Jharkhand Board Class 10

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  • Written by Harshitha A
  • Last Modified on 4-05-2023
  • Written by Harshitha A
  • Last Modified on 4-05-2023

Jharkhand Class 10 Exam 2022

About Exam

The Jharkhand Board Class 10 exam is conducted by the Jharkhand Academic Council (JAC). The JAC was established in February 2003, with its headquarters in Ranchi, Jharkhand. The Board is also responsible for devising the Class 10 syllabus. The JAC Class 10 exam is the gateway to higher education and is one of the most important exams for a student.

The Class 10 exam paves the way for higher studies and the future career of a student. Therefore, students must have thorough information about the syllabus, curriculum, exam pattern, marks weightage and other exam guidelines the Board prescribes. Continue reading this article to get all the information about JAC Class 10 exam.

Jharkhand Board Class 10 Exam Summary 2023

The Jharkhand Academic Council (JAC) regulates elementary and secondary education and is in charge of the state’s public education system. The JAC has ties with several schools and institutions, such as ICSE and CBSE boards.
The Jharkhand Board Class 10 exam is a gateway to higher education and can help decide the career path of a student. Before getting into details of the JAC Class 10 exams, let us have an overview of the same:

Particulars Details
Board Name Jharkhand Academic Council (JAC), Ranchi
Class Name 10th/Matric
Name of Exam Public Exams
Establishment Year February 2003
Headquarter Ranchi
Exam Dates March 14 to April 3, 2023
Mode of Exam Offline
Frequency of Exam Once in a year

Jharkhand Board Official Website


Jharkhand Board Class 10 Latest Updates 2023


  • January 28, 2023: The JAC Board released the Class 10 admit card on its website. The school authorities can download them on behalf of their students.

  • January 18, 2023: The JAC Board has released the Class 10 sample papers. Students can find them on Embibe.

Jharkhand Board Class 10 Exam Registration Process 2023

Exam Pattern

The Class 10 students of the Jharkhand Board who will appear for their board exam in 2023 must have completed their registration. The registration form was released on the official website, which is usually filled by the school authorities. Students only need to pay the registration fees. 

The following are the steps to download the form via the official website.

  • Step 1: Visit the official website of Jharkhand Board https://jac.jharkhand.gov.in/jac/
  • Step 2: On the home page, under “Recent Announcements”, click on “Secondary Exam Form 2023.”
  • Step 3: A tab, “ Student Information Sheet”, will open, and students need to download the PDF.
  • Step 4: Print the form and fill in all the necessary information. Get it done under the guidance of the school authorities.
  • Step 5: A registration fee is included, and that can be submitted to the school authorities.

Jharkhand Board Class 10 Exam Pattern 2023

Exam Syllabus

The time period for Jharkhand Academic Council (JAC) Class 10 question papers varies between 2.5 and 3 hours, depending on the subject. The English question paper will include a total of 20 questions for a total of 100 marks. Maths question paper consists of 30 questions for 80 marks. The science paper will be of 80 marks in total and carry 39 questions that students will have to attempt.

Below, we have provided a brief overview of the JAC Class 10 Exam pattern for reference:

Subject Marks Time Duration
Hindi 80+20 3 Hours
English 80+20 3 Hours
Math 80+20 3 Hours
Science 80+20 3 Hours
Social Science 80+20 3 Hours
Sanskrit (Additional Subject) 80+20 3 Hours

Jharkhand Board Class 10 Subject-wise Exam Pattern 

Knowing the exam pattern well in advance will help students have a fair idea of the questions that will be asked in the exam. The table below provides the JAC Class 10 exam pattern for all the subjects.

Subject Total Number of questions Distribution of marks Time duration
English 20 questions 100 marks
Section -A (Reading): 20 marks
Section -B (Writing): 20 marks
Section -C (Grammar): 15 marks
Section -D (Textbooks): 45 marks
3.5 hours
Mathematics 30 questions 80 marks
Section -A: 10 marks
Section -B: 10 marks
Section -C: 30 marks
Section -D: 40 marks
3.5 hours
Science 39 questions 80 marks
Group A: 54 marks
Q1 – Q10: 1 mark each
Q11 – Q18: 2 marks each
Q19 – Q24: 3 marks each
Q25 & Q26: 5 marks each

Group B: 26 marks
Q27 – Q31: 1 mark each
Q32 – Q36: 2 marks each
Q37 & Q38: 3 marks each
Q39: 5 marks

3.5 hours

Jharkhand Board Class 10 Exam Syllabus 2023

Study Plan to Maximise Score

The syllabus is one of the most important resources while preparing for any exam. Students should have the updated JAC Class 10 syllabus to know the topics included in the subjects and prepare for their studies accordingly. It acts as a guide for the students to strategise their study for the entire academic year. 

Students can find the subject-wise syllabus in the sections below.

Jharkhand Board Class 10 Maths Syllabus 

Maths is a subject that requires a strong foundation and clear concepts. Therefore, students should study all the chapters and practice thoroughly. They can check the following table for the Jharkhand Board Mathematics Syllabus for Class 10 to kickstart their preparation.

Chapter No. Chapter Name
1 Real Numbers
2 Polynomials
3 Pair of Linear Equations in Two Variables
4 Arithmetic Progressions
5 Triangles
6 Circles
7 Areas Related to Circles
8 Quadratic Equations
9 Coordinate Geometry
10 Introduction to Trigonometry
11 Some Applications of Trigonometry
12 Constructions
13 Surface Areas and Volumes

Jharkhand Board Class 10 Science Syllabus

Science is an interesting subject that studies the behaviour and structure of our physical world. Referring to the syllabus gives them an idea about the chapters covered. The following is the Jharkhand Board Science Syllabus for Class 10.

Chapter No. Chapter Name
1 Chemical Reactions and Equations
2 Acids Bases and Salt
3 Metals and Non-Metals
4 Carbon and its Compounds
5 Periodic Classification of Elements
6 Life Process
7 Control and Coordination
8 How do Organisms Reproduce
9 Heredity and Evolution
10 Light-Reflection and Refraction
11 The Human Eye and The Colourful World
12 Electricity
13 Magnetic Effects of Electric Current
14 Sources of Energy
15 Our Environment
16 Sustainable Management of Natural Resources

Jharkhand Board Class 10 Social Science Syllabus 

The syllabus for Social Science has been designed in such a way that it gives students knowledge about human society and social relationships. There are 25 chapters in total for the JAC Class 10 Social Science. In the table below students can find the Jharkhand Board Social Science Syllabus for Class 10.

Chapter No. Chapter Name
1 The Rise of Nationalism in Europe
2 Nationalism in India
3 The Making of a Global World
4 The Age of Industrialisation
5 Print Culture and The Modern World
6 Resources and Development
7 Forest and Wildlife Resources
8 Water Resources
9 Agriculture
10 Minerals and Energy Resources
11 Manufacturing Industries
12 Lifelines of National Economy
13 Power Sharing
14 Federalism
15 Democracy and Diversity
16 Gender, Religion and Caste
17 Popular Struggles and Movements
18 Political Parties
19 Outcomes of Democracy
20 Challenges to Democracy
21 Development
22 Sectors of the Indian Economy
23 Money and Credit
24 Globalisation and the Indian Economy
25 Consumer Rights

Jharkhand Board Class 10 English Syllabus 

JAC has designed the English syllabus to ensure students can improve their reading and writing skills. The English syllabus consists of a grammar section and two textbooks – First Flight and Footprints Without Feet. Students can find the detailed JAC Class 10 English syllabus below:

Jharkhand Board Class 10 English Grammar Syllabus

The grammar section covers topics such as tenses, modals, clauses and many more. Refer to the table below to get the detailed syllabus of Class 10 English Grammar.

Chapter No. Chapter Name
1 Tense
2 Sequence of Tense
3 Modals
4 Infinite
5 Clause
6 Letter Writing( Formal and Informal)
7 Paragraph Writing
8 Active and Passive Voice
9 Direct and Indirect Speech
10 Transformations
11 Letter Writing( Formal and Informal)

Jharkhand Board Class 10 English Literature Syllabus – First Flight

The chapters in this textbook are designed for students to master reading skills and creative writing. Students can check out the syllabus mentioned in the table below.

Chapter No. Chapter Name
1 A Letter to God(Prose)
2 Dust of Snow(Poem)
3 Fire and Ice(Poem)
4 Nelson Mandela: Long Walk todom (Prose)
5 A Tiger in the Zoo – Leslie Norris (Poem)
6 Two Stories about Flying (Prose)
His First Flight
Black Aeroplane
7 How to Tell Wild Animals Carolyn Wells (Poem)
8 From the Diary of Anne Frank
9 Amanda(Poem)
10 The Hundred Dresses–I
11 The Hundred Dresses–II
12 Glimpses of India
13 The Trees (Poem)
14 Mijbil the Otter
15 Fog(Poem)
16 Madam Rides the Bus
17 The Tale of Custard the Dragon(Poem)
18 The Sermon at Benares
19 For Anne Gregory(Poem)
20 The Proposal

JAC Class 10 English Literature Syllabus – Footprints Without Feet

The chapters in this textbook are designed for students to master reading skills and creative writing. Students can check out the syllabus mentioned in the table below.

Chapter No. Chapter Name
1 A Triumph of Surgery
2 The Thief’s Story
3 The Midnight Visitor
4 A Question of Trust
5 Footprints without Feet
6 The Making of a Scientist
7 The Necklace
8 The Hack Driver
9 Bholi
10 The Book That Saved the Earth

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Jharkhand Board Class 10 Exam Blueprint 2023

Previous Year Analysis

The JAC Class 10 Exam blueprint is given below for students to get an idea of the topics covered and their weightage. Students can refer to the blueprint while creating their study timetable to get an idea of how to allocate adequate time for each subject. It will help students to understand in what way to prepare for the exam depending on the topic’s weightage.

Jharkhand Board Class 10 Maths Blueprint

JAC Class 10 Maths contains many chapters and various questions in each chapter. Therefore, students should refer to the blueprint to understand how to allocate adequate time for each chapter. The blueprint tabulated below allows students to know the marks of each unit and chapter. 

S.No Units Chapters Marks
1. Number System Real Numbers 6
2. Algebra Polynomials 3
Pair of Linear Equations 6
Quadratic Equations 7
Arithmetic Progression 4
3. Coordinate Geometry Distance Formula 3
Area of Triangle 3
4. Geometry Triangles 9
Circles 3
Constructions 3
5. Trigonometry Introduction of Trigonometry 3
Trigonometric Identities 3
Heights & Distances 6
6. Mensuration Area Related to Circle 4
Surface Areas & Volumes 6
7. Statistics & Probability Statistics 7
Probability 4

Jharkhand Class 10 Science Blueprint

Knowing the blueprint for JAC Class 10 Science helps a student identify the weightage of the chapters and prepare accordingly.  Chapters like Life Processes and Electricity have higher weightage and therefore, can help students score more marks in the exam. The table below highlights the blueprint for Class 10 Science.

S.No Unit Chapter Marks
1 Natural Phenomena Light- Reflection and Refractions 7
Human Eye 5
2 Effect of Current Electricity 9
Magnetic Effect of Electric Current 4
3 Chemical Substances Chemical Reactions & Equations 6
Acid, Base and Salt 4
Metal & Non-Metals 8
Carbon Compounds 4
Periodic Classification 3
4 World of Living Life Processes 9
Control & Co-ordination 7
Reproduction 3
Heredity & Organic Evolution 4
5 Natural Resources Sources of Energy 3
Environment 2
Management of Natural resources 2

Jharkhand Board Class 10 Exam Date 2023

The JAC Class 10 Exam timetable for 2023 has been released on the official website. Knowing the timetable helps students prepare for the exams according to the subjects that will be conducted first. Students can check the table below to know the dates for their final board exams.

Dates Subjects
March 14, 2023 IIT & other vocational subjects (OMR Sheet – 9:45 am 11 am & Question Answer Booklet- 11:05 am to 12:35 am)
March 15, 2023 Commerce, Home Science
March 16, 2023 Kharia / Nagpuri / Panch Pargania / Khortha / Kurmali
March 17, 2023 Arabic / Mundari / Santhali / Oraon / Persian / Ho
March 18, 2023 Urdu / Oriya / Bengali
March 20, 2023 Social Science
March 21, 2023 Music
March 22, 2023 Hindi (Course A and course B)
March 24, 2023 Mathematics
March 27, 2023 Science
March 29, 2023 English
April 3, 2023 Sanskrit

Jharkhand Board Class 10 Admit Card 2023

The JAC has released the Class 10 admit card on the website. The school can download the admit cards by logging in using their username and password. Students must carry their admit cards to the examination center everyday. They will not be allowed to sit for the exam. 

Once the school authorities downloaded the admit card, they will notify the students to collect it from their school. We have provided the steps below to download the JAC Class 10 admit card from the official website.

  • Step 1 – Visit the official website of the Jharkhand Board, jac.jharkhand.gov.in.
  • Step 2 – On the right side of the Home page, check the ‘Recent Announcement’ section.
  • Step 3 – Click on ‘Secondary Exam 2023 Admit Card.’
  • Step 4 – Now, enter the username and password and click on the Submit button.
  • Step 5 – Check the details mentioned on the JAC admit card 2023 and take a printout of the same.

Jharkhand Board Class 10 Study Plan to Maximise Score

Topper List Success Stories

Before starting any exam preparation, students should have a study plan and follow some preparation tips. This ensures that they are studying systematically and learning process is smooth and efficient. The experts at Embibe have come up with the best preparation tips for JAC Class 10 and a detailed study plan that students can follow to ace their exams.

Jharkhand Board Class 10 Preparation Tips

Following the preparation tips can help students learn effectively and optimise their results. The following tips recommended by exam experts will help students excel in Jharkhand Board Class 10 Examination:

  • Make a study schedule: While making the study schedule, students should set achievable goals. They can allocate 1 hour for each subject to avoid monotony.
  • Be thorough with the JAC Class 10 syllabus: Students should go through the syllabus carefully and ensure they finish the curriculum at least a month or two before the final board exam. 
  • Clear all doubts: Students should clear all their doubts instantly from the respective subject teacher. This ensures there won’t be any interruptions when they start their preparation. Additionally, they can refer to the ebooks with videos and solutions on Embibe to get a deeper understanding of the subject.
  • Solve previous year’s papers: Students should solve previous year’s papers and model papers to have a better understanding of the marking scheme of different subjects. They can get the previous years’ papers for from Embibe.
  • Take regular mock tests: Students can take regular mock tests on Embibe to evaluate their performance. They can take specific chapter tests every two or three weeks, and once they are done with the syllabus, they should take the full mock test to be well prepared for the final exam.

Jharkhand Board Class 10 Detailed Study Plan

Having a proper and detailed study plan for each subject is crucial for Class 10 students as this gives them a proper roadmap on how much time to invest in a particular subject. It also ensures that they can manage their time efficiently.

  • English or any language subject – Students should practice writing paragraphs or letters to improve their writing skills. They can learn new idioms and practice the exercises at the end of each grammar topic.
  • Mathematics – Students should clearly understand the concepts and then solve the numerical problems. They can practice the past year’s question papers of JAC Class 10 to understand the exam pattern and get an idea of the important questions.
  • Social Science – Students should make short notes of each topic to refer to them during revision. They should try to understand the topic rather than memorising it. They can refer to video explanations to make the learning more effective.
  • Science – Students should be thorough with all the topics in Physics, Chemistry and Biology. They should keep practising the numericals for Physics and Chemistry. Additionally, they can make short notes on the theoretical concepts they learned.

Jharkhand Board Class 10 Result 2023

Exam counselling

The JAC Class 10 results are usually announced within 2 months from the last day of the final exams. While applying for their higher secondary education, the institutes will refer to the JAC Class 10 result to decide if a student can get admitted into their school.

This article section discusses the JAC Board Class 10 result and how to check the result from the official website.

Step 1: Visit the Jharkhand Board website, i.e. https://jac.jharkhand.gov.in/jac/
Step 2: On the home page, Click on the ‘JAC 10th Result 2023’ link.
Step 3: Fill in your roll number.
Step 4: Once done, click on submit.
Step 5: The result will appear on the screen, and students can download it.

Jharkhand Board Class 10 Topper List 2022

Exam talks

Students preparing for the JAC Board Class 10 exam should know the previous year’s exam statistics. They will be able to see the highest marks scored and understand the level of competition that they have to face. The Jharkhand Board Class 10 topper list 2022 is given below.

Rank Name Marks
1 Abhijit Sharma, Tannu Kumari, Taniya Sah, Riya Kumari, Nisha Verma, Nishu Kumari 490
2 Rahul Ranjan Tiwari, Sweta Kumari Gupta 489
3 Shivam Kumar, Rina Kumari, Khushi Kumari, Vishal Kumar Sharma, Abhijit Kumar, Manisha Kumari 488
3 Nandni Gupta, Kumar Prince, Ritu Kumari 487

Jharkhand Board Class 10 Supplementary Exam 2023

The supplementary exams are held after the results for the main board exams have been released. This exam gives students a second chance to clear any of the subjects that they may have failed. The syllabus for the supplementary exam will remain the same as the main board exam. The dates for the JAC Class 10 supplementary exam is not released yet. But it is expected to be conducted in July 2023, tentatively. Students can bookmark this page to get updates about the exam. 


FAQs on Jharkhand Board Class 10 Exam 2023

About Exam

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about the Jharkhand Board Class 10 exam 2023.

Q: What are the minimum passing marks for the JAC Class 10 Exam?
Ans: JAC Class 10 students must get at least 33% to pass the examinations.

Q: When will the JAC Class 10 Exam for 2023 be held?
Ans: The JAC Class 10 exam 2023 will start from March 14 to April 3, 2023.

Q: Where can I solve questions for Maths Class 10 Jharkhand Board?
Ans: Class 10 students of Jharkhand Board can solve Maths questions on Embibe and attempt mock tests too.

Q: How can I prepare for JAC Class 10 exams?
Ans: The first step toward preparing for the JAC Class 10 exam is thorough with all the subjects. Furthermore, students can practice their questions and take mock tests on Embibe, where they get detailed feedback on their performance.

Q: Where can I get the syllabus for the Class 10 Jharkhand Board?
Ans: JAC Class 10 students can get the syllabus for all subjects from this page.

List of Educational Institutions for Jharkhand Board Class 10

The Jharkhand Academic Council is responsible for promoting the quality of education in the state. Many schools in the state offer secondary education and higher secondary education to the students. Check out the tables below to learn about the top schools in Jharkhand and their board, type, and rating.

School Name District
High School Bachra Chatra
Janta +2 High School Chainpur
Shramik +2 High School Sirka Arang
High School Dimra
Upgraded +2 High School Udlu Mandu Ramgarh
Shramik +2 High School Topa Pindra
Upgraded +2 High School Barghuruwa Patratu Ramgarh
Upgraded R B +2 High School Sandi Chitarpur
High School Haripur
High School Nonihat Dumka

Students can find the complete list of JAC-affiliated schools here

List of Future Exams After Jharkhand Board Class 10

About Exam

Competitive examinations have now become an integral part of our educational system. There are a variety of competitive examinations for students in Class 10. These competitive examinations are used to assess a student’s mental ability and intelligence. Some of the competitive exams that students can take after their Jharkhand Board Class 10 exam are listed below.

  • Joint Entrance Exam (JEE)
  • National Eligibility and Entrance Test (NEET)
  • Common-Law Admissions Test (CLAT)
  • National Talent Search Examination (NTSE)
  • Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT)
  • Indian National Earth Science Olympiad
  • National Science Olympiad (NSO)
  • International Olympiad of English Language (IOEL)
  • International Informatics Olympiad (IIO)

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