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IISER Aptitude Study Material: Get Books, Practice Questions & Mock Tests


Are you aware that you can enrol in IISER if your JEE Advanced Common Rank List position falls within the top 15,000 ranks? However, if you intend to take the IISER exam soon, you should consider whether you have all the required study material. It is important to know that only books will not help one pass the exam with flying colours, but the best study materials will. Then you must have a question: what is the best study material? Well-designed study material will have important questions, the best books recommended, several mock tests, etc. 

To pass this IISER Aptitude exam, you should attempt several practice questions and mock tests, which you can find right here. You can track your progress and save time using these resources. Moreover, you can also discover a vast array of preparation books here because our goal is to minimise your stress. So let’s get to work on the IISER Aptitude preparation right away!

A Glimpse into the IISER Aptitude Study Material

The IISER Aptitude Test is a computer-based, 3-hour test covering Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. The IISER aptitude test will have multiple-choice type questions with only one correct answer. 

As an aspirant, you must choose the right study material for preparation to crack this highly competitive exam. You’ll learn more if you use the right study material, and you’ll do better on the test as well.

For your preparation, we provide study materials that are straightforward yet effective. With the aid of these resources, you can get your planning underway.

Our study material uses 3D interactive videos to teach you.

Additionally, since all reference books are, you can learn more in less time without worrying about your wallet.

List of Embibe’s Subject-wise Books for the IISER Aptitude Exam

We provide a one-stop solution for the IISER Aptitude exam through our books. We offer interactive books that allow you to choose from various chapters and topics to solve questions from the best exam preparation books. These amazing features can help you approach the exam correctly. You can now access the subject-specific links in the table below:

IISER Aptitude Books
The Elements of COORDINATE GEOMETRY Part 1 Cartesian Coordinates
Author : S L Loney
Practice Book for KVPY Aptitude Test – Stream SX Chemistry
Author : Academic Experts
Practice Book for KVPY Aptitude Test – Stream SX Mathematics
Author : Embibe Experts
Author : H C Verma
Embibe Big Book for Biology for IISER Aptitude
Embibe Big Book for Chemistry for IISER Aptitude
Embibe Big Book for Mathematics for IISER Aptitude
Embibe Big Book for Physics for IISER Aptitude

You may also check a few other books for the preparation of the IISER exam in the table below:

SubjectName of the BookAuthor
MathematicsQuick ArithmeticAshish Agarwal
Magical Book in Quicker MathsM Tyra
Mathematics Chapter-wise Solved PapersPrem Kumar
Advance MathsRakesh Yadav
PhysicsFundamentals of PhysicsHalliday, Resnik & Walker
Concepts of Physics Volume I and IIH.C Verma
Class XI PhysicsNCERT
Class XII PhysicsNCERT
ChemistryAdvance Problem in Organic ChemistryKapil Kumar Wadhwa
Problems in Physical Chemistry for JEE (Main & Advanced)Narendra Awasthi
BiologyObjective NCERT at your FINGERTIPSMTG
Objective Biology Volume I & IITrueman’s

Attempt IISER Aptitude Mock Tests to Improve Scores

It has been seen that taking practice exams before the real exam increases your chances of performing better. Mock exams let you practice and evaluate your performance and strengthen your weak points. They also help you find the nature and difficulty level of the exam. 

Thus, taking mock tests can help you improve your scores. With Embibe’s mock test series, you can get a detailed performance analysis to improve your preparation strategy. Take mock tests by clicking the direct link below:

Take IISER Aptitude Mock TestTake IISER Aptitude Mock Test
Mock Test 1Mock Test 4
Mock Test 2Mock Test 5
Mock Test 3Mock Test 6

How to Attempt the IISER Aptitude Mock Tests?

Access IISER Aptitude mock tests at Embibe and boost your confidence to face the examination. Follow the below-mentioned steps to take the mock test series:

  • 1st Step: Visit Embibe’s official website, i.e., embibe.com.
  • 2nd Step: Use the mobile number/email to log in.
  • 3rd Step: Click on the menu bar Getting into my dream undergraduate college 
  • 4th Step: Select the Goal Talent and Scholarship Tests from the Dropdown and click on Next.
  • 5th Step: Search and Select IISER Aptitude on the search bar and click on Next.
  • 6th Step: Select the preferred language and click on Done.
  • 7th Step: Click Test from the Header Section.
  • 8th Step: Scroll down to the Take Full Tests section.
  • 9th Step: Click on any of the IISER Aptitude mock tests.

Also, check:

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IISER Answer KeyIISER Counselling

FAQs on IISER Aptitude Study Material 

Find some commonly asked questions related to the IISER Aptitude Study Material below: 

Q.1: What are the best study material for the IISER Aptitude exam?

Ans: Using the best books for the IISER Aptitude exam and taking mock tests to get better scores are the best study material for the IISER Aptitude exam.

Q.2: Where can I find study material for the IISER Aptitude exam?

Ans: Embibe offers 1000+ videos on topics and subject-wise practice and mock tests. So, visit Embibe to access study material, practice questions, and mock tests.

Q.3: Which book should I refer to for chemistry while preparing for IISER Aptitude?

Ans: The best IISER Aptitude book for Chemistry is Practice Book for KVPY Aptitude Test – Stream SX Chemistry by Academic Experts.

Q.4: Why should I take the IISER Aptitude mock tests?

Ans: When it comes to exam exposure, mock tests are the best tool for a real exam-like situation. You can take Embibe’s mock tests to analyse your preparation. Furthermore, you can increase your time-management skills.

Q.5: Is studying from books enough to clear the IISER Aptitude exam?

Ans: Books are always preferred for exam preparation. However, if you want to crack a highly competitive exam like IISER Aptitude, you must solve previous years’ papers, practice questions, and take mock tests for better preparation.

We hope this detailed article on IISER Aptitude Study Material helps you. Feel to check our app if you have any queries regarding the exam. We will be happy to help you out.

Stay tuned to embibe for the latest news and updates on IISER Aptitude.

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