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AP EAMCET Study Material 2024: Best Books, Mock Tests, Chapters


Last year, 3,38,739 candidates applied for AP EAMCET, depicting how stiff the competition is. It is growing, so you need the right study material to prepare for the exam. Best study materials impact every candidate’s life since they increase knowledge retention and help students become better readers, writers, and problem solvers. It also improves the candidates’ intelligence and memory to prepare for the exam. We cannot undermine the value of study materials because they serve as windows of wisdom and doors to achieving our goals.

Finding the appropriate AP EAMCET study materials is crucial for proper preparations. Embibe has all the study materials you can think of, including 3D books with video solutions, chapter and topic-wise video explanations, practice questions and mock test papers. We make learning engaging and interesting for candidates and give them the right knowledge. Read on to access the AP EAMCET study material with unlimited access.

Latest Updates:
– Andhra Pradesh State Council of Higher Education (APSCHE) will soon announce the AP EAMCET 2024 exam dates.
– The AP EAPCET Exam 2024 will likely be conducted in the second week of May 2024.

Best Book for AP EAMCET 2024

Embibe’s AP EAPCET study materials greatly assist the candidates with the exam preparations. Here are subject-wise best books for AP EAMCET 2024 for Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Biology.

AP EAMCET Preparation Books: Physics

In the table below, candidates can find a list of the best books for AP EAMCET 2024 for Physics. 

Sl.No.AP EAMCET Preparation Books for PhysicsWriters
1. Optics and Modern PhysicsDC Pandey
2.IIT JEE PhysicsDC Pandey
3. IIT JEE Physics by EAMCET Physics (Andhra Pradesh & Telangana) by Problems in General PhysicsI.E. Irodov
4. EAMCET Physics (Andhra Pradesh & TelanganaArihant Experts
5. Concepts of Physics (Volumes 1 and 2)
HC Verma

AP EAMCET Preparation Books: Chemistry

In the table below, candidates can find a list of the best books for AP EAMCET 2024 Chemistry. 

Sl.No.AP EAMCET Preparation Book for ChemistryWriters
1. EAMCET Chemistry Chapterwise 23 Years Solutions and 5 Mock Tests 3rd EditionArihant Experts
2. Physical ChemistryP. Bahadur
3. Concise Inorganic ChemistryJ.D. Lee
4. Organic ChemistryO.P Tandon
5. EAMCET Chemistry (Andhra Pradesh and Telangana)Arihant Experts

AP EAMCET Preparation Books: Mathematics

In the table below, candidates can find a list of the best books for AP EAMCET 2024 for Mathematics. 

Sl.No.AP EAMCET Preparation Books for MathematicsWriters
1. 35 Years Chapter-wise Solved Papers 2013Amit M. Agarwal
2.Coordinate GeometryS K Goyal
3. EAMCET Mathematics (Andhra Pradesh & Telangana)Arihant Experts
4. Class XI & XII MathematicsR.D. Sharma
5. Vector & 3D GeometryAmit M. Agarwal
6. Handbook of Mathematics – A Multipurpose Quick Revision ResourceArihant Experts

AP EAMCET 2024 Preparation Books: Biology

In the table below, candidates can find a list of AP EAMCET preparation books for Biology. 

Sl.No.AP EAMCET Preparation Books for BiologyWriters
1.All in one BiologyArihant
2.Biology Ten Years PaperArihant
3.Trueman’s Elementary BiologyKN Bhatia and MP Tyagi

AP EAMCET 2024 Important Topics and Sub-topics Links

The following is the AP EAMCET Mathematics topics and sub-topics with practice and mock test link:

AlgebraFunctions, Quadratic Expressions, Theory of Equations, Permutations and Combinations, Binomial Theorem, Mathematical Induction, Matrices, Complex Numbers, De Moivre’s Theorem, and Partial Fractions.Practice Questions
Mock Test
Vector AlgebraProduct of Vectors, Addition of Vectors, Vector Product of Vectors, Multiple Vector.Practice Questions
Mock Test
TrigonometryInverse Trigonometric Functions, Hyperbolic Functions, Properties of Triangles, Trigonometric Ratios, Transformations, Trigonometric Equations, Compound Angles, Periodicity and Extreme Values, and Multiple and Submultiple Angles.Practice Questions
Mock Test
Coordinate GeometryCircle, System of Circles, Parabola, Ellipse, Hyperbola, Direction Cosines, 2-D Geometry, 3-D Geometry, Plane, Locus, Transformation of Axes, The Straight Line, Pair of Straight lines.Practice Questions
Mock Test
Measures of Dispersion and ProbabilityRandom Variables and Probability Distributions, Measures of Dispersion, Probability.Practice Questions
Mock Test
CalculusIntegration, Definite Integral, Differential equations, Limits and Continuity, Differentiation, Applications of Derivatives, Tangents and Normals, and Areas.Practice Questions
Mock Test

The following is the AP EAMCET Physics topics and sub-topics with practice and mock test link:

Motion in a Straight LineMotion in PlanesPractice Questions
Mock Test
Units and MeasurementsPractice Questions
Mock Test
Work, Energy and PowerPractice Questions
Mock Test
OscillationsPractice Questions
Mock Test
Systems of Particles and Rotational MotionPractice Questions
Mock Test
GravitationPractice Questions
Mock Test
Mechanical Properties of SolidsPractice Questions
Mock Test
Mechanical Properties of FluidsPractice Questions
Mock Test
Thermal Properties of MatterPractice Questions
Mock Test
ThermodynamicsPractice Questions
Mock Test
WavesPractice Questions
Mock Test
Kinetic TheoryPractice Questions
Mock Test
Ray Optics and Instrumental MeasurementsPractice Questions
Mock Test
Wave OpticsPractice Questions
Mock Test
Electric Charges and FieldsPractice Questions
Mock Test
Electrostatic Potential and CapacitancePractice Questions
Mock Test
Current ElectricityPractice Questions
Mock Test
Moving Charges and MagnetismPractice Questions
Mock Test
Magnetism and MatterPractice Questions
Mock Test
Electromagnetic InductionPractice Questions
Mock Test
Alternating CurrentPractice Questions
Mock Test
Electromagnetic WavesPractice Questions
Mock Test
AtomsPractice Questions
Mock Test
NucleiPractice Questions
Mock Test
Dual Nature of Radiation and MatterPractice Questions
Mock Test
Communication SystemsPractice Questions
Mock Test
Semiconductor Electronics-Materials, Devices and Simple CircuitsPractice Questions
Mock Test

The following is the AP EAMCET Chemistry topics and sub-topics with practice and mock test link:

Classification of Material and Periodicity in Properties Atomic Structure Chemical Bonding and the Molecular StructurePractice Questions
Mock Test
States of Matter: Gases and LiquidsPractice Questions
Mock Test
StoichiometryPractice Questions
Mock Test
ThermodynamicsPractice Questions
Mock Test
Chemical Equilibrium and Acid-BasesPractice Questions
Mock Test
Hydrogen and its CompoundsPractice Questions
Mock Test
The S-Block Elements-Group 1 and 2Practice Questions
Mock Test
P block Elements – Group 13Practice Questions
Mock Test
P block Elements – Group 14Practice Questions
Mock Test
Environmental chemistryPractice Questions
Mock Test
HydrocarbonsPractice Questions
Mock Test
Solid StatePractice Questions
Mock Test
SolutionsPractice Questions
Mock Test
Electrochemistry and Chemical KineticsPractice Questions
Mock Test
Surface ChemistryPractice Questions
Mock Test
General Principles of MetallurgyPractice Questions
Mock Test
P- Block Elements- Group-15, 16, 17 and 18Practice Questions
Mock Test
D and F Block Elements and Coordinate CompoundsPractice Questions
Mock Test
PolymersPractice Questions
Mock Test
BiomoleculesPractice Questions
Mock Test
Chemistry and Everyday LifePractice Questions
Mock Test
Haloalkanes and HaloarenesPractice Questions
Mock Test
Organic Compounds containing C, H and OPractice Questions
Mock Test
Organic Compounds containing NitrogenPractice Questions
Mock Test
Classification of Elements and Periodicity in PropertiesPractice Questions
Mock Test
Organic ChemistryPractice Questions
Mock Test

AP EAMCET 2024 Mock Test

Candidates can follow the below-mentioned steps to attempt the AP EAMCET mock test at Embibe:

  • 1st Step: Visit Embibe’s official website, i.e., embibe.com.
  • 2nd Step: Login using your mobile number/ email.
  • 3rd Step: Then select your ‘Goal’ as ‘AP EAMCET’ under Engineering.
  • 4th Step: Click ‘Next’ and select your preferred language.
  • 5th Step: Refer to the below-mentioned links to attempt mock tests.
AP EAMCET Mock Tests
AP EAMCET Mock Test 1 AP EAMCET Mock Test 2
AP EAMCET Mock Test 3 AP EAMCET Mock Test 4
AP EAMCET Mock Test 5 AP EAMCET Mock Test 6

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Important Chapters for AP EAMCET 2024

Here are some important chapters for AP EAPCET 2024:

Important Chapters for AP EAPCET 2024
P- Block ElementsAtomic Structure
Stoichiometry (mole Concept)Chemical Bonding And Molecular Structure
Classification Of Elements And Periodicity In PropertiesThermodynamics
HydrocarbonsOrganic Chemistry – Some Basic Principles And Techniques
States Of Matter : Gases And LiquidsRedox Reactions
The S – Block Elements (alkali And Alkaline Earth Metals)Hydrogen And Its Compounds
Chemical EquilibriumEnvironmental Chemistry
Surface ChemistryIonic Equilibrium
Coordination CompoundsGeneral Principles Of Metallurgy
Haloalkanes And HaloarenesAmines
Chemistry In Everyday LifeSolutions
Carboxylic Acids And Its DerivativesElectrochemistry
D And F Block ElementsSolid State
Chemical KineticsBiomolecules
Mathematical InductionAldehydes And Ketones
PolymersAlcohols, Phenols And Ethers
Partial FractionsTheory Of Equations
Trigonometric Ratios And IdentitiesTrigonometric Equations
Properties Of TrianglesSequences And Series
The Straight LinePair Of Straight Lines
Complex NumbersBinomial Theorem

FAQs on AP EAMCET Study Material 2024

Read some of the most frequently asked questions about AP EAMCET study material 2024 below:

Q: Are the AP EAMCET and AP EAPCET the same?

Ans: AP EAPCET was previously known as the Andhra Pradesh Engineering Agricultural and Medical Common Entrance Test (AP EAMCET). But later, it was changed to Andhra Pradesh Engineering Agricultural and Pharmacy Common Entrance Test (AP EAPCET) as admission to medical courses took place only through NEET.

Q: Where can I get the syllabus for AP EAMCET?

Ans: The candidates can get the AP EAMCET 2024 syllabus from the article above. 

Q: How many seats are available in the AP EAMCET?

Ans: A total of 1,43,254 Engineering seats were available for admission, based on data from the preceding year. Out of these total seats, 1,38,972 were available for private colleges.

Q: Where can I get study material for AP EAMCET?

Ans: Candidates can get study material for AP EAMCET at Embibe. 

Q: When will the authorities conduct the AP EAMCET 2024?

Ans: The AP EAMCET 2024 will tentatively take place in May 2024.

We hope this detailed article on the AP EAMCET study material helps you prepare for the entrance exam in the best way possible.

Stay tuned to Embibe for the latest updates on AP EAMCET 2024!

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