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Bihar Board Class 9 Syllabus 2023


Bihar Board Class 9 Syllabus: Bihar School Education Board (BSEB) issues the Bihar Board Class 9 syllabus. Students who are preparing for the Bihar Board Class 9 exam need to know the syllabus thoroughly to get an understanding of the chapters and topics that they will study for the exam.

The students can get the Bihar Board Class 9 syllabus 2023 from this article. Students are advised not to leave any topic unlearnt. If they face any problem grasping it, they can refer to Embibe 3D videos to understand them. We advise students to go through the syllabus as early as possible and start their preparations for 9th Bihar Board final examination.

Bihar Board Class 9 Subject-wise Syllabus 

The Bihar Board Class 9 syllabus 2023 includes all the chapters that students will study to build a concrete foundation for their exams. Students can prepare for the Class 9 examinations using the 9th Bihar Board syllabus.

This article has a subject-wise syllabus for 9th Bihar Board as per the recent guidelines issued by the state’s school education board. Continue reading to access the syllabus of 9th Bihar Board Maths and Science subjects and study material for Bihar Board Class 9.

9th Bihar Board Science Syllabus

The Science syllabus of 9th Bihar Board is very interesting. Students will learn many concepts that will be helpful is building a base for Class 10. Also, students can refer to Embibe Big Books to study their entire Science syllabus. The Embibe Big Books explain all the chapter topics through 3D videos, which makes it easier to understand the concepts and write good answers in the exam.

Chapter No.Chapter Name
1Matter in Our Surroundings
2Is Matter Around Us?
3Atoms and Molecules
4Structure of the Atom
5The Fundamental Unit of Life
7Diversity in Living Organisms
9Force and Laws of Motion
11Work and Energy
13Why do we Fall Ill?
14Natural Resources
15Improvement in Food Resources

9th Bihar Board Maths Syllabus

Many students fear Maths, and end up making silly mistakes while solving a question. Due to the fear, they often skip topics or entire chapter, which costs them marks. The table below contains the 9th Bihar Board Maths syllabus. Students are advised to prepare the entire syllabus and if they face any difficulty in understanding any topic, they should refer to Embibe’s video lessons to understand them and also access Bihar Board 9th Maths practice questions

Chapter No.Chapter Name
1Number System
3Coordinate Geometry
4Linear Equations in Two Variables
5Introduction to Euclid’s Geometry
6Lines and Angles
9Area of Parallelogram and Triangles
12Heron’s Formula
13Surface Areas and Volumes

FAQs on Bihar Board Class 9 Syllabus

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions on Bihar Board Class 9 syllabus:

Q.1: From where can I get the Bihar Board Class 9 syllabus?

Ans: Students can get the Bihar Board Class 9 syllabus from the board’s official website, and also from this page.

Q.2: What are the total maximum marks for the Bihar Board Class 9 subjects?

Ans: The total maximum marks for each subject exam of 9th Bihar Board is 100.

Q.3: Is the Bihar Board Class 9 syllabus useful?

Ans: The Bihar Board Class 9 syllabus is not only useful, but the most important factor of students’ academic year. It defines the topics and chapters that students will study during the year. Thus, it sets a definite limit to what and how much students of a specific class have to study.

Q.4: How many chapters are there in 9th Bihar Board Maths syllabus?

Ans: There are total 15 chapters in the Bihar Board 9th class syllabus.

Q.5: Can the sample questions be helpful in exam preparation of Bihar Board Class 9?

Ans: Yes, the Bihar Board Class 9 sample questions will help students answer different types of questions on a particular topic, It will prepare them to face the final exam.

We hope this article on Bihar Board Class 9 syllabus was useful to you. Stay tuned to Embibe for more information on 9th Bihar Board exam.

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