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CBSE Class 8 Topics: Check Details Here


Are you preparing for CBSE Class 8 exam? Then it will help if you have an idea about the most important CBSE class 8 topics. After completing the syllabus, you must focus on these crucial topics while revising. In this article, you can check out the vital CBSE Class 8 topics suggested by the experts and toppers here.

While revising the important topics, you can find your strong and weak areas and work on them accordingly. Clear your concepts and be exam ready. You can also clear your doubts by accessing the video lectures available in this article. Read this article to learn more about CBSE Class 8 topics.

Check the Most Important 8th CBSE Topics to Ace Your Exam

You should start your revision early, not just a few months before your exam. It will boost your confidence, and you will feel more prepared just before your exam. If you already have important exam topics, you can easily grasp the concepts. Try to understand them instead of just memorising information. Check out the most important 8th CBSE topics below.

8th CBSE Social Science Important TopicsLinks to Access
How, When, and WhereAccess Here
From Trade to TerritoryAccess Here
Ruling the CountrysideAccess Here
Tribal, Dukes, and the Vision of a Golden AgeAccess Here

8th CBSE Important Topics for Science

Check the 8th CBSE important topics for Science below. You will find video lectures attached to it.

8th CBSE Science Important TopicsLinks to Access
Crop Production and ManagementAccess Here
Micro-organism Friend and FoeAccess Here
Synthetic Fibres and PlasticAccess Here
Metals and Non-MetalsAccess Here
Coal and PetroleumAccess Here

Steps to Attempt 8th CBSE Mock Tests for Free

Do you want to access unlimited free 8 CBSE mock tests and boost your confidence before appearing for the exam? Then you must log into the Embibe app. This app allows you to take free mock tests daily. If you are still wondering how to attempt them, follow the simple steps below.

  • 1st Step: Visit Embibe’s official website, i.e., embibe.com.
  • 2nd Step: Use the mobile number/email to log in.
  • 3rd Step: Click on the menu bar “Excelling in School.” 
  • 4th Step: Select the Goal “CBSE” from the Dropdown and click on “Next.”
  • 5th Step: Search and Select “8th CBSE” on the search bar and click on “Next.”
  • 6th Step: Select the preferred language and click on “Done.”
  • 7th Step: Click “Test” from the Header Section.
  • 8th Step: Scroll down to the “Subjects” section.
  • 9th Step: Click on any 8th CBSE subjects.
  • 10th Step: Scroll down to click on the chapters from the selected subject to begin the test.
8th CBSE Mock TestsLinks to Attempt
8th CBSE Mock Test 1Attempt
8th CBSE Mock Test 2Attempt
8th CBSE Mock Test 3Attempt
8th CBSE Mock Test 4Attempt
8th CBSE Mock Test 5Attempt

FAQs on 8th CBSE Topics

Check out the frequently asked questions on 8th CBSE topics.

Q. Where can I find all the 8th CBSE important topics lectures under one roof?

Ans: You can find all the important 8th CBSE topics, along with the lectures, under one roof in this article. Apart from that, you can also visit the Embibe app to access them.

Q. How to assess my preparation level for the 8th CBSE exam?

Ans: After checking out these topics, you must find your strong and weak areas. If you start working on your weak areas, it will automatically boost your confidence.

Q. Do I have to pay to attempt mock tests on the Embibe app?

Ans: Embibe allows you to attempt mock tests for free. You can boost your preparation level by attempting them daily.

Q. Can I attempt subject-wise mock tests on Embibe?

Ans: If you log into the Embibe app, you can easily attempt subject-wise mock tests to assess your preparation level.

Q. How to prepare for the 8th CBSE board exam?

Ans: At first, you have to finish the entire syllabus. Check out all the important topics and work on your weak areas. After that, start attempting mock tests and solving previous years’ question papers.

We hope you liked this article on 8th CBSE topics. If you still have any doubts, you can install the Embibe app to chat with our experts. Keep browsing Embibe for all the latest updates on the 8th CBSE exam.

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