What are the Best Suggestions for Gate Preparation?
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  • Written By Fairy Dharawat
  • Last Modified 25-01-2022
  • Written By Fairy Dharawat
  • Last Modified 25-01-2022

What Are the Best Suggestions for Gate Preparation?

Narasimha Karumanchi gives you the answer!

1) Do not leave any subject. Each subject is very important.
2) Losing one mark is enough for losing the chance of getting into IIT/NITs.
3) Solve as many problems as you can. Solving problems indicates you understood the theory well.
4) Do not remember the answers to multiple-choice questions. They rarely help.
5) Select good books/content for preparation. I mean, some topics might be explained better in a few textbooks.
6) Do not waste time. Spend all the time in preparation.
7) Do not try both doing job and GATE preparation at the same time. In general, it won’t work. Do with 100% dedication.
8)  If possible, attend training classes at any of the good institutes (if you do not have time, at least go for a crash course). Depending on the branch we need to select the institute. Few institutes are better for some branches. This not only gives you the knowledge but also tells U the level of competition.
9) When you prepare any topic get clarity in the theory of that topic. Sometimes, you might need to refer to multiple books for getting clarity.

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