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9th Haryana Board Topics


Experts always suggest that if you are preparing a chapter or lesson, keep revising the important topics and practice questions from them immediately. This is the most effective way of memorising and learning. 

Embibe makes the preparation for Haryana Board Class 9 Exam easier with its list of comprehensive books with solutions. Embibe provides 70+ exclusive books, 50+ interactive videos, and 1000+ practice questions to give students an opportunity to learn and practice concepts from our online books. 

In this article, we have provided important chapter-wise topics to help you score excellent grades.

Haryana Board Class 9 Important Topics for Mathematics

Many of you might find math difficult because of all the formulae. But studying Maths is much simpler now because of Embibe’s in-depth 3D explanations.

The list of important chapters for Haryana Board Class 9 Maths are given below:

Chapter NameImportant Topics
Relations and FunctionsCoordinate Geometry, Circle, Hyperbola, Ellipse, and Straight lines
Numbers and SequencesEuclid’s Division Lemma and Algorithm, Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic, Sequences, Arithmetic Progression
AlgebraLinear Equations in three variables, Polynomials, Rational Numbers, Square Root of Polynomials, Quadratic Equations
GeometryThales Theorem and Postulates, Pythagoras Theorem, Circles, and Tangents
MensurationSurface Area, Volume, Area and Perimeter, Volume of Solids

Haryana Board Class 9 Exam Important Topics for Science

Science improves our awareness of the world we live in. All of the information we have about the universe—from how trees grow to what constitutes an atom—is the result of scientific study and experimentation. Start learning the important topicss for Haryana Board Class 9 Science by clicking on the links below.

Chapter NameImportant Topics
Laws of MotionAcceleration Due to Gravity, Force, Inertia and Its Types, Law of Gravitation, Linear Momentum and Conservation of Linear Momentum, Mass and Weight, Newton’s Laws of Motion, and Torque
OpticsHuman Eye, Lens, Optical Instruments, Properties of Light, Refraction, and Scattering of Light
Thermal PhysicsFundamental Laws of Gases, Heat and Temperature, Real Gas and Ideal Gas, Thermal Energy and Thermal Energy Transfer, Thermal Expansion of Liquids, and Thermal Expansion of Solids
Atoms and MoleculesAtom and Atomic mass, Avogadro hypothesis, Difference between atoms and molecules, Modern atomic theory, Mole Concept, Percent Composition and Relation between vapour density and relative molecular mass
SolutionsComponents of solutions, Concentration of a solution, Hydrated salts, and water of crystallisation, Hygroscopy, and Deliquescence, Problems based on solubility and percentage by mass and volume, Solubility

Best Haryana Board Class 9 Books

Students can practise important chapters from the best Haryana Board Class 9 books below:

Number SystemsPolynomials
Coordinate GeometryLinear Equations In Two Variables
Introduction To Euclid’s GeometryLines And Angles
Areas Of Parallelograms And TrianglesCircles
ConstructionsHeron’s Formula
Surface Areas And VolumesStatistics
ProbabilityProofs In Mathematics Appendix 1
Introduction To Mathematical Modelling Appendix 2Matter In Our Surroundings
Is Matter Around Us Pure?Atoms And Molecules
Structure Of The AtomThe Fundamental Unit Of Life
TissuesDiversity In Living Organisms
MotionForce And Laws Of Motion
GravitationWork And Energy
SoundWhy Do We Fall Ill?
Natural ResourcesImprovement In Food Resources

FAQs on Haryana Board Class 9 Important Topics

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions:

Q: When will the Haryana Board Class 9th exams begin?

Ans: The  Haryana Board Class 9th  exams will begin in March 2023 (Tentative).

Q: Does Embibe offer study materials for Haryana Board Class 9th exams?

Ans: Yes, Embibe offers practice questions, mock tests, books, videos, and other study materials for.

Q: Why should I refer to the Haryana Board Class 9 Important Topics on Embibe? 

Ans: Referring to the Haryana Board Class 9Important Topics on Embibe can greatly benefit the students during exam preparation. It will help students understand the concepts better. Furthermore, practicing through these books will ensure that the students complete the syllabus before time to revise. 

Q: What is the minimum passing mark for Haryana Board Class 9 Board exam?

Ans: Students will have to obtain 35% marks in each subject to get passing grades in the Haryana Board Class 9

Q: What is the medium of instruction for the Haryana Board Class 9 exam?

Ans: The medium of instruction for all Haryana Board Class 9 subjects is English, except for the languages. 

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