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Bihar Board Class 7 Mathematics Books


Bihar Board Class 7 Mathematics Books: Bihar Board exams are considered one of the toughest in comparison to other boards. So, if students are preparing for their Bihar Board Class 7 exams, they must be aware of the best books and study materials for all the subjects. The major subjects in Class 7 for the Bihar Board students are English, Science, Maths, Hindi, and Social Science. To score high marks, students must study smartly and follow reliable reference books to excel in exams.

Learn All Bihar Board Class 7 Maths Concepts

BSEB Class 7 Maths Book in Hindiअध्ययन और अभ्यास गणित कक्षा 7

We will discuss everything on the Bihar Board Class 7 Mathematics books via this article. Many reference books are available in the market when it comes to Bihar Board Class7 Maths preparation. But, students must choose only those books which are recommended by experts or are easy to understand. We have simplified this for students as in this article; they will find the best list of Class 7 Maths books for the Bihar Board.

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BSEB Class 7 Mathematics Books: Chapter-wise List

If you are preparing for BSEB Class 7th the exam, then know all the important chapters and topics for your Bihar Board Class 7 exam from the table given below:

BSEB Class 7 Maths Important Chapters in HindiBSEB Class 7 Important Chapters in Hindi

Check all the important chapters of Bihar Board Class 7 Maths books here at Embibe.

BSEB Bihar Board Class 7 Maths Mock Test

Just like knowing the important chapters is crucial, practising and solving the model papers is also another important criterion that must be filled in while preparing for Bihar Board Class 7 exam. Embibe provides you with all the chapter-wise sample papers which you can avail of for. The links are provided here in the table below:

BSEB Class 7 Maths Mock Test in HindiBSEB Class 7 Maths Mock Test in Hindi

Steps to Practice Unlimited 7th Class Bihar Board Chapter-wise Mock Tests

Embibe provides personalised mock tests for every student. They can practice in their own pace and prepare themselves with ease. Below we have provided a detailed guide to taking the mock test based on latest syllabus on Embibe:

1st Step: Click on ‘Create Account‘.
2nd Step: Enter your mobile number.
3rd Step: Then select your Goal as ‘Bihar State Board’.
4th Step: Select your Exam Name as ’7th Bihar Board’.
5th Step: Click Next and select your language ‘Hindi’.
6th Step: Once done, click on the below-mentioned links to take the TEST.

Learn from Bihar Board Class 7 Science books here at Embibe.

Test BSEB Class 10 Embibe


Below are the most frequently asked questions on the  Bihar Board Class 7 Mathematics books:

Q: What will be the full form of BSEB?

Ans: BSEB is the short form of the Bihar School Examination Board, which is a statutory body under the Government of Bihar to conduct examinations for Classes 1 to 12 in Bihar.

Q: How many subjects are there in Class 7 Bihar Board?

Ans: There are majorly 5 subjects in the Class 7 Bihar Board.

Q: Does Bihar Board use NCERT?

Ans: Bihar Board students study in school from the books published by Bihar State Text Book Publishing Corporation Limited. However, NCERT books can be used as reference material.

Q: Who prescribes the Bihar Board Class 7 syllabus?

Ans: Bihar School Examination Board is responsible for prescribing the Class 7 syllabus of Bihar board exams.

Q: What are the most important topics in Mathematics?

Ans: Some of the most important chapters in Bihar Board Class 7 Maths are Fractions and Decimals, Rational Numbers, Exponents and Powers, Algebraic Expressions, Simple Equations, and Comparing Quantities.

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