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3 Steps to revise weak chapters for JEE


Vishwanath Srv, IIT Madras writes:

to revise weak chapters for JEE Mains and JEE Advanced, I would like to add some points from my experience.

1. Maintain a small notebook and note down whatever you feel is important or not easy to understand. Every morning, have a glance at it, ponder over them. This will give you a good hold of those topics.

2. I found solving subjective problems of great help. In fact, I used to solve even the objective questions in a step by step manner. That way, my solution remained tractable and hence, easy to comprehend.

3. It goes without saying that you should spend a little more time on the weak points. However, maintain balance between your strong and weak areas. Too much of anything is bad. That said, just to add, try solving a couple of problems from your weak area everyday. That will help you to stay in touch with them regularly and jog your mind.

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