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CBSE Class 11 Mock Test 2024


Before the pressure of the 10th board exam subsides, and the result sinks in, students are expected to gear up for the 12th board exam. Life seems like an endless train of tests, doesn’t it? But now that you have cleared the 10th exam, you must have some semblance of exam preparation. If not, now is the time to make Embibe your academic agony aunt!

On Embibe, you can learn a topic from the beginning, practice sample questions, and take mock tests to boost your confidence. Embibe provides mock tests for Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology subjects for CBSE Class 11. You can customise tests with unlimited flexibility using the “Create Your Own Test” feature on Embibe. You can choose subjects or chapters and set the exam difficulty level, marking scheme, and time duration. Read on to know more about the 11th CBSE mock tests.

Benefits of Taking CBSE Class 11 Mock Test on Embibe

While it is imperative to understand the topics thoroughly, you also need ample practice to implement the concepts and answer a question effectively. After learning a topic, you should practice various questions and then take mock tests to analyse how well you have understood the topic. This is one of the best techniques to learn any concept. 

Embibe offers mock tests for Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Biology subjects of the 11th CBSE. What sets Embibe’s mock tests apart is the AI-based detailed feedback on your test performance, like wasted attempts, questions solved too soon, too much time spent on a question, etc.

Some of the benefits of taking Embibe 11th CBSE mock tests are as below:

  • You can take online mock tests for the full syllabus, know the pattern of the exam, and understand how prepared you are to appear for the final exam.
  • You get a detailed analysis of areas where you need improvement.
  • Following the recommendations of the Test Feedback ensures that your score improves by up to 25% in just 2 tests.
  • You can also know your cognitive skills, like analysis, comprehension, rote learning, application, etc. required to ace the Class 11 CBSE exam.

Attempt Mock Tests for 11th CBSE 

Now that you have a brief idea of how helpful Embibe’s mock tests can be, maybe it is time to check. We assure you that solving mock tests on Embibe will definitely improve your exam preparation.
You can click on the direct links below to take the CBSE Class 11 mock tests.

CBSE Class 11 Mock TestCBSE Class 11 Mock Test
Attempt 11th CBSE Maths Mock TestAttempt 11th CBSE Chemistry Mock Test
Attempt 11th CBSE Physics Mock TestAttempt 11th CBSE Biology Mock Test

Steps to Take CBSE Class 11 Mock Tests at Embibe

Mock tests are an integral part of a comprehensive study plan. They simulate the experience of taking the board exam. Mock tests help students find their strengths and weaknesses and improve question-solving speed and accuracy.

You can take mock tests at Embibe by following the below-mentioned steps:

  • 1st Step: Visit the official website of Embibe, i.e., Embibe.com.
  • 2nd Step: Use your mobile number/email to sign-up or login.
  • 3rd Step: Select your Goal as ‘CBSE’ under the Excelling in School section.
  • 4th Step: Under the section ‘Exams’, select ‘11th CBSE’ and click on ‘Next’.
  • 5th Step: Select your preferred language among English and Hindi.
  • 6th Step: Click on the ‘Test’ option, choose a subject and start your test.

FAQs on CBSE Class 11 Mock Test 2024

Below are some frequently asked questions on the 11th CBSE mock test:

Q: Where can I take the CBSE Class 11 mock tests for?

Ans: You can attempt mock tests for CBSE Class 11 on Embibe. 

Q: What are the benefits of attempting CBSE Class 11 mock tests on Embibe?

Ans: Embibe mock tests give you a detailed review of your test performance. Refer to this article to know the benefits of taking Embibe mock tests for CBSE 11th.  

Q: Are there any subject-wise mock tests for CBSE Class 11 at Embibe?

Ans: Yes, you can access subject-wise mock tests for CBSE Class 11 at Embibe.

Q: What is the minimum passing mark for CBSE Class 11 exam?

Ans: You need to score at least 33% to pass the 11th CBSE exam and be eligible for admission to Class 12.

Q: When should I start solving mock tests for CBSE Class 11?

Ans: You can start solving mock tests for CBSE Class 11 once you are done with thorough exam preparation.

As a student of CBSE Class 11, you can enhance your preparation with all the study materials at Embibe. Subscribe to Embibe for more information.

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