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  • Written By Varsha
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Diary Entry Format: Examples and Questions

Diary Entry Format: Diary writing format includes a well-organised type of writing skill that covers a schedule and section on the pages. It is essential for students to learn the skill of how to write a diary entry. The entries that are made to the diary mainly consist of personal information but writers can write anything that they probably want to.

Furthermore, from a scholastic standpoint, diary writing necessitates several essential components to receive passing grades. Read this article or bookmark this page to get more details about diary writing such as diary writing format, how to write entries, and diary entry topics along with the latest examples.

Diary Writing Format

The diary format in English follows a date with the respective writing alongside. Since diary entry is personal writing, there are no strict rules that need to be followed. The following format of diary entry is applicable for CBSE, ICSE Board, and other state education boards in India.

Diary Entry Format in English

The standard diary format in English is given below:

  • Date, Day, and Time: Diary writing is a memory. Before writing an entry, mention the date, day, and time so that you know when that particular incident/event took place if you read it later in the future. Usually, the date, day, and time should be mentioned in the top left corner.
  • Heading/Title: Giving a title to an entry is completely optional. Your heading indicates what your piece of writing consists of. If you want, give a suitable heading; else, ignore this.
  • Content: Make an entry about your experience, event, or feelings. The style and tone can be informal. Express anything and everything which you would like to tell to your diary.
  • Signature: Diary entry is already a personal thing. So, it is optional. If you would like to give a signature after an entry, you can; else, you can ignore this section.
  • Tone and Format: Because a diary entry is frequently written to oneself and contains personal information, it is always preferable to be accurate when writing. And the writing format should be the same as if you were writing to a friend or a close one.

This diary writing format is applicable for Class 6 to Class 12 students. So, students who are in search of a diary entry format for Class 10, 9, 8, 7, and 6 can rely on the above format.

Diary Entry Marking Scheme In CBSE

Usually, in CBSE, students will be tested via diary writing in 100 to 200 words. Diary Entry Questions will come under Section – B. The diary writing question will be asked for 4 marks The diary entry format CBSE Class 9 marking scheme is given below:

  • Objective: To use a style and format appropriate for a report
  • Content: 2 marks
  • Expression: 2 marks
  • Suitable format
  • Suitable content

Diary Entry Format in English and Examples

Personal diary writing samples will help students to understand how they can approach a question that will be asked in the examination. Students can find the different sets of diary entry format questions with answers below:

Diary Entry Format in English Question 1

Write a diary entry on one of the luxurious weddings that you have attended. Write your opinions on the wastage of resources at the wedding.

15th February 2022, Monday
10:00 PM

Dear Diary,
Last night, I attended a luxurious wedding of Rohan. Right from the wedding invitations to decorations, catering, return gifts, everything was very expensive. What bothered me was the wastage of resources over there. The light arrangements at the wedding consumed so much electricity which was releasing undesirable pollutants into the air. Apart from that, people were wasting so much food. The disposal of food was improper because of which flies and insects were seen everywhere. So much water was consumed by the people over there. The wastage of resources might lead to water starvation, global warming, pollution, etc. I wish people would understand the effects of this expensive wedding.

Diary Entry Format in English Question 2

You recently visited an ‘Old Age Home’ in Bangalore with your friends. Using the hints given below together with your own ideas, make a diary writing entry of what you saw and experienced there.
Hints: • Old home • Mostly senior citizens above 60 • Peaceful surroundings • Spacious • Clean rooms and baths • Regular medical check-ups • A good library • Means of recreation • A home away from home.

18th February 2022, Thursday
9:30 PM

Dear Diary,
Today I visited an old home in Bangalore with my friends to celebrate my birthday. Nearly 90 people stayed in that old-aged home. Most senior citizens above 60 years stay there. The old age home is settled in peaceful surroundings and is enriched with magnificent paintings, trees, a good library, yoga, meditation auditorium, etc. The home was very big and spacious. All the rooms and bathrooms were clean and hygienic. The authorities of old age homes collect funds to organise regular medical checkups for the senior citizens. We contributed some money for the same. The people there seemed to be very happy and comfortable. Overall I felt that people were in a home away from home.

Diary Entry Format in English Question 3

It was the first day of your new school. Make a diary entry describing your first-day experience in your new school.

3rd June 2019, Thursday
8:30 AM

Dear Diary,
Today was my first day of school. I was very excited, but at the same time, a bit nervous to go to school. The school was very big and my classroom was very spacious. Since it was the first day of my school, I wanted to create a good impression on teachers. So, I sat on the first bench. I was asked to give a self-introduction to my classmates in the classroom. I was embarrassed, but somehow gave a short introduction about myself. Then one girl named Tina approached me and asked me a few things like where I stayed, and from which place I was. The conversation with Tina seemed to be interrogative but comfortable. Tina gave me a tour of the school and I enjoyed it. For now, I consider Tina as my best friend in school. Overall, the first-day experience in my new school was interesting.
Anyway, a new day tomorrow. Wishing myself good luck!
Good Night my dear diary 🙂

FAQs on Diary Entry Format

Q1. What is the ideal diary writing format in English?
Ans. The diary writing format in English is very simple. Just write the date, day, and time and start off with the content. Since diary writing is a personal thing, you can use formal or informal language. Finally, you can enclose it with a signature which is optional too.

Q2. In CBSE, what is the diary format in English?
Ans. The diary format in English for CBSE is the same as the format that is provided on this page.

Q3. How do you start writing a diary entry?
Ans. Diary entry writing is nothing but sharing an experience or feeling in your diary. Just write what you want to express to yourself or your friend regarding the activity in your diary.

Q4. Is a diary entry written in a box?
Ans. A few schools ask students to write Diary Entry in box format. But according to the CBSE marking scheme, there are no marks awarded for writing an entry in a box form. So, it completely depends on you how you want to make your entry.

Q5. How do you end a diary entry?
Ans. Depending upon the content, you can end the diary writing. You can say bye, good night, all the best will share more of my experiences tomorrow, etc. Overall you can end your writing like how you end your conversation with a person.

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