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Bihar Board Class 9 Chapter 2023


The fear of exams is genuine. Getting ready for the Bihar Board Class 9 exam can be mind-boggling. The vast syllabus of the varied subjects cannot be completed just like that. All you need is a properly structured plan and study materials for the important chapters. This is where Embibe comes into the picture. It offers 40+ Books with Video Solutions and  35+ Embibe Explainers, where each concept is explained step by step.

Preparing a correct study technique facilitates students in learning new concepts easily. Upon finishing one chapter, students should practice questions before jumping to a different chapter. However, the task of segregating important chapters from the vast syllabus can be tedious. To make things easier, we have listed down the important chapters. Embibe also provides 1000+ practice test questions from 40+ books as per the latest syllabus that can be attempted for. 

9th Bihar Board Subject-wise Chapters

The number of fundamental chapters included in each subject increases the scope of your knowledge. And paying close attention to each chapter will help you develop the basic concepts that will serve you well throughout your academic career. We have listed down the subject-wise chapters for 9th Bihar Board in the tables below. Scroll down and start learning now!

Bihar Board Class 9 Maths Chapters

Human intellect and logic are fundamentally based on Mathematics.  As Mathematics promotes logical thinking, it is essential for learning other academic subjects like Physics, Social Studies, Music, and Art. Below, we have provided the list of all the chapters from Bihar Board Class 9 Maths. Click on the links and start learning now!

Chapter No.Chapter Name
1Number System
3Coordinate Geometry
4Linear Equations in Two Variables
5Introduction to Euclid’s Geometry
6Lines and Angles
9Area of Parallelogram and Triangles
12Heron’s Formula
13Surface Areas and Volumes

Bihar Board Class 9 Science Chapters

In every aspect of life, Science has benefited us. A new invention or an improvement to an existing one is reported almost daily. To learn about all the amazing concepts of Science, simply click on the links below.

Chapter No.Chapter Name
1Matter in Our Surroundings
2Is Matter Around Us?
3Atoms and Molecules
4Structure of the Atom
5The Fundamental Unit of Life
7Diversity in Living Organisms
9Force and Laws of Motion
11Work and Energy
13Why do we Fall Ill?
14Natural Resources
15Improvement in Food Resources

FAQs on Bihar Board Class 9 Chapter

Some of the frequently asked questions on Bihar Board Class 9 chapter are as follows:

Q: What is the passing percentage in 9th Bihar Board?

Ans: Students require a minimum of 30% in each subject to qualify for the Bihar Board Class 9 exams.

Q: When will the Bihar Board Class 9 2023 exam dates be released?

Ans: The Bihar Board Class 9 2023 exam dates are expected to be notified by the board in January 2023.

Q: Where can I find the important study materials for the Bihar Board Class 9 Exam?

Ans: Embibe offers 1000+ practice questions, mock tests, and 100+ 3D videos that cover all important chapters and their solutions for.

Q: How many subjects are there in Bihar Board Class 9 exam?

Ans: The subjects of the Bihar Board Class 9 exam are English, Hindi, Language, Social Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, and Information Technology. 

Q: How to score good marks in the Bihar Board Class 9 exam?

Ans: Referring to the study materials and solutions on Embibe can help students to score well in the exam. You can also take up mock tests in order to gauge your preparation levels. 

We hope this article on the helps you prepare for your exams. For more such articles, stay tuned to Embibe.

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