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How To Find the Percentage of Class 10 CBSE?


The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) released the Class 10th result on May 12, 2023. Since the results were declared, students have been trying to find the percentage of their CBSE Class 10 marksheet of different subjects. While finding the percentage of CBSE Class 10 marks board does not have to be rocket science, some students might find it challenging. That is why we have we have come up with this comprehensive article on how to find the percentage of CBSE Class 10 marks.

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The students are graded on a five-point scale, with grades ranging from “A” to “E.” A student receiving an “A” represents the highest marks, while an “E” represents the lowest. As indicated by the grades, CBSE has also established several point ranges. Therefore, in addition to grades, students will also obtain grade points. Students can use a formula to change these grade points into percentages. The purpose of this article is to teach students how to find the percentage of Class 10 CBSE from CGPA.

How To Calculate the CBSE 10 Results in Percentage?

The steps listed below must be followed in order to determine the percentage of your CBSE Class 10 board marks:

  • 1st Step: Add the grade points for all major subjects.
  • 2nd Step: Divide this number by 5.
  • 3rd Step: Now divide the results of step 2 by 9.5. You will receive the percentage.

For instance,

Let us say the results of the five major subjects are as follows:

  • Subject 1 = 9
  • Subject 2 = 8.9
  • Subject 3 = 9.2
  • Subject 4 = 8
  • Subject 5 = 8.5

The total number of GPs is now 43.6
Its CGPA will be (43.6)/5 = 8.72
Thus, CGPA as a percentage will be = 8.72 x 9.5 = 84.17 %

CGPA to Percentage Chart

To help students find the percentage of Class 10 CBSE results, we have provided a CGPA to percentage conversion chart:


The approach used to evaluate a student’s total academic performance over the course of a year is called cumulative grade point average, or CGPA. It is the average of the student’s grade points across all of the classes.

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