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VITEEE Preparation 2023: Know Tips to Crack Exam


VITEEE Preparation Tips 2023: VITEEE is one of India’s most popular engineering entrance exams. Since it is one of the most challenging engineering entrance exams, you need to gear up your VITEEE preparation phase. The VITEEE 2023 is expected in July 2023, so you can go through this article to know some of the best VITEEE preparation tips designed according to the latest VITEEE syllabus and exam pattern.

The VITEEE 2023 syllabus and exam pattern will be similar to the previous year so you can refer to the VITEEE 2022 notification and start their preparation. After preparation you must solve previous year papers and mock tests to analyse their exam-taking skills. Read to get ideas on how to strategise the study plan well and score higher marks in the exam.

VITEEE Preparation Tips 2023

It is difficult to crack a national-level competitive exam such as VITEEE, and you need to have a VITEEE exam preparation strategy to qualify for the exam on the first attempt. There are a lot of different things that they can try in order to prepare efficiently. Check the below pointers to know the most effective tips followed by successful candidates:

  • Making Notes
  • Making a Proper Timetable
  • Seeking Guidance
  • Practising Mock tests
  • Time Management
  • Solving Previous Year Question Papers
  • Revision
  • Making Notes

Self-study is incomplete without handwritten notes. This is one of the most important features of any exam preparation strategy and quite effective. Making crisp notes on important topics from VITEEE preparation books helps retain valuable information and proves an important resource during revision.

With the help of these important notes, you can also keep track of all the topics they have covered in VITEEE preparation books and the topics that are still to be covered.

  • Making a Proper Timetable

All the aspirants who wish to perform better than the rest must have an organised approach toward VITEEE preparation. The best way to do that is to prepare a realistic timetable and set short-term, achievable daily targets.

Planning a schedule and following it is the first step to instilling self-discipline. This exercise can also help you to utilise time properly and achieve your goals faster. As per trends, a minimum of 6 to 8 hours of effort is required for VITEEE preparation and covering the entire syllabus in time.

  • Seeking Guidance

In order to save valuable time and attempts, you should seek quality guidance from the best online/offline coaching available. They will provide coaching in all subjects of the VITEEE Exam.
You must know which books to read, what coaching to join and what strategy to adopt for VITEEE preparation. You must clear doubts at regular intervals and do not prolong things.

  • Practicing Mock Tests

Mock tests are the best way to assess one’s performance and recognise problem areas. Learning and practice alone cannot help the you understand the exam environment, which is why taking mock tests is so important.

The VITEEE mock tests provide valuable insight on the exam pattern, marking scheme, types of questions, weightage of topics and much more. Simultaneously, you can improve your speed and efficiency by taking as many mock tests as possible.

  • Time Management

Manage your time so that you can cover the entire syllabus and still have time for revision before the exam. Divide the available time equally among all subjects. Looking at some of the previous year’s question papers, you can see that the VITEEE exam may consist of a few complex questions that might be time-consuming.

A good time management strategy helps you identify questions that are easier and can be solved in less time.

  • Solving Previous Year Question Papers

Previous years’ question papers provide insight into the most covered topics in the VITEEE. You can get an idea about the weightage of different topics and the general shift from one topic to another as years to go by. They also reflect the modifications in the VITEEE syllabus, if any.

So, the you can get a complete analysis of the expected exam paper by going through previous years’ papers.

  • Revision

As per the latest VITEEE syllabus, questions will be based on the State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary education. Preparation is only successful if it gives you the result. The result is possible only when you have a solid and concrete plan. Use every resource well. Do not pick up new topics in the last few days. It might leave you clueless.

For VITEEE preparation, it is essential that you have a clear understanding of the formulas and concepts rather than rote learning. While you might require it for memorising formulas, it is important that you clarify your basic concepts before moving on.

The last 15 days before the examination should be used only for revision. At the revision time, you should be more focused on the main exam and refreshing topics. Practice all the topics during the time of revision. The key point is to make sure that you remember everything you have prepared.

VITEE 2023 Preparation Tips by Toppers

The best inspiration usually comes from people who have faced similar situations in their life. so, let us look at some toppers of VITTEE and their preparation tips. These tips will help you strategize and streamline your study plan and also help in implementing tricks and tactics. As these toppers have excelled in VITEEE exams, you can go ahead and incorporate their idea and enhance your learning too.

Shubham Agarwal (AIR 6 VITEEE 2018) suggests that the candidates should focus on the NCERT books and solve questions from them. In order to achieve excellent results in the examination, the candidates must focus and work hard.

Kalash Gupta (VITEEE 2018 AIR 1) concentrated mainly on learning the examination syllabus first, followed by practicing mock tests and solving sample papers intensively. He believes that consistent preparation is the key to cracking any entrance examination.

At least once a week, Sai Anirudh (AIR 4, VITEEE 2018) took mock tests. Sai says it is important to be quick and not make silly mistakes. Candidates can also relax and prepare according to their abilities.

VITEEE 2023 Exam Pattern

You should go through the VITEEE Exam Pattern before preparing for the exam. The table below has all the details about the VITEEE 2023 exam, like the mode of the exam, its duration, the total number of sections, etc.

Exam ModeOnline (Computer Based Test)
Duration2 hours 30 minutes
SectionsPhysics – 35 Questions
Chemistry – 35 Questions
Mathematics/Biology – 40 Questions
English – 5 Questions
Aptitude – 10 Questions
Type of QuestionsMultiple Choice Questions (MCQs)
Total Questions125 Questions
Total Marks125 Marks
Marking SchemeOne mark will be given for every correct answer.
There is no negative marking.

VITEEE 2023 Syllabus

Every candidate must be aware of the syllabus for VITEEE 2023. Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT) has released the VITEEE 2023 syllabus on the official website and topics from Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and English are mentioned in the VITEEE syllabus 2023.

VITEEE 2023 Syllabus for Physics

Modern Physics, Electrostatics, Optics, Current Electricity, Simple Harmonic Motion, Oscillation and Waves, Magnetics Heat and Thermodynamics, Semi-conductor Devices, Electromagnetic Induction, and AC Mechanics Waves

VITEEE 2023 Syllabus for Chemistry

Organic Chemistry:   Organic compounds containing oxygen, Hydrocarbons, Purification and Characterisation of Organic Compounds, Organic compounds containing nitrogen, Some basic principles of Organic Chemistry Biomolecules
Inorganic Chemistry: s,p,d,f- Block Elements, Classification of elements and periodicity in properties, Hydrogen, General principles and process of isolation of metals, Co-ordination compounds Environmental chemistry.
Physical Chemistry: Some basic concepts in chemistry, States of matter, Electrochemistry, Chemical bonding and molecular structure, Redox reactions, Atomic structure, Chemical kinetics, and Equilibrium Surface chemistry.

VITEEE 2023 Syllabus for Mathematics

Quadratic Equation Determinants Conic section Vector and 3D geometry Matrices in algebra: Parabola, Circle, Hyperbola in coordinate geometry Complex numbers Calculus Application of derivatives Continuitability and differentiability Functions and limits Probability Permutations and Combinations Definite integral in calculus Definite integration Coordinate geometry

VITEEE 2023 Preparation – General Tips

Focus on ConceptsAvoid rote learning, and focus on understanding the concepts, principles and theories.
Self–AssessmentUnderstand weak areas and work on them. Focus on improving the score by assessing the results of mock tests.
Stay PositiveThink positive and believe that VITEEE can be cracked easily. Do not let negative thoughts cloud judgement.
Importance of Good HealthEat healthily and follow a regular routine, including an ample amount of sleep in the schedule.

VITEEE Preparation 2023 – Tips During the Exam

We have provided some tips that will come in handy during your VITEEE:

  • If you find any question difficult, make sure you do not waste your time trying to solve it. Instead, move to the next question and, if time permits, come back to this question later.
  • One crucial thing is that you have to clear the sectional cut-off and also the overall cut-off.
  • If you find any section challenging, attempt the minimum number of questions required to clear the sectional cut-off of the section.
  • Some questions can be very tricky. We advise you to read them carefully before answering.
  • Avoid using any shortcut in the exam you are unsure about.
  • Avoid guessing, as it may result in more wrong answers than correct ones.

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