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  • Written by Hrushikesh Vyas
  • Last Modified on 1-02-2023
  • Written by Hrushikesh Vyas
  • Last Modified on 1-02-2023

About HSSC Clerk Exam

About Exam

The Haryana Staff Selection Commission (HSSC) conducts various competitive exams to recruit staff members under various posts in the Government of Haryana. The positions are offered to the candidates based on their performance in the examination. Every year, the official authorities release notifications for the examination. It is a great opportunity for candidates who are planning to build their careers in the government sector. 

If you are an aspirant for the HSSC Clerk Exam 2022, it is important that you have complete knowledge of the exam pattern, syllabus, important dates, preparation tips, exam-taking strategy and more. Having complete knowledge will help you prepare for the exam quickly and effectively. To know all about the HSSC Clerk exam, read the full article.

HSSC Clerk Exam Summary

The application process for the clerk post will start soon and candidates can check for the latest updates related to the HSSC Clerk exam on their official website. The total number of questions is 100 and each question carries 2 marks. In this article, you will find all the details on how to fill out the HSSC Clerk form online, how to download the HSSC clerk admit card, the selection process, eligibility criteria, exam pattern, latest syllabus, and more.

Official Website Link


HSSC Clerk Exam 2022 Recruitment - Overview

Name of the Recruitment Board Haryana Staff Selection Commission
Name of Post Cadre Clerk (Group C Clerk)
Total Number of Vacancies Available To be released
Haryana SSC Group C Clerk Age Limit To be released
Category State Government Job
Work Location Haryana, India
Official Website www.hssc.gov.in
Application Mode Online
Starting Date of HSSC Clerk Apply Online Form To be released
End Date to Apply Online To be released
HSSC Clerk Exam Date To be released

HSSC Clerk Official Website Link


HSSC Clerk Latest Update

Exam Pattern

The admit cards for the HSSC Clerk Exam 2021 was released in November 2021. The written examination of a total of 90 marks was based on various subjects, such as English, Hindi, General Awareness etc. The HSSC officials will soon release the HSSC Clerk exam dates for 2022 on its official website. 

HSSC Clerk Exam Pattern

Exam Syllabus

The HSSC Clerk’s written exam will be based on the OMR sheet pattern. First of all, the HSSC Clerk written exam marks will be calculated and then it will be taken into consideration by the official authorities. After this, the HSSC is likely to organise a certain verification procedure for the respective documents. Candidates will be awarded the marks as per their performance and eligibility for the respective category. Mentioned below is the exam pattern for the HSSC Clerk exam 2022. The marks division along with the subjective phases are tabulated below for the candidate’s knowledge.

Selection Stages Marks
Written Exam 90
Interview 10
Total 100

Stages of HSSC Clerk Exam

Candidates who want to secure the post of HSSC Clerk must clear two stages as per the official guidelines. These two levels are:

  1. Written Examination.
  2. Interview

Exam Pattern Details – Scoring Pattern (+/- Marking)

In order to secure good marks in the HSSC Clerk examination, the candidate first needs to understand the type of questions, the number of questions, the marking scheme, the pattern of the exam etc. The HSSC Clerk exam marking scheme has been aligned in the table below:

Type of Questions Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)
Maximum Marks 90 + 10
Total Time allotted 90 Minutes

It is important that you know all the details about the HSSC clerk exam. The exam will be conducted through offline mode, i.e., an OMR sheet based test. Candidates are supposed to fill in the circles for the respective question in order to indicate their answers to questions on the OMR sheet. Aspirants must be very cautious in marking the answers as marking for various options may result in an invalid entry.

Socio-Economic Criteria and Experience – Marking Scheme for HSSC Clerk Exam

Besides the HSSC written test, which will be conducted for 90 marks, 10 marks will be awarded for the Socio-Economic Criteria and Experience of the candidate. These 10 marks will be based on the criteria set by the Haryana Staff Selection Commission. The HSSC Socio-Economic Criteria and Experience criteria are as follows:

Socio-Economic Criteria and Experience Criteria Marks Awarded
If neither the candidate nor his/her family member(s) is, was or has been a regular employee in any department/ board/ corporation/ statutory body/ commission/ authority of the Government of Haryana or any State Government or the Government of India. 5 Marks
If the Applicant is:
A widow or,
The first or second child and his/her father died before attaining the age of 42 years or,
The first or second child and his/her father died before the applicant attained the age of 15.
5 Marks
If the candidate belongs to:
Denotified tribe – Vimukt Jatis and Tapriwas Jatis or Nomadic tribe.
The State of Haryana is neither a Scheduled Caste nor a Backward Class.
5 Marks

Besides this, certain marks (not more than 5 marks) will also be awarded to the candidates who have work experience according to the Experience Criteria set by the HSSC. The HSSC experience criteria are given below:

HSSC Experience Criteria

A marking of 0.5 (half mark) will be awarded to the candidate for each year of service on the same or higher post in any Department/Board /Corporation /Company /Statutory Body /Commission /Authority of the Government of Haryana. Apart from this, the candidate must have experience of at least six months. No marks will be awarded to the candidates who have work experience below 6 months and above 16 years.

HSSC Clerk Exam Pattern Details - Total time

Study Plan to Maximise Score

90 Minutes

HSSC Clerk 2022 Exam Syllabus

Previous Year Analysis

Here you will find the detailed syllabus for the HSSC Clerk exam 2022. If you want to secure excellent marks in the examination, you must understand the syllabus well. After knowing the entire syllabus, you can easily strategise your preparation for the examination. Also, make sure to cover the entire syllabus and spare yourself some time for revision as well. Have a look at the detailed syllabus of the HSSC Clerk Exam:

HSSC Clerk 2022 Subject Division

The Syllabus for the HSSC Clerk Exam is divided into two parts. Part I includes 75% of the Syllabus, while Part II covers the rest 25%. 

The different subjects in the HSSC exam are as follows: 

  • Part I – 75% of the questions will come from General Awareness, Reasoning, Maths, Science, Computer, English, Hindi, and concerned or relevant subjects as per the post.
  • Part II – 25% of the questions will be based on the History, Current Affairs, Literature, Geography, Civics, Environment, Culture, etc., of Haryana.

Let’s look at the syllabus of each of the subjects for Part I mentioned below.

HSSC Syllabus 2022: General Awareness

The important topics for HSSC General Awareness are:

Section Topics
General Knowledge
History Facts about Harappa Civilization.
Vedic Culture.
Name of the Kings who built important ancient Temples and Institutions like Nalanda.
Chronology of Medieval India and their important systems.
India’s freedom movement and their leaders.
Geography India and its neighbouring countries.
Famous Seaport and Airport and their location.
Important institution of the world and India and their locations like BRICS
World Bank.
IMF, RBI, etc.
Economy Terminology of Budget (like National Income, GDP, Fiscal Deficit and many more).
Five Year Plan and its importance.
Famous People in the Economy.
Institutions and their importance like RBI, SEBI, etc.
Polity The Supreme Court.
Meaning of Writ.
Election of President and his functions.
Important Constitution Bodies like CAG.
Facts about Parliament.
Fundamental Duties
Governor and his functions
State Legislature
Major Constitutional Amendments and their importance
Official Language
Emergency Provisions
National Political Parties and their Symbols.
General Science
Biology Important Inventions and their Inventors.
Important and Interesting Facts about Human Body Parts.
Nutrition in Animals and Plants.
Diseases and their causes like Bacteria
Viruses and Protozoa.
Last four chapters of NCERT of Class 12th for the Environment Part.
Chemistry Chemical Properties of Substance and their uses.
Chemical Name of Important substances like Plaster of Paris, etc.
Chemical Change and Physical Change
Properties of Gases.
Surface Chemistry, and Chemistry in Everyday Life.
Physics Important inventions and their inventor
S.I. units
Current Affairs Current Affairs (National and International)Sports.
Awards and their Importance.
Finance and Banking sector.
Population Census.
Important Books and their Writers
State Animals and Symbols.
Name of the Scientists who got the Nobel Prize for important discoveries.
Important Days.
Important Inventions and their Inventors.

HSSC Clerk Syllabus 2022: Mathematics

The topics are based on high-school elementary mathematics:

Section Topics
Arithmetic Number System.
Fractions and Decimals.
Square Roots.
Loss and Discount.
Ratio and Proportion.
Partnership Business.
Time and Distance.
Time and Work.
Pipes and Cisterns.
Mixture and Alligation.
Simple Interest and Compound Interest.
Permutation and Combination.
Algebra Basic algebraic identities of School Algebra and Elementary Surds.
Graphs of Linear Equations.
Geometry Quadrilaterals.
Triangle and its various kinds of centres.
Congruence and Similarity of triangles.
Regular Polygon
Right Prism and Hemispheres
Circle and its chords
Angles subtended by chords of a circle
Common tangents to two or more circles
Right Circular Cone
Right Circular Cylinder
Regular Right Pyramid with Triangular base or Square base
Rectangular Parallelepiped
Mensuration Two-dimensional (2D) and Three-dimensional (3D) Mensuration
Trigonometry Degree and Radian Measures
Trigonometric Ratios
Complementary Angles
Standard Identities
Height and Distance
Data Interpretation Table
Bar Graphs and Diagrams

HSSC Clerk Syllabus 2022: Reasoning

This is a test of reasoning and analytical skills. The important topics for this section are as follows:

Section Topics
Series Analogy (both word-based and numerical)
Odd pair (both word-based and numerical)
Missing characters
Coding Coding-Decoding
Mathematical Operations
Arrangement Seating arrangement (Linear and Circular)
Blood relations
Direction Sense.
Logic Syllogism
Venn Diagrams
Assumption or Inference or Conclusion
Non-Verbal The Sequence of Figures
Matrix (Finding missing numbers or letters)
Mirrors and Water Reflection
Fitting Pieces
Odd Pieces, etc.

HSSC Clerk Syllabus 2022: English

Your knowledge of the language is assessed in this section. Important topics under this section are:

Section Topics
Vocabulary Synonyms and Antonyms
Fill in the Blanks
Cloze Test
Spelling Test
Idioms and Phrases
One-word substitution and Sentence or Phrase Improvement.
Grammar Sentence Correction/ Spotting the Error
Filling in the Blanks
Sentences or Phrase Improvement
Active and Passive voice
Direct and Indirect speech.
Comprehension Reading Comprehension.
Sentence Rearrangement Para Jumbles and Jumbled Sentence.

HSSC Clerk Syllabus 2022: Computer

The HSSC Syllabus includes computers as one of the main subjects for the examination. The important sections are as follows:

Section Topics
Basics History and Generation of Computers.
Introduction to Computer Organisation, and Acronyms.
Computer Hardware and Software Computer Memory
Hardware and I/O Devices
Computer Languages
Operating System.
Internet & MS Office Computer Network
MS Office Suite and Shortcut keys
Number System and Conversions
Computer and Network Security.

HSSC Clerk Syllabus 2022 – Part II

This is the Second Part of the HSSC Clerk Written Exam, which has a 25% weightage. It includes the following topics:

Section Topics
General Knowledge History of Haryana
Geography includes important rivers, lakes, dams, areas etc.
Civics with reference to Haryana Polity, and Society.
Environment, Surroundings, Culture etc.
Current Affairs Haryana Current Affairs
Literature with books & Authors from Haryana
Awards and Government Scheme from Haryana.

HSSC Clerk Exam Study Plan to Maximise Score

About Exam

With a proper plan and strategy, the candidates can develop a schedule that will fetch them high marks. There are some tips from experts mentioned below that will help candidates in giving their best shot.

HSSC Clerk Exam Preparation Tips

Preparation tips will help the candidates make a strategic study plan so that they can complete the entire syllabus on time before their examination and have more time to revise all the chapters. This way, aspirants will be able to score higher marks in their examinations. Have a look at these preparation tips created by experts at Embibe.

  • Make a Study Timetable

It is important to make and follow a proper study timetable so that you can easily cover the entire syllabus. Making a timetable will help you plan your study schedule accordingly. You can give equal time to each subject without missing out on any important topic or chapter.

  • Revise Every Day

Go through everything at least once after finishing the chapter. Revising what you study every day will help you memorise easily and effectively. This way, you will not have to revise the entire syllabus in one go just before the day of your exam. 

  • Make Short Notes

Make short notes of every important point you come across while studying. This will help you in preparing efficiently for the exam. Notes will help you go through the whole chapter without having to read it again. Your important points marked in the notes will help you understand the basic concept and summary of the chapter. 

  • Study for 7-8 Hours a Day

Competitive exams require effective studying. As an aspirant for a government competitive exam, you must spend a minimum of 8 hours a day studying. Only then will you be able to crack the exam, securing good marks. We advise you to start with studying for 3 hours and then gradually increase the time. This way, you won’t exhaust yourself in the process. 

  • Understand the Basics 

It is essential that you first understand the basic concept of the topic/chapter and then practice, learn or solve the exercises. Because then, you will be able to understand the basics, and you can easily score well in the examination. You won’t have to memorise the exact answer, you only need to understand and write it in your own words. 

  • Read Thoroughly

It is important that you read all the chapters thoroughly so that you can understand the concept well. Because only after understanding the concept you will be able to secure good marks in the examination. So, always read and understand deeply before you memorise it.

  • Take Mock Tests

For an aspirant for a government exam, it is important that you take a mock test series. Mock tests can be like a practice examination for you. It will help you analyse your preparation, and improve problem-solving skills, writing speed and answer accuracy. 

  • Solve Previous Year Question Papers

Solving previous question papers will give you an idea of the type of questions, difficulty level, and the number of questions. This way, you can easily score higher marks in the examination. Also, sometimes, a few questions from the previous year’s papers are repeated, so it will be a bonus for you as you will already be familiar with the type of question.

Exam Taking Strategy

The main strategies to qualify for a competitive exam are:

  • Gather knowledge from newspapers for the general knowledge section of the exam.
  • Solve the questions that you find easy first, and then move to the ones you find difficult. 
  • Before finally appearing for the exam, understand the exam pattern well.
  • Read every topic from the syllabus.
  • Read all the questions in the paper carefully before starting attempting them.
  • Try to attempt all the questions.

Detailed Study Plan

There are different education criteria for different government posts. The aspirants can check educational qualification criteria and apply for the post as per their interests and qualification. To get a better understanding of the eligibility criteria, you can check the general educational qualification details mentioned below:

Candidates with a 10th passing certificate, 12th passing certificate, Diploma, ITI, Graduation – B.E/B.Tech/B.Com/B.Sc/BCA/BBA, and Post-Graduation are considered eligible. People who have completed their M.Sc/M.Com/MCA/MBA/MCA/M.E/M.Tech/MBBS/PhD/M.Phil/CA and various other qualifications are also considered eligible for the HSSC Clerk Exam.

HSSC Clerk Exam Recommended Chapters

Understanding the topic-wise distribution will help you prepare efficiently and quickly for the exam. This way, you can make a list of all the topics, divide them as per the difficulty level, and then start your preparation.

Subject Topics
Mathematics Number System, Ratio and Proportion, Mixture and Alligation, and Average
Algebra SI and CI Percentage, Time, Distance and Work, Profit, Loss and Discount
Trigonometry, Linear Equations
Circles, Regular Polygons
Quadrilaterals, Standard Identities, etc.
Computer Basic and the Uses of Computer, History of Computer, Input and Output Device
MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, Generations of Computer
LAN, WAN, and Modem, Internet
Computer Abbreviations, etc.
Reasoning Arithmetic Reasoning, Analogy, Coding and Decoding, Statement and Conclusion
Problem-solving decision making
Blood Relations
Verbal and figure classification
Visual memory, etc.
Science Physics, Chemistry, Biology
English Noun, Verb, Tenses, Preposition
Reading Comprehension
Synonym & Antonym, Fillers
Spotting Errors
One word Substitution, etc.
Hindi संधिविलोम शब्दमुहावरेअनेकार्थक शब्दहिंदी व्याकरण – समासपर्यायवाची
General Awareness Geography, History, and Politics of other states and Haryana Culture and Heritage of India
Haryana Indian Constitution
Economics and Social Activities
Social Events of Haryana and India
Current Events – National and International.

Previous Years’ HSSC Clerk Exam Analysis

About Exam

Previous Years’ Papers

For the candidates to score well in the HSSC Clerk examination, understanding the syllabus and the exam pattern is important. It is also best to solve the previous year’s question papers for a better understanding. It gives you a detailed idea of the type of questions that are asked in the examination. Embibe will soon release a set of previous year’s question papers to help you with effective exam preparation.

Previous Years’ Cut-offs

Here you can find the cut off for 2017 and 2018:

Category Names Written Exam Cut-offs (Out of 200 Marks) Final Cut-offs Final Cut-offs
GEN 150 174 173
SC 132 152 151
BCA 138 158 158
BCB 146 164 164
ESM GEN 88 118 116
ESM SC 70 56 112
ESM BCA 98 40 148
ESM BCB 56 107 104
OSP GEN 134 159 156
OSP SC 78 106 106
OSP BCA 100 128 127
OSP BCB 108 138 134
VH 130 156 154
HH 82 116 114
OH 138 158 158

HSSC Clerk Important Dates

Eligibility Criteria

Candidates can find the HSSC Clerk 2022 Important Dates below. The exam calendar may provide them with information about the exam events and their corresponding dates.

Before you start the preparation for the exam and understand the HSSC Clerk Exam Pattern and the syllabus, you must check the important dates of the exam. Knowing the exam schedule will help you plan your studies effectively. Mentioned below are the exam dates, result dates, application form deadline and commencing dates you can refer to.

HSSC Clerk Exam Application Dates

The application form for the post of HSSC Clerk 2022 will be released soon on the official website.

HSSC Clerk Exam 2022 Exam Date


Event Date
Application Start Date To be released
Application End Date To be released
Admit Card Release Date To be released
Exam Dates To be released
Answer Key To be released
Result Date To be released

HSSC Clerk Exam Result Date

The Result Date for HSSC Clerk will be released soon on the official website.

HSSC Clerk Exam 2022 Application Process

Admit Card

Eligible candidates that are willing to apply for the HSSC Clerk exam should check out the application process of the exam.

Do’s and Don’ts of Form Filling

Candidates must ensure that they are aware of the following points to avoid the rejection of the HSSC Clerk Online Form for Application in 2022. Here are some points that you must keep in mind before filling up the application form:

  1. Submission of more than one application form for a particular post and category will eventually lead to the cancellation of the application.
  2. If the Application Form is not submitted online or if it is incomplete, your application process will not be successful in the end. 
  3. If the application fee is not paid per the given instructions, the screen will appear to show an ‘error’ in your application process. 
  4. The application will not be processed if the applicant does not meet the given eligibility criteria according to the post applied and in general, including age limits, educational qualification, etc. 
  5. If there is a difference in the data of the online application form and the original documents, then your application will be rejected.

HSSC Clerk Exam 2022 Eligibility Criteria

Cut off

Previous Year Cut-off

The HSSC Clerk Exam 2022 will have various eligibility criteria that the candidates will have to meet for succeeding in this exam.

HSSC Clerk Exam Age Criteria

The HSSC Clerk Recruitment 2022 Eligibility Criteria are different for each post. So, let’s go through the general eligibility criteria.

HSSC Clerk Exam Age Limit

The applicant’s age should be between 18 to 42 years.

However, there is also a provision for relaxation in the upper age limits according to the government rules and regulations and the notification of the previous year. Check out the table below.

Category Age Relaxation
Backward Class (A)/ Backward Class (B) / SC / ST 5 Years
PwD – General 10 Years
PwD – SC/ BC 15 Years
Ex-Servicemen 3 Years

Note: All the relaxations are applicable to the Haryana State domicile only.

HSSC Clerk Exam Education Qualification

  1. Candidates must have passed class 12 or its equivalent from a recognised Board/University.
  2. Candidates must have studied Hindi/Sanskrit in their higher education.

HSSC Clerk Exam Number of Attempts

Candidates can attempt the HSSC Clerk 2022 exam until they cross the maximum eligible age.

HSSC Clerk 2022 Exam Admit Card

Exam Result

To appear for the HSSC Clerk examination, registered candidates must mandatorily carry an HSSC Clerk admit card to the exam hall. Candidates check the release date of the HSSC Clerk hall ticket and how to do the HSSC Clerk admit card download here.

HSSC Clerk Exam Admit Card Release Date

Before appearing for the HSSC Clerk exam, the candidate must know the basic information related to the admit cards, such as how to download, the details mentioned on the admit card etc. The admit card for the HSSC Clerk 2022 Exam will be released soon and remain accessible for candidates till the exam date.

How to Download the HSSC Clerk Admit Card?

The Haryana Staff Selection Commission releases the HSSC Admit Card on its official website. The hall ticket will be made available in online mode only. Here, we have mentioned the step by step process to download the same. Candidates must go through these steps for a better understanding in order to be able to download the admit card:

  • Visit the official website of HSSC – hssc.gov.in.
  • Now tap on the ‘Login’ tab from the top right corner of the page.
  • Enter your ‘Login ID’, ‘Password and go to the ‘Sign In’ button.
  • Click on the HSSC admit card link. The HSSC hall ticket will open on a new screen/window or tab.
  • Save the HSSC hall ticket as a PDF and take a few printouts for future reference.

Note: It is important that you carry the hard copy of the admit card on the day of the exam. No candidates will be allowed to attend the exam without a valid hall ticket/admit card and a photo ID proof.

HSSC Clerk Exam 2022 Admit Card – Required Documents

All candidates are required to carry their other documents along with the HSSC Clerk Admit Card at the exam hall. Here, we have mentioned a list of documents (anyone) that you must carry with you to the exam centre. Aspirants must go through these pointers to have a clear understanding of the same:

  1. Ration Card
  2. PAN Card
  3. Bank Passbook
  4. Passport
  5. Driving License
  6. Voter ID
  7. College ID
  8. Aadhar Card
  9. Any Valid Identity Proof Signed by Gazetted Office

Details Mentioned on HSSC Clerk Admit Card

As soon as the HSSC Admit Card is available on the official website, candidates will come across the details mentioned on it. All candidates must check all details and may contact the helpline number in case of any queries. Here, we have enlisted the information that will be available on the admit card. Candidates must go through the same for a better understanding:

  1. Name of the Candidate
  2. Date of Examination
  3. Examination Centre Code
  4. Date of Birth
  5. Father Name
  6. Test Centre
  7. Gender
  8. Enrollment Number
  9. Reporting Time
  10. Applicant’s Photograph
  11. Space for the Candidate’s Signature
  12. Space for Examiner’s Signature

Important Points of HSSC Clerk Admit Card

Candidates must have a clear idea of the important points regarding the HSSC Clerk Exam:

  1. The official authorities will notify the candidate regarding the release of the HSSC Admit Card through a registered email ID and mobile number.
  2. Once the HSSC admit card is downloaded, candidates must paste the photo in the space given.
  3. All candidates must carry a valid photo ID proof along with the HSSC admit card.
  4. You must ensure that the name of the candidate on the call letter should match the name on the photo identity proof.
  5. In case the photo in the HSSC Admit Card is blurred or not clear, then the candidates will be required to provide at least two separate recent photographs that are clearly visible.
  6. Candidates are supposed to sign, on their admit card, in front of the exam invigilator only.
  7. Candidates should carry all the required documents along with the admit card and submit them at the exam centre for verification purposes.
  8. Check the date, exam venue, time, and other details on the admit card before the exam day. Report to the authority in case of any discrepancy or missing details.
  9. Candidates should carry only ballpoint pens along with them.
  10. Any mobile phones or electronic devices are strictly prohibited in the examination hall.
  11. Any request made to change the exam centres will not be accepted after the final allotment of exam centres is done.
  12. You must carefully read the instructions mentioned on the admit card and follow them.
  13. Candidates are advised not to laminate the admit card issued by the official authorities.
  14. Candidates who impersonate will be legally punished.
  15. All the candidates must not leave their sits in the exam hall till the exam duration is complete, even if they have completed their exam early.

HSSC Clerk Exam Centres

Freaquently Asked Questions

Here is a list of probable centres for candidates to choose from:

  1. Panchkula
  2. Kurukshetra
  3. Yamunanagar
  4. Ambala

Dos and Donts

Here is a list of probable centres for candidates to choose from:

  1. Panchkula
  2. Kurukshetra
  3. Yamunanagar
  4. Ambala

HSSC Clerk Exam 2022 Cut-off

salary structuire

Candidates appearing for the HSSC Clerk exam will be qualified and called for the post of HSSC Clerk if they clear all the stages of the exam and score the minimum marks required for HSSC Clerk exam. The minimum marks required to pass the exam is called the exam cut-off score. Candidates can check the HSSC Clerk cut-off here.

HSSC Clerk Exam 2020 Cut-off

Check the below table to know more about the HSSC Clerk cut-off for 2020.

Category Previous Year’s Cut Off Marks
General 69
SC 63
BCA 65
BCB 67
EWS 66
ESM GEN (Self) 52
ESM GEN (Disabled) 35
ESM BCA(Disabled) 35
ESM SC (ESM Self) 33
ESM BCA (Self) 46
ESM BCB (Self) 53
ESM BCB (Disabled) 23
HH 52
OH 62
Autism 47
VH 60

Post list & Vacancies

HSSC Clerk Exam 2022 Result

Authorities at HSSC declare the exam result so that qualified candidates can later check the merit list to know if they have qualified for the HSSC Clerk Cut-off.

HSSC Clerk Result Declaration

The HSSC results will be declared soon, once the exam is completed. Candidates must frequently check the official website to get all the latest updates on HSSC Clerk results. Here we have provided steps to download the result, what are the details mentioned in the result, and important points to remember.

How to Download HSSC Results Online?

Candidates appearing for the HSSC exams can follow the step-by-step process mentioned below to be able to download the HSSC Clerk Exam 2022 Merit List:

1st Step: Visit the official website of HSSC.

2nd Step: Go to the ‘Results’ tab.

3rd Step: The list of recently announced results will appear. Click on the appropriate link to check the result PDF.

4th Step: The result PDF will be displayed with a list of roll numbers of qualified candidates.

5th Step: Easily search for your ‘Roll Number’ using ‘Ctrl+F’ to know whether you have qualified or not.

Keep in mind that if your roll number is present in the merit list, you have been qualified for the next stage of the exam, and in the case of the Final selection list, such students are selected for appointment.

HSSC Clerk Exam Result 2022: Details

The details mentioned on the HSSC Clerk Exam Result are as follows:

  • Roll numbers of aspirants shortlisted for document verification.
  • Name of the post.
  • Advertisement number.
  • Post Category Number.
  • Number of Posts.
  • Exam Dates.
  • Name and Address of the Document Verification Venue.
  • HSSC Clerk Document Verification Schedule (Date and Time).
  • Documents to be carried out for scrutiny purposes.
  • Other Related Guidelines.

HSSC Clerk Exam Result 2022: Post Results

Once the results are announced for the HSSC written exam, candidates whose roll numbers are mentioned in the final merit list will be shortlisted for the Document Verification process. 

  • The Document Verification will be conducted at Panchkula or any other venue that will be decided by the official authorities. 
  • After all the documents are verified, the final HSSC result will be released. 
  • The HSSC final merit list will include the roll numbers of the aspirants who have successfully qualified in the selection process. 

Candidates who are applying for the Accountant and other relevant posts are supposed to appear for an interview. For Police, Forest guards, and other relevant posts, PET/ PST will also be conducted. So, according to the post-wise selection process, a further selection process will take place. Candidates are required to download the admit card in order to appear for the interview process. The interview process will be conducted at Panchkula.

HSSC Clerk Exam Result 2022 - Important Documents

For a proper document verification process, all candidates are required to carry their original and set of self-attested copies of the documents that are mentioned here:

  1. Academic qualification proof, date of birth certification proof, and various other relevant information.
  2. SC/BCA/BCB/EWS/ESP/ESM/DESM/DFF/PWD (Person with Disabilities) certificate along with the Haryana domicile certificate issued by the competent authority.
  3. Certificate claiming weight and age/marks under socio-economic criteria and experience along with Haryana domicile certificate issued by the competent authority.
  4. Photograph duly signed by the candidate.
  5. Signature of the candidate.
  6. All documents for higher qualification, experience, etc. on the basis of which the candidate is claiming obtained marks.

HSSC Clerk Job Profile and Salary

A brief account of the job description and the salary structure is mentioned below. It aims at providing clarity to the candidates who are aspiring for this designation.

HSSC Clerk Job Description

  1. Selected candidates will be handling the data entry work along with the work assigned by their seniors in the department. 
  2. Candidates will also handle technical data and files.
  3. Candidates are required to have good typing speed and basic computer knowledge.

HSSC Clerk Post List and Vacancies

The HSSC Clerk is a government post among various other posts under the HSSC. To qualify for the post, there is a specific exam that the candidates need to pass and meet the minimum eligibility criteria. The average salary offered to a clerk is 5200- 20200/- and a GP of Rs. 1900/-. HSSC has various posts to offer such as Supervisor, TGT Punjabi, Surveyor, Tehsildar, Chargeman, Electrician, and other posts. 

For the year 2021, approximately 4858 vacancies were posted by the official authorities. Here we have also mentioned a list of vacancies in the previous year to help you understand better:

Post Vacancy
HSSC Clerk Group C 4858

FAQs on HSSC Clerk Exam 2022

Here are the most Frequently Asked Questions about HSSC Clerk Exam 2022:

Q.1: When will the HSSC result be released?

Ans: The HSSC results’ notifications will be out on the official website soon. Candidates can check or download the results at the official website of HSSC. 

Q.2: Do we get the result updates offline?

Ans:  No, the HSSC results are announced through online mode only. You can check the results on the official website of HSSC, or you can also visit embibe.com for the latest updates. 

Q.3: Do we need any login credentials to check the HSSC results?

Ans: No, the candidates don’t require any login credentials to check or download the HSSC results, as the result links are directly provided in PDF format on the official website.

Q.4: In which format can I download the admit card for the HSSC exam?

Ans: You can only download the HSSC admit card in PDF format.

Q.5: When will the HSSC clerk exam 2022 be conducted?

Ans: The HSSC clerk exam date will be announced soon.

Q.6: In which state will I get a job opportunity after qualifying for the exam?

Ans: After you have qualified for the HSSC Clerk Written Exam, you will be getting the job offer in Haryana only. 

Q.7: Has the application process started for HSSC Group C Recruitment 2022?

Ans: No, the application process for the HSSC Group C Clerk hasn’t been released yet.

Q.8: Where can I check the HSSC Group C Recruitment 2022?

Ans: You can easily check the result on the official website of HSSC.

Q.9: How to find the latest updates on HSSC Group C Recruitment 2022?

Ans: You can get the latest updates on HSSC Group C Recruitment 2022 on the official website or this page.

Q.10: How can I improve my preparation for HSSC Group C Recruitment 2022?

Ans: You can visit Embibe and get full assistance with your exam preparations and how to make them more effective. 

Q.11: What will be the mode of exam for HSSC Clerk Exam Recruitment 2022?

Ans: The mode of exam will be either online CBT-based or offline pen and paper-based.

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