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Important Chapters for VITEEE 2023: Topic-wise List


Important Chapters for VITEEE 2023: The VITEEE exam is a well-known engineering entrance examination held by the Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT) for candidates seeking admission to VIT University’s multiple campuses. Candidates preparing for VITIEEE 2023 should also be familiar with the latest syllabus, important chapters and its weightage.

The VITEEE exam will be conducted in 120 cities for 5000 seats at the Vellore, Amravati, Chennai, and Bhopal campuses. Hence, applicants must recognise that fierce competition will require a solid strategy for passing the VITEEE with flying colours. Read the entire article to learn more about important chapters for VITEEE 2023.

Important Chapters for VITEEE 2023

Candidates can utilise the topic-by-topic breakdown of VITEEE’s important chapters 2023 in this article and prepare accordingly. At the revision time, they can decide how much time they need to dedicate to each topic. Candidates will also be able to evaluate the importance of each topic in the three disciplines. Scroll down to learn more about the VITEEE important chapters 2023 and their difficulty level.

Important Chapters for VITEEE 2023 and Difficulty Level

According to Embibe’s academic specialists, the VITEEE important chapters 2023 can be divided into four parts. Segregation is based on the likelihood of topics occurring in VITEEE and the difficulty level of the topics. For the segregations, we provide four indicators, which are further discussed.

  • High Weightage Low Input (Easy): These topics have a good chance of showing up on the exam. Furthermore, applicants will not need to devote much effort to these chapters to comprehend them.
  • High Weightage High Effort (Hard): These topics are most likely to be asked in the exam. The topics, however, are of a greater difficulty level. As a result, candidates must dedicate time and effort while learning these chapters.
  • Low Weightage Low Effort (Easy): These subjects are less likely to feature in the exam. In addition, the topics for VITEEE 2023 are simple to prepare.
  • Low Weightage High Effort (Hard): These topics have a lower likelihood but a greater difficulty level. As a result, candidates are encouraged to prepare for this topic in advance.

Important Chapters for VITEEE 2023: Mathematics

Check the topic-wise weightage of important chapters for the VITEEE 2023 Mathematics section in the table below:

Input Required
High Weightage
Low Weightage
Low Input
Differential Equation Matrices and Determinants
Trigonometric Equations and Inequations
Area Under Curves Quadratic Equations
Three-Dimensional Geometrical System Logarithm and Its applications
Mathematical Reasoning
High Input
Probability Vector
Point and Straight Line
Definite Integration Functions
Application of Derivatives Circle
Hyperbola Permutation and Combination
Complex Numbers Indefinite Integration

Chapter-wise weightage for VITEEE: Mathematics 

Check out the VITEEE chapter-wise Weightage for Mathematics below:

Important Chapters for VITEEE 2023 MathematicsWeightage (in %)
Matrices and Determinant 4/5
Differential Equation2/3
Area Under Curve2
3D & Vector 6
Discrete Maths + Mathematical Reasoning3
Integration 5
Complex Number 3
Conic Section 4/5/6

Important Chapters for VITEEE 2023: Physics

Check the topic-wise weightage of important chapters for the VITEEE 2023 Physics section in the table below:

Input Required
High Weightage
Low Weightage
Low Input
Electromagnetic Waves Atomic and Nuclear Physics
Units and Measurements
Wave Optics Oscillations
Dual Nature of Matter and Radiation Gravitation
Semiconductors Circular Motion
Heat Transfer Kinematics
High Input
Magnetic effects of current and magnetism Electrostatics
Center of Mass and Collisions
Electromagnetic effects of current and magnetism Communication Systems
Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Current Rotation
Laws of Motion Properties of Matter and Fluid
Work, Energy and Power Mechanics
Current Electricity Optics

VITEEE Chapter Wise Weightage: Physics

Check out the chapter-wise weightage for VITEEE for Physics below:

Important Chapters for VITEEE 2023 PhysicsWeightage (in %)
Newton Law’s of Motion 3
Electrostatics 4
Magnetic Effect of Current 7
EMI + AC 6/7
Optics 4/5
Nuclear + Modern Physics 5/6
Semiconductor 4
Current 3

Important Chapters for VITEEE 2023: Chemistry

Check the topic-wise weightage of important chapters for the VITEEE 2023 Chemistry section in the table below:

Input Required High Weightage Low Weightage
Low Input    
Chemical Equilibrium Nuclear Chemistry
f Block Elements
Isomerism in Organic Compounds Periodic Table  
Biomolecule and Polymer
S Block and Hydrogen
Nomenclature of Organic Compound Metallurgy  
Alcohols and Phenol
Chemistry in Everyday Life
Chemical Kinetics
Atomic Structure
High Input    
p and d Block Elements Carboxylic Acid and Their Derivatives Biomolecules
Nomenclature of Organic Compound
Solution and Colligative Properties
Coordination Compounds
Qualitative Analysis
Carbonyl Compounds Redox  
Amine and Diazonium Salts Mole concepts  
Alcohols and Ethers
Liquid and Gaseous State
Ionic Equilibrium  
General Organic Chemistry  
Chemical Kinetics  
Chemical Bonding  
Solid State  

VITEEE Chapter Wise Weightage: Chemistry

Check out the VITEEE Chapter-wise Weightage for Chemistry below:

Important Chapters for VITEEE 2023 ChemistryWeightage (in %)
Atomic Structure3
s, p, d and f-block Elements5
Coordination 2/3
Thermodynamics 2
Alcohol/ Ether 4/5
Carbonyl 5
Biomolecules 4
Carboxylic Acid 2
Nitrogen-containing Compounds 2
Electrochemistry 2

How to Prepare for VITEEE 2023?

Here are some VITEEE preparation tips that will guide candidates in preparing for the exam. The VITEEE preparation tips are listed below:

  • Candidates must review the whole VITEEE syllabus before beginning exam preparation for the VITEEE 2023 exam. Candidates must cover every issue throughout the preparation.
  • Candidates must thoroughly go through the entire VITEEE exam pattern and marking scheme before beginning their preparation. Candidates can determine the number and type of questions, exam mode, time duration, and marking pattern of the paper by reviewing the exam pattern.
  • Preparation is meaningless without a strong strategy. Candidates must plan a practical and clever approach before beginning their preparation to maximise their chances of qualifying.
  • Candidates must understand all of the topics in the entrance exam. Candidates must work hard and focus on grasping each topic. 
  • Exam preparation is an essential aspect of the study process. Candidates should list all significant points when studying for the exam. It will make it easier for the candidate to review these brief notes for revising purposes.
  • Candidates must study from a reliable source of information. Candidates must study the books and other resources suggested by experienced teachers and successful candidates.
  • Taking mock tests will assist pupils in understanding how to deal with various questions in a short amount of time. Candidates should take multiple practice exams to improve their preparation and success.
  • It is always good to start studying for your exams as soon as possible. Candidates can devote more time to their preparation in this manner. They will also be able to prepare for each topic before the start of the exam without feeling stressed.

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FAQs on Important Chapters for VITEEE 2023

Read the most frequently asked questions about important chapters for VITEEE 2023 below:

Q. When is the deadline for VITEEE 2023 applications?

Ans. VITEEE 2023 application deadline is March 31, 2023, tentatively.

Q. What is VITEEE?

Ans: The Vellore Institute of Technology Engineering Entrance Examination (VITEEE) is an engineering entrance examination. Clearing the VITEEE exam helps students to get admission to engineering programmes at various VIT campuses.

Q. How many people apply for VITEEE 2023?

Ans: Approximately 2 lakh candidates apply for VITEEE every year.

Q. How many times does the VITEEE exam occur in a given academic year?

Ans: The VITEEE is only held once per academic year.

Q. Where to find VITEEE mock tests?

Ans. VITEEE mock tests for can be accessed from here at Embibe.

Now we have provided the complete information on important chapters for VITEEE. We hope that you find this article useful. We recommend all candidates try our VITEEE mock tests to be consistent with their examination preparation. Embibe’s VITEEE practice questions will also help you identify strengths and weaknesses.

Stay tuned to Embibe for the latest updates on VITEEE 2023.

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