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Best Books for EAMCET 2023: Subject-wise Study Materials


Best Books for EAMCET 2023: TS EAMCET and AP EAMCET is a gateway for candidates to get admission to various colleges offering Engineering, Agriculture, and Pharmacy courses in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. To secure seats, candidates must prepare their level best by selecting the best books and study materials.

Candidates must select books that contain topics as per the latest syllabus. It will help candidates focus on relevant concepts and understand them clearly. Continue reading the article to know the best for EAMCET preparations.

Subject-Wise Best Books for EAMCET

Along with preparing a well-structured study, choosing the best books is crucial to an effective study plan. Candidates must select books based on the most recent updates; hence they can go through the section below and learn about the best books for EAMCET Physics, Chemistry, Maths, and Biology.

Best Books For EAMCET Physics Preparation

The following is the list of best books for EAMCET physics preparations:

Sl.No.Physics Books
1Concepts of Physics (Volume 1 and 2) by HC Verma
2IIT JEE Physics by DC Pandey
3NCERT Textbook
4EAMCET Physics (Andhra Pradesh & Telangana) by Arihant Experts
5Problems in General Physics by I.E. Irodov
6Optics and Modern Physics by DC Pandey

Best Books For EAMCET Chemistry Preparations

Candidates can go through the below table to know the best chemistry books for EAMCET:

Sl.No. Chemistry Books
1 Concise Inorganic Chemistry by J.D. Lee
2 EAMCET Chemistry (Andhra Pradesh and Telangana) by Arihant Experts
3 Organic Chemistry by O.P Tandon
4 Physical Chemistry by P. Bahadur
5 NCERT Textbook
6 IPE Textbook for Chemistry
7 Essential physical Chemistry by Ranjeet Shahi
8 Fundamentals of Inorganic Chemistry by Ananya Ganguly

Best Books For EAMCET Mathematics Preparation

The following is the list of best books for EAMCET mathematics preparations:

Sl.No.Mathematics Books
1Class XI & XII Mathematics by R.D. Sharma
2Handbook of Mathematics – A Multipurpose Quick Revision Resource by Arihant Experts
3EAMCET Mathematics (Andhra Pradesh & Telangana) by Arihant Experts
4Vector & 3D Geometry by Amit M. Agarwal
5Coordinate Geometry by S K Goyal
6NCERT Mathematics textbook
7Deepthi’s Series

Best Books For EAMCET Biology Preparation

Candidates can go through the below table to know the best biology books for EAMCET:

Sl.No.Biology Books
1Biology @ Your Fingertips
2ABC Of Biology Class-XII (Set Of 2 Parts)
3NEET Biology
4Complete Biology Medical Entrance

EAMCET 2023 Mock Tests

Solving mock tests is one of the best ways to improve their preparation for the EAMCET exam by helping them analyse their mistakes and weak areas. Candidates can attempt mock tests provided by Embibe for free.

The Embibe mock exams are created with an increasing difficulty to challenge the candidate’s preparation level. Solving these mock tests can help candidates get a prior experience in the examination. Candidates can follow the below-mentioned steps to attempt a mock test for free:

1st Step: Visit the Embibe website and log in (if you are a new user, sign up.)

2nd Step: Click on “Take a Test” under the search field.

3rd Step: Set Engineering or Medical as the default goal.

4th Step: On the left side, scroll down and click on TS EAMCET/AP EAMCET.

5th Step: By clicking on TS EAMCET/ AP EAMCET, candidates will be redirected to the “TS EAMCET/AP EAMECT Mock Test” page.

6th Step: If candidates wish to attempt “Full Test” or “Previous Year Test”, scroll down and click on the “Show all” button for the respective test options. The respective test types will appear along with two options on the right – “More Info” and “Start Test”.

7th Step: Click on “More Info” to know the test features such as maximum marks, number of questions, and test duration.

8th Step: Read the instructions and click on “Start Test”.

FAQs on EAMCET Best Books

Check the following frequently asked questions to clarify all your doubts about EAMCET books, syllabus and preparation strategy.

Q: Can candidates depend on NCERT books to cover the EAMCET 2023 syllabus?

Ans: Candidates can prefer Class 11 & 12 NCERT books to cover the EAMCET syllabus.

Q: When will the EAMCET 2023 exams be conducted?

Ans: The conducting body is yet to announce the EAMCET exam schedules on its official website.

Q: Where can I buy the EAMCET books?

Ans: Candidates can buy the EAMCET books online or from the nearest bookstore.

Q: Who is the conducting body of EAMCET 2023?

Ans: Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University is the conducting body of EAMCET 2023.

Q: How to prepare for TS EAMCET in 30 days?

Ans: Preparing for EAMCET in 30 days is not easy. The preparation should be based on a perfect strategy. Candidates must note that mock tests will play a vital role in achieving a good rank. Instead of preparing for a new topic, candidates should revise the known topics.

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We hope this detailed article on Best Books For EAMCET helps you prepare. If preparing for EAMCET 2023, try our free EAMCET mock tests to reinforce your concepts.

Stay tuned to Embibe for the latest updates on the EAMCET exam.

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