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Delhi Board Class 7 Preparation Tips 2023


Class 7 is one of the most important phases of a student’s career. It teaches the fundamental concepts of the core subjects that will help students in multiple ways. Studying the Delhi Board Class 7 subjects can seem challenging for students considering the vast syllabus. But, with the right preparation strategies, students can easily score good marks in the final exams. 

This article provides some excellent exam preparation tips to guide students towards better exam preparation. These preparation tips are the best confidence boosters that will keep the students motivated to complete the syllabus and achieve the best exam results. Keep reading to know more about the Delhi Board Class 7 exam preparation tips at Embibe.

Best Preparation Tips for Delhi Board Class 7

No board exams are conducted for Delhi Board Class 7, but students must perform well in the ‘Formative Assessment’ and ‘Summative Assessment’ to qualify for the next academic year. To be able to perform well, students must follow the examination blueprint, go through model question papers and sample questions, attempt mock tests and revise the studied topics every day. We have listed some best exam preparation strategies below to make exam preparation easier.

  • Collect the Syllabus and Examination Blueprint: The syllabus and examination blueprint are crucial in determining the topics that should be completed on a priority basis. Students must contact their respective school authorities to know the subject-wise syllabus and blueprint. Completing all the topics with a higher mark distribution helps the students to answer most of the questions asked in the exam.
  • Maintain Short Notes for all Subjects: To make the study time easy and feasible, students must prepare chapter-wise short notes for all the subjects. This helps students to summarise any given chapter easily. Also, students can answer any question asked in the exam to the point and accurately if they are well-versed in the notes. However, students must cover all chapter topics while preparing the notes.
  • Make Revision a Regular Habit: Regular revision is a key to recollecting the answers in the exam easily. When students prepare the exam timetable, it is important to allocate time for revising the already studied topics. It helps the students in answering the questions asked in the exam quickly and efficiently. The revision also helps students easily go through the chapters before the final exam.
  • Practice Numerical-Based Questions of all Subjects: Subjects like Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry have numerical-based questions that require vigorous practice. Before directly practising the problems, students must understand how to solve the problem step-wise. Also, chapter-wise formulas must be noted and practised every day so that they are easily applied wherever necessary during the exam.
  • Give the Best Attempt in Mock Tests: With the help of mock tests, students can easily determine their strong and weak areas. The feedback after every mock test should be considered and evaluated to work on the required areas of improvement. Students can practice chapter-wise mock tests regularly to make the best use of mock tests in acquiring subject proficiency.
  • Do Not Miss out on Studying the Difficult Chapters: Some chapters may seem more difficult than others. Instead of skipping the entire chapter or postponing the learning to the last minute, students must complete studying the entire chapter with the help of some best books. Students should also ensure they clarify all the doubts related to the chapter by consulting their teachers.

Below we have provided the mock tests for Delhi Board Class 7:

SubjectTake Delhi Board Class 7 Mock Tests
MathsTake Delhi Board Class 7 Maths Mock Tests
ScienceTake Delhi Board Class 7 Science Mock Tests

FAQs on 7th Delhi Board Preparation Tips

Below are some frequently asked questions about Delhi Board Class 7 preparation tips.

Q: Where can I find mock tests for Delhi Board Class 7 Maths topics?

Ans: Students can find the mock tests for Delhi Board Class 7 Maths topics at Embibe.

Q: Can I practice questions related to Delhi Board Class 7 Science chapters at Embibe?

Ans: Yes. Students can practice topic-wise questions related to all the Delhi Board Class 7 Science chapters at Embibe.

Q: What is the best way to practice time management for Delhi Board Class 7 exams?

Ans: To practice time management for the Delhi Board Class 7 exams, students must attempt mock tests and solve sample question papers and previous years’ question papers within the time span of exam duration.

Q: Where can I find the best preparation tips for Delhi Board Class 7 exams?

Ans: Students can find the best exam preparation tips for Delhi Board Class 7 exams at Embibe.

Q: How can I know the important topics for the chapters of Delhi Board Class 7?

Ans: To know the important topics related to the Delhi Board Class 7 chapters, students must refer to the blueprint to note the chapters with more weightage. They can also refer to the previous years’ question papers to know the frequently asked questions in the exam.

We hope this detailed article on the 7th Delhi Board Preparation Tips helps you prepare for the exam in the best way possible. For more information on Delhi Board Class 7 exams, Stay tuned to Embibe.

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