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NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Science Chapter 1 Crop Production and Management


NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Science Chapter 1: If students are looking for free NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Chapter 1, this article provides the necessary details one needs. The subject experts of Embibe have provided the NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Science Chapter 1- Crop Production and Management in the most comprehensive manner. All the NCERT Solutions of Class 8 Science Chapter 1 provided here are solved by top academic experts at Embibe.

CBSE Class 8 Science Chapter 1 talks about Crop Production and Improvement, Types of Crops, Agriculture and its Types in India, History of Agriculture, Coffee Plant, Soil Preparation, Concepts of Tillage, Importance of Crop Rotation and many more. Embibe delivers a set of 470+ practice questions for all the sub-topics of the chapter. Students must focus on practising all the questions on the topic to score good marks. Keep reading to download Class 8 Science chapter 1 solutions.

NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Science Chapter 1: Important Topics

Crop Production and Management is one of the easy-to-learn topics of Class 8 Science. Students must practice all the textbook questions without failing to understand the nature of the questions being asked in the exam. By practising as many questions as possible, students can develop the speed and accuracy of answering the questions. They can confidently answer any type of question asked in the exam.

At Embibe, students can access solutions to each and every question of the Class 8 Science chapter 1 textbook considering the latest syllabus. All the questions and solutions provided by Embibe are free to be accessed by the students. Also, students can practice NCERT 3D Videos, NCERT Exemplars, Embibe Explainers, etc., for free.

We have mentioned the list of topics involved in CBSE Class 8 Science chapter 1 below.

S.NoTopic Name
1Agricultural Practices
2Preparation of Soil
3Basic Practices of Crop Production
4Manure and Fertilizers
6Protection from Weeds
8Storage of Food Grains
9Food from Animals

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NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Science Chapter 1: Points to Remember

We have provided some of the important points related to Class 8 Science chapter 1 below to help students score the best marks in the exam.

  • Crops and Types of crops:
    (i) Plants of the same kind grown and cultivated in a field are called crop plants or crops.
    (ii) Crops are mainly cultivated in two seasons – Rabi (sown in winter; winter season crops; examples – wheat, barley, gram) and Kharif (sown at the beginning of the rainy season; summer season crops; examples – rice, maize, jowar, pulses).
  • Agriculture and Animal husbandry:
    (i) A branch of science dealing with the cultivation or growing of plants and raising of animals which are useful to us in the field is called agriculture.
    (ii) Man has been keeping animals since time immemorial. The keeping or rearing of animals for specific purposes is called domestication.
    (iii) The science dealing with the study of food, shelter and health care of good quality animals is called Animal husbandry.
    (iv) All useful domestic animals are called Livestock.
  • Agricultural Practises:
    (i) The practice of leaving the field uncultivated is called Fallowing.
    (ii) The practice of sowing seeds by hand is called Broadcasting.
    (iii) Ploughing or tilling helps in many ways — it aerates the soil, improves soil drainage, uproots the weeds and loosens the soil helping in easy root penetration. Seeds have to be grown at appropriate distances and depths to get good yield.
    (iv) The supply of water to crops at different intervals is called Irrigation. Fields need to be irrigated from time to time depending on the need of the crop.

NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Science: All Chapters

The detailed NCERT Class 8 Science solutions are provided below for student’s quick reference:

FAQs on NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Science Chapter 1

Q.1: What is the first chapter of Science Class 8?

Ans: The first Chapter of Science Class 8 is Crop Production and Management. This chapter explains how the different types of crops are produced and how they should be maintained.

Q.2: What are Weeds? How can we control them?

Ans: A weed is a plant considered undesirable in a particular situation. Weeds can be controlled using weedicides. It is a chemical which is sprayed in fields to kill all available weeds. The manual method of removing weeds is with the help of a khurpi.

Q.3: What is Sowing?

Ans: The process of scattering seeds in the ground soil for growing the crop plants is called sowing. Before sowing, good-quality seeds are selected.

Q.4: How can I get in-depth information on NCERT Class 8 Science Chapter 1?

Ans: Class 8 Science Chapter 1 – Crop Production and Management is a vital chapter in the CBSE syllabus. Students can establish a firm knowledge of the chapter by practising a range of questions provided by Embibe. Students can also avail of Important Questions for Class 8 Science Chapter 1 provided by expert teachers at Embibe to get in-depth information.

Q.5: How can I top in Class 8 Science subjects?

Ans: Suggestions to prepare for Class 8 CBSE Exams: Make a List of Important Concepts, clear doubts regarding the chapter, refer to NCERT books and solutions on Embibe, practice previous question papers and prepare According to Subject.

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