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8th RBSE Topics


In the run-up to RBSE Board Class 8 exams, it can seem like there are many diverse topics to study that you’ll never manage to keep track of it all in your head. But with the right approach, you can get organised in order to prepare adequately for the RBSE Board Class 8 exams. So, you can find an A-to-Z list of 8th RBSE topics you should be familiar with, from Maths to Science and beyond!

We have put together 8th RBSE topics lists along with helpful links to 3D video explanations from Embibe. These free 3D videos explain all Science, Math, and Social science topics. You can study the 8th RBSE topics at Embibe and brush up on your concepts to ace your exams! 

Subject-wise 8th RBSE Topics

The tables below show the top-scoring topics for Science, Mathematics, and Social Science. Before appearing in the RBSE Board Class 8 exams, you need to know these topics thoroughly.

We have included direct links to 3D video explanations for each topic for your convenience. So, you can click on a topic to access study materials, practice questions, and more.

High-scoring Topics for RBSE Board Class 8 Science

Below is a list of the topics you will study in Science for the 8th RBSE Board. You can start studying one of them by clicking on its link, which will take you to a page with the 3D video explanations by Embibe experts:

Chapter NameTopics
Crop Production And ManagementAgricultural Practices
Preparation of Soil
Basic Practices of Crop Production
Manure and Fertilisers
Microorganism Friend and FoeIntroduction to Microorganisms
Friendly Microorganisms
Harmful Microorganisms
Food Preservation
Nitrogen Fixation
Synthetic Fibres and PlasticsSynthetic fibres
Types of Synthetic Fibres
Characteristics of Synthetic Fibres
Material: Metals and Non-MetalsPhysical Properties of Metals and Non-metals
Chemical Properties of Metals and Non-metals
Uses of Metals and Non-metals
Coal and PetroleumNatural Resources
Natural Gas
Combustion and FlameCombustion
Controlling the Fire
Types of Combustion
Structure of a Flame
Conservation of Plants and AnimalsDeforestation and Its Causes
Consequences of Deforestation
Conservation of Forest and Wildlife
Cell – Structure and FunctionsDiscovery of the Cell
Cell Shape and Size
Cell Structure and Function
Parts of the Cell
Comparison of Plant and Animal Cells
Reproduction in AnimalsModes of Reproduction
Sexual Reproduction
Asexual Reproduction

To access the complete list of RBSE Board Class 8 Science topics, click here.

High-scoring Topics for RBSE Board Class 8 Mathematics

If you need help understanding the following topics in 8th RBSE Board Mathematics, click on the links below to watch 3D video explanations by Embibe experts:

Chapter NameTopics
Rational NumbersIntroduction to Rational Numbers
Properties of Rational Numbers
Representation of Rational Numbers on the Number Line
Rational Numbers between Two Rational Numbers
Linear Equations in One VariableIntroduction to Linear Equations in One Variable
Solving Linear Equations in One Variable
Applications of Linear Equations
Reducing Linear Equations to Simpler Form
Understanding QuadrilateralsPolygons
Classification of Polygons
Sum of the Measures of the Exterior Angles of a Polygon
Kinds of Quadrilaterals
Practical GeometryConstructing a Quadrilateral
Special Cases of Construction of Quadrilateral
Data HandlingBar Graphs
Organising Data
Grouping Data and Histogram
Circle Graph or Pie Chart
Squares and Square RootsProperties of Square Numbers
Patterns in Numbers
Finding the Square of a Number
Square Roots
Cubes and Cube RootsCubes
Pattern in Numbers
Cube Roots
Comparing QuantitiesRatios and Percentages
Increase or Decrease as Per Cent
Profit and Loss

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High-scoring Topics for RBSE Board Class 8 Social Science

We have compiled a list of high-scoring topics for RBSE Board Class 8 Social Science that you might find useful. You can also begin studying these topics by watching 3D video explanations on these topics provided below:

Chapter NameTopics
How, When and WhereDates in History
Historical Records
From Trade to TerritoryArrival of East India Company
Expansion of East India Company Rule
Administration during East India Company Rule
Slave Trade in South Africa
Ruling the CountrysideRevenue Settlement Systems by East India Company
Indigo Cultivation in British India
Process of Indigo Production
Tribals, Dikus and the Vision of a Golden AgeLife of Tribal Groups before British
Colonial Rule and Tribal Life
Birsa Munda
When People Rebel 1857 and AfterCauses of Revolt of 1857
1857 Revolt: A People’s Rebellion
Taiping Rebellion
The Birth of an Imperial Capital:Colonialism and DelhiCities under Colonial Rule
Imperial City of Delhic
Delhi as New Capital
Weavers, Iron Smelters and Factory OwnersIndian Textiles and the World Market
Sword of Tipu Sultan and Wootz Steel
Establishment of Iron and Steel Factories in India
Industrialisation in Japan
Civilising the “Native”, Educating the NationBeginning of English Education in India
Local Schools before and during British Rule
Agenda for National Education in British India
Education Act in 1870

For the complete list of 8th RBSE topics in Social Science, click here.

FAQs on 8th RBSE Topics

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions on 8th RBSE topics:

Q: Are the topics in RBSE Board Class 8 easy?

Ans: There are many topics in RBSE Board Class 8 that you will find difficult, but you learn them easily with Embibe’s free books. You can study books with 3D video lectures at Embibe that will help you understand concepts quickly.

Q: How many topics are there in the RBSE Board Class 8 Rational Numbers?

Ans: There are around 4 topics in RBSE Board Class 8 Rational Numbers.

Q: Where can I find video lectures on RBSE Board Class 8 topics?

Ans: Our free online 3D video explanations can help you prepare better for the RBSE Board Class 8 exams. To start studying, log in to the Embibe app.

Q: Where to get the free RBSE Board Class 8 mock tests?

Ans: Sign up at Embibe and gain access to a range of free study resources, including RBSE Board Class 8 mock tests.

Q: What is the RBSE Board’s official website?

Ans: The RBSE Board’s official website is rajeduboard.rajasthan.gov.in.

We hope this article on 8th RBSE topics helps you. Download the Embibe app to access free study resources for RBSE Board Class 8.

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