

Sl.No.Chapter Names
1Tracing Changes Through a Thousand Years
2New Kings and Kingdoms
3The Delhi Sultans
4The Mughal Empire
5Rulers and Buildings
6Towns, Traders and Craftspersons
7Tribes, Nomads and Settled Communities
8Devotional Paths to the Divine
9The Making of Regional Cultures
10Eighteenth-Century Political Formation
11Natural Vegetation and Wildlife
12Human Environment – Settlement, Transport and Communication
13Human Environment Interactions – The Tropical and the Subtropical Region
14Life in the Deserts
15Growing Up as Boys and Girls
16Women Change the World
17Understanding Media
18Understanding Advertising
19Markets Around Us
20A Shirt in the Market
21Struggles for Equality

UBSE Class 7 Science Chapters

Science has chapters from Physics, Chemistry and Biology. You must practice a lot to remember the important topics in the exam. Below, we have provided the list of Science chapters for Uttarakhand Board Class 7: 

Sl.No.Chapter Names
1Nutrition in Plant
2Nutrition in Animals
3Weather, Climate and Adaptations of Animals to Climate
4Respiration in Organisms
5Transportation in Animals and Plants
6Reproduction in Plants
7Forests: Our Lifeline
8Fibre to Fabric
9Acids, Bases and Salts
10Physical and Chemical Changes
12Water: A Precious Resource
13Wastewater Story
15Winds, Storms and Cyclones
16Motion and Time
17Electric Current and Its Effects

UBSE Class 7 Mathematics Chapters

Mathematics can be easier when you solve the maximum problems and revise the formulas. The list of Mathematics chapters for Uttarakhand Board class 7 is given below: 

Sl.No.Chapter Names
2Fractions and Decimals
3Comparing Quantities
4Rational Numbers
5Exponents and Powers
6Data Handling
7Simple Equations
8Algebraic Expressions
9Lines and Angles
10The Triangle and its Properties
11Congruence of Triangles
12Practical Geometry
13Perimeter and Area
15Visualising Solid Shapes

FAQs on 7th Uttarakhand Board Important Chapters

Below are the frequently asked questions with answers about Uttarakhand Board class 7 chapters:

Q: What are the important chapters for UBSE Class 7?

Ans: The list of important chapters from Science, Maths and Social Science for Uttarakhand Board Class 7 is provided in this article. Click on the links to learn the chapters.  

Q: Can I access Uttarakhand Board class 7 books on Embibe?

Ans: Yes, you can access all the textbooks of Uttarakhand Class 7 on Embibe for. 

Q: What does Embibe offer the other study materials?

Ans: Embibe offers practice questions, mock tests, books with video solutions, and sample papers as complete materials for Uttarakhand Board Class 7.

Q: How many subjects are there in the class 7 Uttarakhand Board?

Ans: There are 6 subjects in class 7 Uttarakhand Board. The subjects are Urdu or Sanskrit, English, Maths, Science, and Social Science.

Q: Is Uttarakhand Board class 7 a board exam?

Ans: No, Uttarakhand Board Class 7 is a school-level exam which is conducted by the school authorities. 

We hope the above article has answered all your doubts and queries. Embibe wishes you good luck and all the best.

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