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  • Written By Vaibhav_Raj_Asthana
  • Last Modified 24-06-2022
  • Written By Vaibhav_Raj_Asthana
  • Last Modified 24-06-2022

AP EAMCET Mock Test 2022: Check Chapter-wise Test Paper

AP EAMCET Mock Test 2022: The Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Kakinada has released the mock test for AP EAMCET 2022 on the official website. Stream-wise mock tests are available at sche.ap.gov.in/EAPCET and are accessible without any login information. The authorities have developed it based on the EAMCET exam pattern. Moreover, we have provided the direct link to access the AP EAMCET mock test and also several mock test series from Embibe.

For the AP EAMCET Engineering stream, mock test questions from Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics are covered. Whereas for EAMCET Agriculture and Pharmacy stream mock test papers, the questions are from Botany, Zoology, Chemistry and Physics. The AP EAMCET 2022 exam will be held from July 4 to July 12, 2022. Scroll down to access the free APEAMCET mock test series.

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AP EAMCET Mock Test 2022: Overview

Before getting into the details of the AP EAPCET mock test 2022, let us take an overview of the exam:

Exam Name AP EAPCET (Andhra Pradesh Engineering, Agriculture and Pharmacy Common Entrance Test), or AP EAMCET
Exam Conducting Body Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University
(JNTU) Kakinada
Level of Exam State Level
Application Mode Online
Mode of Exam Computer-Based Test (CBT), Online
Sections Physics – 40 Questions
Chemistry – 40 Questions
Maths – 80 Questions
Total Marks 160
Marking Scheme +1 Mark for Every Correct Answer
No Negative Marking for Unattempted or Incorrect Answers
Official Websitesche.ap.gov.in/EAPCET

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How to Take AP EAMCET Mock Test Online Free for BIPC & MPC on Embibe?

Since most of the entrance exams are conducted online, candidates need to get familiar with the process. Embibe provides exam like experience free of cost. These AP EAPCET mock tests will familiarise you with the difficulty level of the exam’s question paper pattern, which will further help you assess your weaker areas and thus improve your score.

Now, let us have a look at the step-by-step guide to attempt the free AP EAMCET mock test online MPC on Embibe:

1st Step: Visit Embibe. If you are new, then we recommend you to Sign up.

2nd Step: Login using your email ID or Mobile number and get the One Time Password (OTP).

3rd Step: Enter the OTP and click ‘Proceed’.

4th Step: A new page will open. Among the various options on the page, select the ‘Engineering’ option.

5th Step: Among all the entrance exams, select ‘AP EAMCET’ to practise the mock tests. Then click on ‘Done’.

6th Step: The AP EAMCET homepage will open. Out of the 4 options on the top, select ‘Test’. You can see the options to create your own test using our custom AI.

7th Step: On scrolling down, you can see that if you want, you can take chapter-wise and Section-wise mock tests. Further down, you can see the heading ‘Take Full Tests’. Select any one of the tests.

8th Step: The test home page will open. Click on the button ‘Start Test’.

9th Step: An instructions page will open. Click on the check box next to ‘I have read and understood the instructions’ and click the ‘Start Now’ button on the bottom right.

10th Step: The test will start. The time remaining will be shown on the right-hand top of the page. Once you are done answering the questions, click on the button ‘Submit Test’.

11th Step: A message will appear confirming whether you want to submit the test. Click on ‘Submit Test’ to submit the test and click on ‘Continue Test’ to continue solving the questions.

Quick Note: The above tests will provide a detailed analysis of your strong and weak areas and help you identify the chapters you need to study/practice to improve your score. You have to unlock the Advanced Feedback Analysis for this.

How To Get an Analysis of AP EAMCET Mock Test Papers?

Students can now analyse their performance in the test. After finishing the mock test, you can click on the “Submit” button to check the exam summary. This summary tells you about:

  1. Total score,
  2. Sectional score, how far you are from the cut-off marks,
  3. The number of correct, incorrect, and unattempted questions for each section

You will have to unlock the advanced feedback analysis to view the complete analysis. You can unlock it using currencies called Embiums. You can earn Embiums by solving the free engineering entrance practice questions on Embibe. These practice questions are available for every chapter and will immensely help AP EAMCET preparation.

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Advanced Feedback Analysis of Embibe

Embibe’s Advanced Feedback Analysis (AFA) gives detailed feedback and insights into how you took your test. After every test you take on Embibe, besides your score and test summary, you also get detailed solutions and actionable insights into how you performed in the test. This makes the exam preparation more manageable for you as you know exactly where to focus.

Following are some of the insights of Advanced Feedback Analysis (AFA):

1. Embibe’s Advanced Test Analysis provides the score and time analysis, that is, how much you scored and how much time you spent in each subject.
2. The Solutions and Concept-wise Analysis identify the questions and chapters you got right, wrong, or left unattempted, with solutions and proper explanation.
3. The key role of the Advanced Test Analysis is to help identify knowledge and behavioural gaps. 61% of your score depends on your ability and 39% on your test-taking strategy.
4. So, apart from your academic knowledge, Embibe also focuses on critical exam-taking skills like speed, accuracy, time management, stamina and attempt planning.
5. The Advanced Test Analysis pinpoints your weaknesses and provides remedial recommendations to improve your test score.

AP EAMCET 2022 Mock Test: Check Free Chapter-wise Test

Candidates can attempt free AP EAMCET online tests (for Maths, Physics, and Chemistry) from the table below:

APEAMCET Mock Test Series 2022
AP EAMCET Full Test 1
AP EAMCET Full Test 2
AP EAMCET Full Test 3
AP EAMCET Full Test 4
AP EAMCET Full Test 5
AP EAMCET Full Test 6
AP EAMCET Full Test 7
AP EAMCET Full Test 8
AP EAMCET Full Test 9
AP EAMCET Full Test 10

Benefits of AP EAMCET 2022 Mock Test

Mock tests are essential for students preparing for the entrance exam. Below are some of its advantages:

  1. The prime purpose of the Andhra Pradesh EAMCET mock test is to give the candidate an overview of the question paper.
  2. The mock test includes all the sections and questions that can be asked in the exam. Hence, taking these tests will help candidates prepare better.
  3. It will boost the confidence of the aspirants.
  4. The aspirants will be able to analyse their weak and strong areas.
  5. These mock tests will guide the candidates with the marking scheme of the question paper.
  6. The test will boost candidates’ speed and help them perform under real-time exam pressure.
  7. Candidates will understand the type of questions asked in the exams, the difficulty level and the pattern of questions.
  8. Time management is a crucial element that candidates learn by attempting mock tests.

AP EAMCET 2022 Mock Test: Steps To Attempt

The officials have also released the official APEAMCET mock test series 2022. Candidates can appear for the mock test to get an overview of the exam pattern. Below is the step-wise procedure to appear for the official AP EAMCET mock test online for free:

1st Step: Visit the Andhra Pradesh EAMCET official website – sche.ap.gov.in/EAPCET.

2nd Step: Go to the “Mock Test” tab and select Engineering Stream or Agriculture & Pharmacy Stream.

3rd Step: Look for the Mock Test of AP EAMCET 2022.

4th Step: Then, click on the “Sign-In” button. 

5th Step: Read the instructions and click on the “Next” button.

6th Step: Read the exam instructions given.

7th Step: Select the default language from the drop-down list.

8th Step: Click “I am ready to begin” to start the test.

AP EAMCET Mock Test Direct Links

Check the direct link to access the stream-wise mock test link for AP EAMCET 2022.

AP EAMCET Engineering StreamMock Test Link
AP EAMCET Agriculture & Pharmacy StreamMock Test Link

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Question Indicators of AP EAMCET Mock Test 2022

The mock test will consist of questions from all sections: Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. Candidates are advised to read the exam instructions before beginning the mock test. Find below the question palette of the mock test:

AP EAMCET 2022 Mock Test- Question Palette

Colour of button Status 
GrayQuestion Not Viewed Yet
Orange Question Not Answered
Violet With Green TickQuestion Answered and Marked for Review
GreenQuestion Has Been Answered
Violet Unanswered Question Marked for Review

AP EAMCET 2022 Mock Test Prominent Features

  • Clear Response: By clicking on “Clear Response”, aspirants can clear the selected answer, as they have already answered the question but would like to reselect another one.
  • Mark for Review and Next: Aspirants mark the answer for review after selecting and saving their answer.
  • Save and Next: Aspirants can save their answers and move on to another question.
  • Sections: The section tab will be at the top of the screen. Aspirants can shift from one section to another anytime.

FAQs on AP EAMCET Test Series 2022

Below are the frequently asked questions and their answers:

Q.1: When will the AP EAMCET mock test be released?
Ans: The mock tests are released on the official website. Candidates can check here for the AP EAMCET stream-wise mock test links.

Q.2: Is the mock test of AP EAMCET 2022 tough?
Ans: Candidates can expect tricky and lengthy questions in AP EAMCET.

Q.3: What are the different sections in the AP EAMCET Engineering test?
Ans: The AP EAMCET Engineering test consists of 3 sections:
1. Physics
2. Chemistry
3. Mathematics.

Q.4: Where can I practice subject-wise AP EAMCET mock tests?
Ans: Candidates can solve subject-wise AP EAMCET free mock test 2022 at Embibe. The test duration is the same as that of the actual exam, i.e. 3 hours.

Q.5: Is there any negative marking in the AP EAMCET 2022 exam?
Ans: No, there is no negative marking in this entrance exam.

We hope this article on the APEAMCET mock test series helps you. If you want to prepare for the AP EAMCET exam, you can also try the AP EAMCET online mock test and AP EAMCET mock test paper on the Embibe app.

Stay tuned to Embibe to catch all the updates about AP EAMCET 2022 online mock test series.

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