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Bihar Board Class 11 Preparation Tips 2024


Bihar Board Class 11 Preparation Tips: The Bihar School Examination Board, BSEB regulates the 11th Bihar Board exam every year. Class 11 is one of the most important phases of a student’s life. It is at this stage that students can study a stream of their choice and also prepare for their upcoming board exam. Therefore, it is important to follow some preparation tips while studying to maximise learning.

This article discusses the preparation tips to help students prepare effectively and score good marks. Implementing them on a daily basis ensures that students complete their syllabus on time and master the concepts thoroughly. Continue reading to know more about the 11th Bihar Board preparation tips.

BSEB Class 11 Best Preparation Tips

Class 11 can seem a little difficult due to the sudden leap in streams and change in the course structure from the previous classes. Therefore, referring to some tips and strategies smoothens the learning process. It helps them prepare for the exam strategically. Students can read the pointers below to get the BSEB Class 11 preparation tips.

  • Go through the syllabus: Students should have the updated syllabus and go through it entirely before studying a subject. It gives them an idea of the chapters included and their weightage. This help students prepare the timetable accordingly.
  • Devise a proper timetable and follow it religiously: Students should prepare a timetable where all the subjects are given ample time for learning and practicing. The subjects which are tougher for them can be given more attention. And students should follow the timetable strictly.
  • Master the concepts: Students must master the concepts to ensure that they are able to answer the questions asked in the exam. They can refer to their textbooks and ebooks with videos and solutions on Embibe. Through the ebooks, they can visualise the concepts to have a deeper understanding.
  • Make short notes: Students should make short notes of the topics they are learning. They can later refer to them while revising and save time instead of reading each and every line of the chapter.
  • Practice questions: Practicing questions help students gauge their understanding of a topic and makes them familiar with the different kind of questions that can be asked in the exam. Students can get practice questions on Embibe to elevate their preparation level.
  • Revise regularly: When students revise regularly, it gives them a chance to recollect the concepts they have learned. This in turn helps them retain the information and decreases the chance of ever forgetting them.
  • Take mock tests: Mock tests help students track their progress and understand how ready they are for the exam. It also helps them identify their strengths and weaknesses. Students can take chapter-wise tests and full tests on Embibe and get detailed feedback on their performance.

Below we have provided the mock tests for Bihar Board Class 11:

Mock Test PapersLinks
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FAQs on 11th Bihar Board Preparation Tips

Here are some frequently asked questions about the 11th Bihar Board preparation tips.

Q. Where can I get the 11th Bihar Board preparation tips?

Ans: Students can get the 11th Bihar Board preparation tips from this page.

Q. What is the benefit of following the 11th Bihar Board preparation tips?

Ans: Following the 11th Bihar preparation tips enhances the level of preparation and help students study systematically and complete their syllabus on time.

Q. Where can I practice questions for the 11th Bihar Board exam?

Ans: Students can practice questions for the 11th Bihar Board exam on Embibe.

Q. How can I access the Bihar Board Class 11 practice questions on Embibe?

Ans: To access the Bihar Board Class 11 practice questions students must log in to Embibe using their email id or mobile number.

Q. Where can I take the 11th Bihar Board mock test?

Ans: Students can take the 11th Bihar Board mock test on Embibe.

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