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AP EAMCET Tips and Tricks 2023: Last-Minute Preparation


AP EAMCET Tips and Tricks 2023: The Andhra Pradesh Engineering, Agriculture, and Medical Common Entrance Test (AP EAMCET) is a state-level entrance exam for candidates who want to take admission to undergraduate courses in the fields of Engineering, Agriculture, and Pharmacy. As the exam approaches, candidates will look for last-minute AP EAMCET tips, tricks, and preparation strategies to ace the AP EAMCET exam.

The AP EAMCET exam has around 1 lakh seats available for individuals seeking admission to various areas. The exam is held once a year, and this year the exam body will conduct the AP EAMCET 2023 exam from May 15 to 22, 2023 (tentative). In this article, we have offered AP EAMCET tips and tricks 2023 for exam preparation and EAMCET preparation tips for MPC. Read on to know more.

Latest Updates:
– Andhra Pradesh State Council of Higher Education (APSCHE) has announced the AP EAMCET 2023 Exam Dates.
– The AP EAPCET Exam 2023 will be conducted from May 15 to 22, 2023 (tentative).

AP EAMCET Preparation Tips for MPC

The AP EAMCET exam will be held from May 15 to 22, 2023 (tentative). It is a highly competitive entrance examination, and in order to crack AP EAMCET 2023 with flying colours, candidates must be aware of all the last-minute suggestion tips that can be used. Having a well-structured preparation plan is a must if they want to score higher in AP EAMCET 2023. Let us know how to create an effective study plan that will guarantee a high score.

AP EAMCET 2023 Exam Pattern

Knowing the exam pattern of AP EAMCET 2023 will help candidates plan a good preparation strategy. Further, to learn more about exam patterns, we have tabulated information below:

AP EAMCET 2023Exam Details
Mode of the ExamComputer-based test
Medium of Exam English, Telugu, and Urdu
Total Number of Questions 160 questions
Section-wise QuestionsPhysics – 40 Questions
Chemistry – 40 Questions
Mathematics – 80 Questions
Type of Questions Multiple Choice Questions
Marking SchemeOne mark for every correct response, and there is no negative marking.
Official Website cets.apsche.ap.gov.in

AP EAMCET Tips and Tricks 2023

As exams are approaching, every candidate should start to with their preparation level. Keeping this in mind, we have provided a few tips on how to crack the AP EAMCET exam in 2023:

Know Your Syllabus

Candidates must have a clear knowledge of the AP EAMCET syllabus before beginning their preparation. This will help them plan their preparation.

Understand the Exam Pattern

Candidates should be familiar with the AP EAMCET exam pattern. By understanding the exam pattern, candidates will be able to do well during the entrance examination, as they will know what to expect.

Prioritise Important Topics

Once aspirants are familiar with the entire syllabus, make a list of AP EAMCET important chapters. Important chapters should be their priority, especially if they have not revised or practised enough.

Follow the Study Plan

Candidates should pick important chapters that are difficult. If there is a time constraint, you can select important chapters that you are familiar with but haven’t practised. Make a timetable or study plan and follow it religiously.

Build Your Concentration

Concentration is a prerequisite for effective learning. We understand that in a world of numerous distractions, it is hard to pay attention. The simple ways to improve concentration are:

1. Meditation
2. Fixed hours of sleep (Usually 6-7 hours)
3. Healthy diet
4. Reading aloud
5. A quiet and undisturbed environment to study

Improve Your Numerical Solving Ability

AP EAMCET is known for its tricky questions, especially in the Maths section. If candidates improve their skills in Mathematics, it will also help them solve numerical problems in the Physics and Chemistry sections. Focus on the objective-type questions (smart scoring). Attempt AP EAMCET Online Mock Test Series to solve both theory and numerical questions.

Revise the Syllabus

In order to retain everything learned since day one of the preparation, spaced revision is crucial. Spaced revision means reviewing a particular topic over an extended period of time. For example, if the candidate has completed the s-block elements today, it should be revised again the next week, two weeks later, a month later, and so on. The candidate can also create summaries and checklists.

Improve Your Exam Strategy

Do not study unfamiliar chapters just when the exams are approaching, as doing this will stress you. The ideal thing to do at this time is to take full-length AP EAMCET mock tests and assess your performance. Once you have identified your weaknesses, working on them to improve your time management and question selection becomes easier.

AP EAMCET 2023: Important Chapters

As mentioned, beginning preparations with important chapters with high weightage can secure excellent marks. So aspirants must know the weightage of AP EAMCET’s important subjects. Below are the lists of important chapters candidates can refer to improve their AP EAMCET preparations 2023.

AP EAMCET 2023: Important Chapters for Physics

The below list contains the most important chapters for AP EAMCET 2023 Physics.

Heat and Thermodynamics
Work Energy Power
Systems of Particles And Rotational Motion
Laws of Motion
Motion in a Plane
Moving Charges and Magnetism
Current Electricity
Electrostatic Potential And Capacitance
Electromagnetic Induction
Ray Optics
Alternating Current
Wave Optics
Motion in a Straight Line
Mechanical Properties of Fluids
Electric Charges and Fields
Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter

AP EAMCET 2023: Important Chapters for Chemistry

The below list contains the most important chapters for AP EAMCET 2023 Chemistry.

Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure
Organic Chemistry-Some Basic Principles and Techniques
Organic Compounds Containing C, H, And O
Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties
Atomic Structure
p-block Elements
States of Matter: Gases and Liquids
Redox Reactions
Chemical Kinetics
Solid State
Environmental Chemistry
Chemical Equilibrium and Acids-Bases
General Principles of Metallurgy
Organic Compounds Containing Nitrogen

AP EAMCET 2023: Important Chapters for Maths

The below list contains the most important chapters for AP EAMCET 2023 Maths.

Coordinate Geometry
Analytical Geometry
Cube Root Entity
Modulus Complex numbers
Maxima and Minima Values

You can check the detailed AP EAMCET syllabus here.

AP EAMCET 2023 Free Mock Test

Candidates can follow the below-mentioned steps to attempt the AP EAMCET mock test at Embibe:

  • 1st Step: Visit Embibe’s official website, i.e., embibe.com.
  • 2nd Step: Login using your mobile number/email.
  • 3rd Step: Then select your ‘Goal’ as ‘AP EAMCET’ under Engineering
  • 4th Step: Click ‘Next’ and select your preferred language.
  • 5th Step: Refer to the below-mentioned links to attempt mock tests.
AP EAMCET Mock TestsAP EAMCET Mock Tests
AP EAMCET Mock Test 1AP EAMCET Mock Test 2
AP EAMCET Mock Test 3AP EAMCET Mock Test 4
AP EAMCET Mock Test 5AP EAMCET Mock Test 6

Frequently Asked Questions on AP EAMCET 2023 Tips and Tricks

Below are the most frequently asked questions based on AP EAMCET 2023 tips and tricks.

Q: What are the AP EAMCET exam dates?

Ans: The AP EAMCET 2023 Engineering entrance and Agriculture and Pharmacy entrance tests will be held from May 15 to 22, 2023 (tentative).

Q.2: How many sections are there in the AP EAMCET engineering entrance paper 2023?

Ans: The questions are divided into three sections: Physics – 40 Questions, Chemistry – 40 Questions and Mathematics – 80 Questions.

Q.3: What are the best books I should refer to prepare for the AP EAMCET 2023 Maths exam?

Ans: You can refer to books such as – Deepthi Series for Mathematics and S. Chand for Mathematics to prepare for Mathematics for AP EAMCET 2023.

Q.4: How can I secure more marks in the AP EAMCET 2023?

Ans: One can begin AP EAMCET preparation with the most important chapters and those which carry more marks.

Q: What is the exam duration of AP EAMCET 2023?

Ans: The AP EAMCET 2023 exam duration is 3 hours.

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The above article contains important tips and tricks which you can follow, in order to score high marks in AP EAMCET. If you have any queries, reach out to us on the Embibe app and we will surely get back to you. At Embibe, we ensure that engineering aspirants can avail the AP EAMCET mock tests free of cost. We suggest you attempt our mock tests and evaluate yourself before appearing for the examination.

Stay tuned to Embibe for the latest updates.

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