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CBSE Class 8 English Syllabus 2022-23


CBSE Syllabus for Class 8 English: English is a universal language that could help students interact and connect with others globally. Hence, learning the English language is mandatory for all classes in CBSE board schools. Class 8 subjects build the basics for learning more complex concepts in the higher grades. Learning English is important, as a subject and as a means of communication.

The syllabus for CBSE Class 8 includes prose, poetry, grammar, and composition. English is a high-scoring subject for CBSE Class 8 students if they are good with grammar and writing. This article provides the students with CBSE syllabus for class 8 English 2022-23 along with the links to download them. Read on to find out more.

CBSE Class 8 Syllabus for English 2022-23

English is an important subject for every class 8 student because it is not only a subject, but also a language through which they can communicate with others around the world. The English Literature section of CBSE Class 8 is based on two books – a textbook of English and a Supplementary Reader in English. Here is a look at what all are included in each of the two books.

CBSE Syllabus for Class 8 English (Honeydew – Textbook in English for Class VIII)

The book Honeydew, covers the following Lessons & Poems:


  • Chapter 1: The Best Christmas Present in the World
  • Chapter 2: The Tsunami
  • Chapter 3: Glimpses of the Past
  • Chapter 4: Bepin Chowdhury’s Lapse of Memory
  • Chapter 5: The Summit Within
  • Chapter 6: This is Jody’s Fawn
  • Chapter 7: A Visit to Cambridge
  • Chapter 8: A Short Monsoon Diary
  • Chapter 9: The Great Stone Face – I
  • Chapter 10: The Great Stone Face- II


  • Poem 1: The Ant and the Cricket
  • Poem 2: Geography Lesson
  • Poem 3: Macavity: The Mystery Cat
  • Poem 4: The Last Bargain
  • Poem 5: The School Boy
  • Poem 6: The Duck and the Kangaroo
  • Poem 7: When I Set for Lyonnesse
  • Poem 8: On the Grasshopper and Cricket

CBSE Syllabus for Class 8 English (It So Happened – Supplementary Reader in English for Class VIII)

This book covers 10 chapters as listed below:

  • Chapter 1: How the Camel got his Hump
  • Chapter 2: Children at work
  • Chapter 3: The Selfish Giant
  • Chapter 4: The Treasure within
  • Chapter 5: Princess September
  • Chapter 6: The Fight
  • Chapter 7: The Open Window
  • Chapter 8: Jalebis
  • Chapter 9: The Comet- I
  • Chapter 10: The Comet- II
  • Chapter 11: Ancient Education System in India

CBSE Class 8 English Grammar Syllabus

The CBSE class 8 English grammar syllabus is further subdivided into two parts – English Grammar and English Composition (Writing). We have provided the detailed syllabus of these two sections of CBSE Class 8 below:

NCERT English Grammar Syllabus For Class 8

The Class 8 English grammar syllabus 2022 includes the following topics:

  • Order of Words and Clauses
  • Direct and Indirect Speech
  • Active and Passive Voice
  • Tenses
  • Noun
  • Pronoun
  • Verb
  • Adverb
  • Prepositions
  • Conjunction
  • Phrases and Idioms
  • Vocabulary
  • Comprehension Reading

CBSE Syllabus for Class 8 English Composition (Writing)

This section tests your writing skills in English. The English Composition syllabus has the following topics:

  • Notice
  • Story
  • Formal and Informal Letters
  • Diary Entry
  • Essay

Students can check the syllabus and download the books from the official website of CBSE or by clicking on this link to CBSE class 8 English books.


Q.1: Are the NCERT English books enough for Class 8 exam preparation?

Ans: Yes, for CBSE Class 8 exams preparation, the NCERT English books are enough.

Q.2: What is the 3rd chapter in Honeydew Book?

Ans: In the book Honeydew, Chapter 3 in Prose is Glimpses of the Past and Poem is Macavity: The Mystery Cat.

Q.3: What are the sections in composite writing?

Ans: The sections in composite writing are Notice, Story, Formal and Informal Letters, Diary Entry and Essay.

Q.4: How many chapters are there in class 8 ‘It So Happened” textbook?

Ans: There are 11 chapters in ‘It so Happened’ textbook of class 8 CBSE English.

Q.5: What are the important topics covered in CBSE class 8 English grammar syllabus?

Ans: Some of the important topics covered in grammar part of class 8 syllabus are tenses, noun, pronoun, etc.

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