Preparation Tips For Banking Exam: Best Strategy For Bank Exam
  • Written By Fairy Dharawat
  • Last Modified 27-06-2022
  • Written By Fairy Dharawat
  • Last Modified 27-06-2022

What Is The Best Plan For Preparing In Banking Exams?

The best plan is the one where you have dedicated time for completion of syllabus, practice, and revision along with time to practice mock tests. It’s important to be mentally prepared as well. Here are some points which can boost your preparations.

Check your weakness and prepare your strategy accordingly

It’s important to identify what are your strengths and weakness. It will help you immensely in planning your syllabus well by covering everything well in advance along with ample time to spare for revision. Imagine you are going to a war. it’s important to know whether you are good in handling the rifle or the bomb. If you are good in throwing bomb and are given a rifle, you know the enemy is going to win.

Keep your fundamentals clear

Your foundation needs to be sorted.  We cannot stress enough on how you need to keep your fundamentals clear. It’s the foundation based on which you will learn new chapters. Imagine a building without pillars, what would happen? Yes, it will fall down into the deep realm of nothingness. Know your fundamental concepts. Please.

Learn short tricks

By short tricks we mean, the shorter way, or the smarter way of doing things. Here we suggest you practice chapterwise test with embibe where you will get tips and tricks to solve questions and clear your doubts. Here you also get detailed in depth feedback for all your attempts which will help you with your study plan.

Use your hours wisely by timing your  and break

Divide your study hours in 25 minutes smaller chunks of and then in between take 5 minutes break. After studying for 1 hour take 15 minutes break. This way you can manage your time efficiently to complete your short term goals on time.

Improve your speed and accuracy

It’s important that you improve your speed and accuracy to get a desired score in your exam. You will be attempting 200 questions and you have to solve them in two hours with accuracy. So you need to work on both your speed and accuracy, the best way is to practice. Through practice you will become good at speed and attempt the questions, as quickly as possible.

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