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Benefits of KVPY: Know What Is Vijyoshi Camp


What Are the Benefits of KVPY Examination?: KVPY is a scholarship programme conducted nationwide at various centres. The Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore (IISc) arranges the national-level scholarship programme. The programme encourages aspirants highly interested in science, engineering and medicine to opt for research-based careers in basic science.

It is not easy to clear the KVPY exam. Only highly-driven, hard-working individuals with an immense interest in science and research can clear the national-level exam with great preparation. A part of the preparation for clearing the KVPY exam involves knowing the KVPY exam pattern and the KVPY syllabus thoroughly and starting preparing for the exams at the earliest. Candidates who become eligible for the KVPY scholarship programme have multiple advantages. Candidates can read this article to know the benefits available to KVPY students. 

What Are the Benefits of KVPY?

There are several benefits that the KVPY Scholarship offers. We have listed out the various benefits that students with KVPY scholarships can avail of, below:

Scholarship Amount

Students get a good scholarship amount under this scheme. Candidates are provided monthly scholarships of Rs. 5000 from the science and medicine faculties for the first three years. After that, every year, the amount is increased to Rs. 7000 per month.

Other than this, candidates get an annual contingency grant of Rs. 20,000 for the first three years and Rs. 28,000 for the following years. This grant is extremely helpful for students coming from the lower middle-class strata.

Easier Admission Into IISC

Since IISC conducts the KVPY programme, clearing the KVPY examination eases the road for candidates to get admission into IISERs and IISc, which is commonly known for its high cut-off for admission.

Helps to Clear JEE / NEET

KVPY exams can be extremely helpful for candidates who want to take up NEET, JEE Main or JEE Advanced exams. The concept, understanding, application of logic and test-taking experience makes candidates take the entrance tests with a more strategic approach.

Research Projects

Candidates who qualify for the KVPY programme are required to do research projects under the guidance of a specialist scientist or scholar in the field. Participating in such projects promotes creative independence, encouraging candidates to gain knowledge, explore and think on their own. Such skills ascertain a flourishing career in science and engineering.
KVPY scholars get to attend various seminars and summer camps. These camps serve as platforms for students to contact science, engineering and medicine experts. The students can work and interact with them and visit the nearby research institutions and laboratories.


Online education delivery platforms such as Plancess provide quality video lectures and study materials for medical and engineering students, who aspire to secure a KVPY scholarship. The KVPY platform allows networking, bond-building among students with similar aspirations and dreams, and exchange of ideas. 

Vijyoshi Camp

Students who earn the KVPY scholarship can attend the Vijyoshi Camp, where they have the privilege to meet great scholars, researchers and scientists from their respective fields and interact with them. 

Free Entry to National Libraries Across India

A student qualified for the KVPY scholarship has access to all the National libraries in the country free of cost.

Enhances CV

A mention of KVPY scholarship on the resume`, increases its weight manifold. An experience in the same gives a candidate competitive edge over his competitors and increases his chance to get a job abroad.

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