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Bihar Board Class 10 Books 2025 – Download PDF


Have you ever wondered what is the cheapest way to travel? The way is reading the right books! Yes, that’s true about books as they let you travel without actually visiting there. Similarly, good books are essential to let you move the ladder of the best preparation for the Bihar Board Class 10 exams. Guess what? Embibe provides the best collection of books for Bihar Board Class 10, along with sample papers and mock tests in one place.

In this app, the Bihar Board Class 10 books are available in both English and Hindi so that you can study in the language of your convenience. Bihar Board 10th Class Books on Embibe provide a great learning experience that will help to take your preparation ahead. So, continue reading to discover everything about the Bihar Board Class 10 books.

Best Bihar Board Books for Class 10 Preparation

The Bihar Board Class 10 syllabus covers topics from Mathematics, Science, Social Science, English, and Hindi. Given the vastness of the syllabus, you must develop a comprehensive study plan and choose the best study resources for your preparation.

We at Embibe have compiled a list of the subject-wise preparation books for Bihar Board Class 10. So, start studying now from the links provided in the section below.

Bihar Board Class 10 Books for Mathematics

Embibe books for Bihar Board Class 10 Mathematics are more in-depth and student-friendly. The way our books present Mathematical concepts and ideas, along with explanations, gives you a better understanding of solving problems.

10th Bihar Board Books for Maths
Mathematics Textbook for Class X
NCERT Exemplar Problems-Solutions Mathematics
Mathematics Class X By R.D. Sharma

Bihar Board Class 10 Books for Physics

If you are studying Physics in class 10, then you must check the list of books in the table below, which will help you score better marks:

10th Bihar Board Books for Physics
Science For Tenth Class (Part – 1) Physics
Essentials Of Physics Class X
Foundation Science Physics For Class 10

Bihar Board Class 10 Books for Chemistry

Bihar Board Class 10 Chemistry books at Embibe are the best option for you to clear all your doubts. Subject matter experts have written these books and ensure that these books are according to the latest syllabus. Check the table below and start reading the 10th Bihar Board Chemistry books for: 

10th Bihar Board Books for Chemistry
Essentials Of Chemistry Class X
New Millennium Science Chemistry Class X
Eduwiser’s Cbse Chemistry For Class X

Bihar Board Class 10 Books for Biology

We have prepared a list of Biology books for Bihar Board Class 10 students. The below-mentioned book covers all topics and makes your exam preparation easy:

10th Bihar Board Books for Biology
Essentials Of Biology S.P. Sharma
New Millenium Science Biology 
Eduwiser’s CBSE Biology For Class X

FAQs on Bihar Board Class 10 Exam 2025

Below, we have discussed some of the most frequent questions on the Bihar Board Class 10 exam. Students can check the questions and clarify their doubts regarding the 10th Bihar Board books:

Q: What subjects are covered under the Bihar Board Class 10 syllabus? 

Ans: The subjects covered under the Bihar Board Class 10 are English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Hindi.

Q: Where can I get books for BSEB Class 10 preparation?

Ans: You can study the 10th Bihar Board books with 3D video explanations for on Embibe.

Q: Where can I practise the BSEB Class 10 sample papers?

Ans: You can sign up on Embibe and start practising Bihar Board Class 10 sample papers for. 

Q: How should I study for the Bihar Board Class 10 exams?

Ans: Start with Embibe preparation books for the 10th Bihar Board exam, where experts teach via 3D explanations and illustrations, which will help you learn the basics quickly.

Q: Does Bihar Board use NCERT books?

Ans: The Bihar Board prescribes the textbooks for all subjects. However, you can use the NCERT books as reference material.

We hope this article on the Bihar Board Class 10 books helps you. Log in to Embibe and access the online books mentioned here to keep up with your studies.

Stay tuned to Embibe for the latest updates on the Bihar Board Class 10.

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