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Haryana Board Class 10 Study Material


Many students, including you, may not have opted to go to a coaching centre. If you are looking for some like-minded students, the internet is a good place to start searching. With only 73.18% passing the HBSE 10th exam last year, you may consider looking for some great study materials. But where to find them? Well, Embibe is the best solution to all these hassles with its one stop solution.

Embibe provides study materials online that are less time-consuming and, to cater to your needs before the board exams. Furthermore, by watching narratives, a few subjects can be adapted easily and more successfully. These learning materials will provide you with a different perspective of exam preparations. Scroll down to learn more about HBSE Class 10 study materials. 

HBSE Class 10 Study Materials

How to choose the study materials online? What makes them the right ones? Choosing the right study material can sometimes be quite taxing. However, to offer a beneficial learning experience, Embibe offers all its learning materials for. Students can now get rid of the concern of finding the correct resources online and give themselves the best chance to ace the exams. Check the sections below to have all the study material at your fingertips. 

Haryana Board Class 10 Books 

Choosing the best books from the market is one of the top study tips for Haryana Board Class 10 exams. It helps you clear your doubts by providing some of the most popular books for on its learning platform. Embibe’s books help you increase your knowledge and revisit difficult topics with increased retention. Below we have provided the books links for better understanding:

S. No.Books
1Science Textbook for HBSE Class 10
2Embibe Big Book for Science for HBSE Class 10
3Maths Textbook for HBSE Class 10
4Embibe Big Book for Mathematics for HBSE Class 10

Haryana Board Class 10 Previous Year Papers

Not every student prepares for the final exam in the same way. Some of them enjoy experimenting with different things to see what produces the best results. However, it has been noticed that solving previous years’ papers during the exams develops specific test-taking strategies. Check the table below to get the previous year papers for HBSE Class 10:

S. No.Previous Year Papers
1HBSE Class 10 Science Previous Year Papers
2HBSE Class 10 Maths Previous Year Papers

Haryana Board Class 10 Sample Papers

After the previous year papers, it is time to practice some sample papers. When studying for any exam, it is critical to solve sample papers because they not only help them understand how well they have prepared but also provide them with important questions. To access the Haryana Board Class 10 sample papers, please click on the link provided below:

S. No.Sample Papers
1HBSE Class 10 Science Sample Papers
2HBSE Class 10 Maths Sample Papers

Haryana Board Class 10 Mock Test

Taking regular mock tests not only helps one understand the actual exam, but also provides a complete analysis of their current exam preparation. It assists you in understanding the gaps in your studies and laying a solid foundation for the exams. You can take Haryana Board Class 10 mock tests at Embibe to get detailed feedback analysis. It is very beneficial in terms of exam preparation and helps you perform better in upcoming exams.

S. No.Mock Test
1Attempt HBSE Class 10 Science Mock Test
2Attempt HBSE Class 10 Maths Mock Test
3Attempt HBSE Class 10 Social Science Mock Test

Haryana Board Class 10 Important Chapters

Students are highly recommended to practise the following BSEH Class 10 — all for:

Heredity And EvolutionLight – Reflection And Refraction
The Human Eye And The Colourful WorldElectricity
Magnetic Effects Of Electric CurrentSources Of Energy
Our EnvironmentSustainable Management Of Natural Resources
Real NumbersPolynomials
Pair Of Linear Equations In Two VariablesQuadratic Equations
Arithmetic ProgressionsTriangles
Coordinate GeometryIntroduction To Trigonometry
Some Applications Of TrigonometryCircles
ConstructionsAreas Related To Circles
Surface Areas And VolumesStatistics
ProbabilityReal Numbers
PolynomialsPair Of Linear Equations In Two Variables
Quadratic EquationsArithmetic Progressions
TrianglesCoordinate Geometry
Introduction To TrigonometrySome Applications Of Trigonometry
Areas Related To CirclesSurface Areas And Volumes
Chemical Reactions And EquationsAcids, Bases And Salts
Metals And Non-metalsCarbon And Its Compounds
Periodic Classification Of ElementsLife Processes
Control And CoordinationHow Do Organisms Reproduce?
Heredity And EvolutionLight – Reflection And Refraction
The Human Eye And The Colourful WorldElectricity
Magnetic Effects Of Electric CurrentSources Of Energy
Our Environment

FAQs on HBSE Class 10 Study Material

Below we have provided some of the Frequently Asked Question on Haryana Board Class 10 study material:

Q: Where can I find sample papers for Haryana Board Class 10 Science?

Ans: Students can find sample papers for Haryana Board Class 10 Science on Embibe’s platform or this page.

Q: What are included in Embibe’s HBSE Class 10 study materials?

Ans: Embibe has put together some exclusive books, 3D videos, sample papers, previous year papers, mock tests, and so on on its learning platform.

Q: Does Embibe offer mock tests for HBSE Class 10 exams?

Ans: Yes, Embibe offers a mock test series for HBSE Class 10 exams. Students can attempt the mock tests from the link provided on this page.

Q: When will the Haryana Board Class 10 exams be conducted?

Ans: The Haryana Board Class 10 exams will tentatively be conducted in March 2023.

Q: What are the qualifying marks for HBSE Class 10 exams?

Ans: Students are required to obtain at least 33 per cent marks in theory and practicals to pass the exam.

We hope this article on HBSE Class 10 exams is helpful. In case of any queries, check our website or download our app. Stay tuned to Embibe for the latest news and updates on HBSE Class 10 exams.

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