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West Bengal Board Class 10 Topics 2023


Class 10 can be a bit daunting for students because of the board exams and the pressure to nail the exams. An average of 9 lakh students appear for the West Bengal Board Class 10 exam yearly, and only 0.01% secure the top ranks. The environment is highly competitive, and you may wonder how to study differently to be among the elite 0.01%. The first step to being in the arena of performers is a thorough knowledge of all the subjects’ concepts. 

But don’t worry because Embibe is your saving grace! The subject matter experts have compiled the best study resources for you to accelerate your momentum of preparation. To help you map your timetable and study more systematically, we have provided the West Bengal Board Class 10 subject-wise chapters and important topics in this article. You can learn over 100+ topics from each subject in either English or Bengali. Continue reading this article to get subject-wise important topics to kickstart your exam preparation. 

West Bengal Board Class 10 Subject-wise Topics

Does the vast syllabus of your Class 10 subjects make you feel like a cat on hot bricks? If you are thinking about how to start studying to complete your entire syllabus on time, then we have your back. The topics on Embibe are explained in the form of 3D videos with real-life examples to nourish your concepts. Scroll down to get the WBSE Class 10 subject-wise topics.

West Bengal Board Class 10 Mathematics Topics

Mathematics deals with important topics such as compound interest, ratios and proportions, trigonometric identities and many more. Check the table below to get the topics for WBSE 10th Maths.

Chapter NameTopic
Simple InterestIntroduction to Simple Interest
Compound InterestIntroduction to Compound Interest
Uniform Rate of Increase or DecreaseUniform Rate of Increase or Decrease
Partnership BusinessBasics of Partnership Business
Ratio and ProportionIntroduction to Ratio and Proportion
Quadratic SurdsIntroduction to Quadratic Surds, Operation on Quadratic Surds
VariationVariation and its Types
Quadratic Equation in One VariableIntroduction to Quadratic Equations, Solution of a Quadratic Equation, Nature of Roots
Theorems on CirclesTheorems Related to Arc and Chord
Theorems Regarding Angles in the Segment of a CircleTheorems on Segment of a Circle
Theorems Regarding Cyclic QuadrilateralsTheorems on Cyclic Quadrilateral
Theorems Regarding Tangent to a CircleTheorems on Tangent to a Circle
Theorems Regarding SimilarityTheorems on Similarity
Pythagoras TheoremPythagoras Theorem
ConstructionConstruction using given Information
Rectangular Paralellopiped or Cuboid and CubeCuboid, Cube
Right Circular CylinderRight Circular Cylinder
SphereSphere, Hemisphere
Right Circular ConeRight Circular Cone
Problems Related to Different SolidsCombination of Solid Shapes
Trigonometric Ratios and Trigonometric IdentitiesMeasurement of Angles, Trigonometric Ratios,
Trigonometric Identities, Trigonometric Ratios of Some Specific Angles
Problems of Height and DistancesHeights and Distances
Measures of Central TendencyMean, Median, Mode
Cumulative Frequency CurveGraphical Representation of Cumulative Frequency

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West Bengal Board Class 10 Physical Science Topics

There are 13 chapters in the WBSE Class 10 Physical Science, learn more about the important topics in the table below:

Chapter NameTopic
Concerns About EnvironmentStructure of the Atmosphere, Ozone Layer, Greenhouse Effect and Global Warming, Renewable Sources of Energy
Behaviour of GasesCharacteristics of Gases, Variables for Gas Laws, Pressure – Volume Relationship, Temperature – Volume Relationship, Gay Lussac’s Law
Chemical CalculationsLaw of Conservation of Mass, Chemical Equations, Stoichiometry
Thermal PhenomenaThermal Expansion of Solids, Thermal Expansion of Liquids, Thermal Expansion of Gases, Thermal Conduction
LightReflection of Light at Spherical Mirror, Refraction of Light, Lenses, Simple Camera and Human Eye, Dispersion of Light
Current ElectricityElectric Current, Potential Difference and EMF, Ohm’s Law,
Heating Effect of Electric Current, Electrical Power, Electromagnetism
Nuclear EnergyRadioactivity, Nuclear Energy
Periodic Table and Periodicity in PropertiesEarly Attempts of Classification of Elements, Mendeleev’s Periodic Table, Lother Meyer’s Curve, Modern Periodic Table, Types of Elements
Ionic and Covalent BondsKossel-Lewis Approach to Chemical Bonding, Discovery of Inert Gases,
Types of Chemical Bonds, Ionic Bond, Properties of Ionic Compounds
Electrolysis and Chemical ReactionImportant Terms Used in Electrolysis, Strong and Weak Electrolytes, Conduction, Electrolysis, Applications of Electrolysis
Inorganic Chemistry in the Laboratory and IndustryAmmonia, Hydrogen Sulphide, Nitrogen, Hydrogen Chloride, Nitric Acid
MetallurgyImportant Uses of Fe, Cu, Zn and Al, Minerals and their Occurence,
Extraction of Some Important Metals,
Electrochemical Series and its Applications, Corrosion
Organic ChemistryVersatile Nature of Carbon, Classification of Organic Compounds, Isomerism, IUPAC Nomenclature of Carbon Compounds, Industrial Sources and Uses of Some Organic Compounds

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West Bengal Board Class 10 Life Science Topics

Life Science can be an engaging subject as it deals with studying living organisms. Go ahead and master the topics of WBSE 10th Life Science from the following table. 

Chapter NameTopics
Control and Coordination in Living BeingsSensitivity, Movement in Plants, Plant Hormones
Continuity of LifeChromosome, DNA, Gene, Cell Division, Reproduction
Heredity and Some Common Genetic DiseasesHeredity, Common Genetic Diseases
Evolution and AdaptationEvolution, Behaviour in Adaptation
Environment, Its Resources and ConservationNitrogen Cycle, Environmental Pollution, Biodiversity and Conservation

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FAQs on West Bengal Board Class 10 Topics

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions on West Bengal Board Class 10 topics:

Q. Where can I find the WBSE Class 10 important topics?

Ans: You can find the WBSE Class 10 important topics on the Embibe platform.

Q. How can the WBSE Board Class 10 topics on Embibe help during exam preparation?

Ans: The WBSE Board Class 10 topics can help you thoroughly understand the concepts with real-life examples and help you score well in the board exam.

Q. Where can I get study materials for WBSE Class 10 exam?

Ans: You can find WBSE Class 10 study materials on Embibe.

Q. How many chapters are there in WBSE Class 10 Maths?

Ans: There are 24 chapters in WBSE Class 10 Maths.

Q. Can I study only the important topics for the WBSE 10th exam?

Ans: You must study all the topics for the WBSE Class 10 Board exam, but referring to the important topics can be helpful during revision.

We hope you found this article helpful. Visit Embibe for useful resources to nail your WBSE Class 10 board exam.

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